How to Scan Documents Easily | Top 4 Ways

There is no doubt that we are heading towards a modern world where almost everything is getting digital. Moreover, sharing of data and information is a major component of every global sector. Many experts believe that documents and books are the easiest methods to transfer information. It even ensures that the same information is shared without any misinterpretation. However, spending natural resources on cutting trees and making paper is not an ideal choice. This is where the role of digital books or articles comes into play that serves the same purpose. Hence, it is important to know how to scan documents easily. 

For instance, you can scan a document or a complete book once and share it worldwide without any issues. It will not only be more convenient and quick but also be environment friendly.

scan documents easily
Scan Documents Easily

Further, scanning documents or books could be a tedious job unless you have adequate tools. We often see people struggling to scan a single page and upload it online for any official work. Although, you can make the process quite simple using some good ways.

Today, we bring you some of the top methods to scan documents easily and effectively. It would be best to stick to the blog until the end and get every detail regarding the topic. 

Smart Book Scanner

The first method to scan documents easily includes using an appropriate book scanner. If you don’t have one, Joyusing’s Portable Book Scanner is the perfect equipment for the job. It is a specially designed scanning tool that uses laser-assisted curve flattening technology. The overall user interface is engaging and does not require prior technical knowledge. You also get high-end 3D graphics that enhance the page quality. The 18.0MP camera works wonders to capture images of the documents.

Joyusing’s Portable Book Scanner
Joyusing’s Portable Book Scanner

Hence, you get a bright picture that resembles the original page or document. The Smart Book Scanner can scan up to A3 sheets with a speed of 40 pages per minute. Make sure that the book is unbound as it is easy to turn the pages. Users can easily scan documents through a manual button, scan key, software click, and even a foot pedal. 

It supports more than 180 global languages, all thanks to intelligent software. You only need to connect it with a computer or laptop and leave everything to the scanner. It has various features like

  • Auto-trimming
  • Page Flattening
  • Distortion Correction
  • Finger Removal
  • Background Optimization

Don’t forget to use out various scan modes that give different outputs accordingly. Therefore, you have an all-in-one scanner that can generate effective digital documents. It easily connects to any system with the help of HDMI outputs and USB slots. The camera captures stable images even at 100x zoom. Therefore, get your Smart Book scanner today and scan documents easily.

Use Android Applications

Next, we come across various mobile-based applications like CamScanner, Swift Scan, Clear Scan, Document Scanner, etc. These tools are easily available on Google Play Store and other third-party APK sources. Everyone knows that cameras installed in smartphones are quite high-tech and sharp. Moreover, it is convenient to scan and share pictures and documents using Android mobile applications.

camscanner app
Cam Scanner Application

The best part is that you can access these applications without paying any extra charges. Apart from scanning, users can also convert the files into various formats like PDF. Although, some have premium versions where the users might require to get a subscription for additional perks. It even promotes easy sharing of documents through the cloud and other online platforms.

Portable Scanner-cum Printers

You must be aware of modern printers that are both lightweight and portable. Some devices even have the option to easily scan documents and pages accordingly. This will save the files into the computer attached to the scanner.

portable scanner cum printer
Portable Scanner-cum Printers

Further, you can easily access and convert the scanned images according to the requirement. The steps to scan documents using the Windows scanner are

Step 1

First, turn on the scanner and connect it to a computer to save the files.

Step 2

Take your document and place it upside down on the scanning screen of the printer.

Step 3

Search for Fax and Scan in the Start menu and click on the option.

Step 4

Select the New Scan option and choose the connected printer with the system

Step 5

You can configure various settings such as size and number of copies along with the file extension.

Step 6

Finally, hit the Scan button, and your document will successfully save on the hard drive.

Online Tools

This method is only applicable if you have a clear image file of the document. As the name suggests, there are several online tools available to convert images into scanned files. You only need to upload the file, and it will automatically transform the page into an appropriate extension. It comes in handy when you don’t have access to the original document.

online tools
Online Tools

Thus, you can ask for a picture and follow the procedure mentioned online. You may also have to combine two separate images or to trim and reshape the documents manually. Therefore, it should be your last option if any of the above methods are not working.


We hope you get a clear idea of how to scan documents easily through our comprehensive guide. No doubt that these methods are quite suitable to make digital copies of books, comics, and other official documents. It is better to have a dependable tool that will minimize the manual effort in scanning pages. Also, try to remove any extra markings on the original document for the best results.


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