To ensure the data security of your essentials, you make an effort to save it in google drive, iCloud, or retain the WhatsApp chat on your pc. If you are struggling to keep WhatsApp chat on pc, with attention to this, we will provide you with some crucial tools to do this effortlessly.

In this article, we will be discussing various ways to save WhatsApp chat on pc. Through using mail, or by using various apps, Employing a USB cable and more.

With attention to this, we will consider all possible ways in detail throughout this article. We will also concentrate on some effortless ways to do so on iPhone.

Methods On How To Save WhatsApp Chat On PC

These are the methods by which you can save Whatsapp chat on pc.

Manually Saving The Chat

And the other most convenient way to save WhatsApp chat on pc is by adopting a technique of USB cable. This technique ensures the transfer of WhatsApp data selectively and in a superfast way. If Google Drive and e-mail take time to download WhatsApp history, then this is the best method to be preferred. Follow these steps to do so; 

  1. Straightforwardly connect the terminals of the USB cable through the phone and pc. 
  2. Then go to internal storage in Android, select the WhatsApp folder and paste it according to the preferred location in the drive.whatsapp internal storage
  3. Move to the WhatsApp folder and press the conversations shown.

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By Using ITunes

iTunes is an app for iPhone here; it saves WhatsApp history and WhatsApp Backup safely. iTunes is another superfast method to keep your WhatsApp conversation on pc. Follow these steps to do so; 

  1. Connect the iPhone with the Pc and proceed with launching iTunes.itunes summary page
  2. Click on; the Summary option and then click on backup to download WhatsApp data on a computer.

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How To Preserve The WhatsApp Essentials?

You can preserve the Whatsapp chats on Android as well as iPhone.

In Google Drive 

To ensure that your device work without any glitch, Ideally, you should save the data on Google Drive; for Android, the ease of using it is that it will not utilize the internal storage of the device.

  1. Unroll WhatsApp on an android phone, proceed with the settings bar and then click on chats. chats
  2. After doing so, there will be one option called chat backup. Subsequently, click on the backup option and choose the preferred google chat backup

With these minimal number of steps, one can easily store the data on Google Drive.

In IPhone

In the case of the iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate the process by clicking on the settings bar on WhatsApp and then proceed with the chat option. 
  2. Open Google Drive on iPhone and click; on the Backup option.iPhone backup
  3. For Auto Backup of photos, turn on the toggle switch.

And you can easily extract the WhatsApp data on pc by opening Google Drive on your desktop.

Which Methods Are Preferred To Save The WhatsApp Chat On PC?

Analogous to this, there are a few apps to accomplish it. Some of them are listed here; Mobitrix, mobiletrans, and Tenorshare; these are popular apps that ensure the safe transfer of WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business among iPhone, Android, PC/Mac.

mobitrix app

These are the steps to transfer the data:

  1. Search for the following apps and then Install the app on pc.
  2. Allow the app to inspect the device and then click on the transfer option on the tenorshare app. To do this with the Mobitrix app, click on the backup option. 

What Is The Other Way To Share Data On PC? 

You may have a question that, is there a possibility to share a WhatsApp conversation without using any app? Yes, there is a way to share data conveniently by using e-mail. Follows these simple steps to do so;

  1. Open any WhatsApp conversation to be shared. 
  2. Click on the above icon(the bar with three dots), and proceed with the export chat option. 
  3. After doing consequently, there will be two options shown one will include media or not, progress according to one’s convenience. After following all these steps, the Gmail screen will open up on the device, fill in the required details, such as the e-mail address of the person to be shared with, and hit on send button.  whatsapp chats
  4. Once accomplishing it, one can open Gmail on pc and see the media on the pc after downloading the chats from the Gmail account.

How To Share WhatsApp Conversations From iPhone To The Computer? 

On iPhone, iCloud or iTunes can be the best option to back up WhatsApp conversations, and also, on these devices, the backup takes place at regular intervals. The drawback of this method is you can’t view the chats until you refreshen the whole conversation; there is no option to selectively outlook the messages. Here comes the solution of restoring messages on a laptop or Macbook. The app that supports this action is Anytrans; this ensures to shield one’s data and transfers all essentials without effacing it. Instead of other apps, this plays a trump card by working with all iOS devices and iOS models such as iPhone 13 and iOS 15. Another unique feature of Anytrans is its rapid speed of shifting the particulars. There are some uncomplicated steps to be followed to achieve this: 

  1. Run and Download Anytrans on pc. Link your device with the computer by using this app. 
  2. Select the social messages manager icon illustrated in the left panel of the app on the laptop. Then click on the Backup WhatsApp option. anytrans
  3. After following these stairways, click on; the backup now option to save all your WhatsApp conversations on a computer/ MacBook. To encrypt the data, choose Enable Backup Encryption option. 

This app allows restoring the data on pc at the desired location without any hindrance. 

Download: Anytrans

Have You Lost Your Valuable Data Unintentionally? 

PhoneRescue, the splendid app, will ensure to reimpose your media and assist in transferring them. To sustain the deleted data in the computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the PhoneRescue app in pc, then connect the device to the computer.  phone rescue
  2. Set in motion to initiate iTunes and proceed with the Summary option. Click on; Backup now to conserve your data in pc. 

For repositioning the data on a computer; there are some conventional steps to achieve this:

  1. Install this app on pc, link the device, and click on recover from iOS. 
  2. Select the WhatsApp option shown in the panel of an app in pc and permit the app so that it can initiate scanning. 
  3. Tick the icons shown to the left to transfer the messages you wish to do so. Then click; on the To computer option to relocate the particulars to your pc. 

Download: Phonerescue

How to Use PDFelement to transform Saved WhatsApp Chat

The most common file format for documents is a PDF file. One of the causes of this is that PDF files are more appropriate for sensitive information because they are difficult to change. Additionally, they are frequently used, making them simple to access on several devices. 

A premium program called Wondershare PDFelement is accessible on both Windows and Mac. Wondershare’s PDFelement is an all-in-one PDF editor. It enables you to generate, modify, sign, and secure PDF files.pdfelement

To determine if PDFelement is right for you, you can give it a 7-day free trial.

Even though it may seem pricey initially, it ends up paying for itself, especially if you frequently work with PDF files. Additionally, PDFelement makes the process of converting files to PDF very simple.

To learn how to utilize PDFelement to convert your saved WhatsApp chat to PDF, continue reading:

  1. Install PDFelement by downloading it from
  2. Open PDFelement once it has been installed on your computer. There are numerous alternatives available on the homepage. Choose Create PDF from the menu. A pop-up window will appear; click it to select your downloaded WhatsApp chat before clicking open. The txt file will open in PDFelement as a result.create a pdf
  3. You’ll discover that PDFelement now offers access to your saved WhatsApp chat. You only need to select File, then Save, to save it as a PDF file.
  4. You’ve successfully converted your saved WhatsApp conversation to a PDF file.

How Can I Export WhatsApp Chats to a PDF on My Computer?

Step 1: Export conversations in TXT format.

Initially, you may just open WhatsApp and go to the chat. Now, hit the three dots and choose the “Export Chat” option. Instead, it would be featured under More > Export Chat in recent versions.export chat

This will offer many options for the chats to export as a TXT file. The TXT file can be saved on the device in your preferred mode, or you can simply upload it to Google Drive to share it with others.

Step 2: PDF export of WhatsApp conversations

After sharing the exported chats with others, you can access and download the document from Google Drive. To watch the conversation, just open the WhatsApp chat in MS Word. Finally, select “PDF” under the “Save as type” column on its Main Menu > File > Save As to save the document.pdf file

There you go! This will enable you to download all WhatsApp talks in PDF format to your computer.


How can I copy WhatsApp chat to Word?

Firstly, export the chat through e-mail; it is in txt format. Try to convert it into a word document. Or else You can imprint all text to a new file, of a word document.

How can I see my WhatsApp messages on Mac?

Search for WhatsApp Web on Mac. In that location, a QR code will appear; Scan it by your phone by going to linked devices. All WhatsApp conversations will appear in the window of Mac.

How to share WhatsApp media from iPhone to pc?

One can do this in three methods; 1.) Share easily via e-mail 2.) Save media; to Google drive and then open Google Drive on pc. 3.) Or else employ a USB cable to achieve this.

Can I forward a WhatsApp chat fully?

Although you can forward a full WhatsApp discussion, you cannot do so in the same way you would forward a single message. A WhatsApp discussion must first be exported before being sent to the desired recipient either on WhatsApp or via email.

Whatsapp chat history: how to access it?

It's quite simple to obtain WhatsApp chat history. You may easily retrieve your WhatsApp chat history from one of these sources if your data is saved on a local device (for Android smartphones) or in the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud).


In this article, we have emphasized various ways of restoring WhatsApp chat on pc. By employing these methods, you can easily share your data with security and also; without any fear of missing or erasing any part of the conversation.

We have also seen that e-mail and data backup on Google drive is a common; option for sharing conversations from Android or iPhone to Windows/Mac. We also looked upon several apps which support this process. 

To summarize, follow all the steps illustrated above for the unchallenging relocation of conversations effortlessly. Know the WhatsApp Won’t Connect On An IPhone, Just by clicking here!

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