Scanning some QR codes is relatively easy in daily life. You only need to point the camera at the code for it to be scanned and provide the necessary information. But what if the QR code is stored in your phone’s gallery? The long way is taking out another phone and scanning the gallery’s QR code. This article will teach you about the easy and better methods of scanning a QR Code on an iPhone from Camera Roll.

The best methods to scan QR codes from photo albums on iPhone are using third-party apps, Google Photos, Siri Shortcuts, etc. These methods are surely going to help in your need to extract information from the QR code.

Now, you will be familiar with various methods for your problem of scanning QR codes on iPhone from Camera Roll. These methods are easier and less time-consuming than asking someone else to scan from your gallery. So. let’s discuss them in a detailed manner. 

How to Scan QR Code from the Gallery of an iPhone

Here are some of the best ways to read QR codes from the camera roll of an iPhone. Let’s talk about them in detail. 

Using Google Photos 

Google Photos is a good app for scanning QR codes from a camera roll because it has a Google lens feature.

  1. Install it from the App Store and give access to your camera roll. google photos download
  2. Now, the app will show every photo from your gallery. google photos
  3. Choose a photo that has a QR code in it. Then, you will see a lens option below. Tap on photos qr scanner
  4. It will show the text or information stored in the QR code. It will lead you to the browsing option if it contains some links.

The nicest feature of this software is that it won’t constantly stress you out with annoying adverts. It’s the best quick fix to your problem of how to Scan a QR Code on an iPhone from Camera Roll. If you want to learn how to transfer Photos from Android to iPhone, Click here.

Download Google Photos: Android | iOS

Siri Shortcuts

This method includes using features of Siri shortcuts to scan QR codes from the camera roll. This even works while surfing the internet on a web browser.

qr code scanner

Start by installing this shortcut on your phone. 

  1. Once it’s installed, open the Shortcut App. siri shortcuts
  2. Now, long press on your shortcut and choose the detail option from the context menu. 
  3. You can see that the Share Sheet Type would automatically choose “images” in that instance.
  4. Open the Share Sheet Type Menu. And choose “Select All” from the top right. qr scanner shortcut
  5. Now, go back and choose the Done option from the top right.

At this point, the feature is ready to be used. Now that your iPhone has this feature, you may use it anywhere to read QR codes.

Suppose someone is too stressed about scanning a QR Code on iPhone from Camera Roll. Then this is very stable for you.

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Scan QR Code from iPhone camera roll Using Third-Party Apps 

You can find various QR code scanner apps from App Store. To explain it to you, I’m using the QR & Barcode Scanner by Gamma Play. 

  1. Download the app from the App Store.qr & bar code scanner
  2. Open the app, and you will find three small icons at the top of the app’s main screen.
  3. Tap on the icon at the left, which is Gallery/Camera Roll Icon. It will take you to your iPhone’s gallery.qr & bar code scanner
  4. Choose your QR code from your iPhone’s gallery. And the app will show the information stored in that code. If the code leads to a link, the software is smart enough to give you a selection of actions.

In the same way, you can use other apps available to read QR codes from the image on your iPhone. Using third-party apps is also a good solution to your problem of scanning a QR code on an iPhone from Camera Roll.

Download: QR & Barcode Scanner

Using a Website to scan the QR code 

There is a chance that you don’t want to fill your phone’s storage with some extra app for a little feature. But you must know how to scan the QR code in the camera roll. Then, you can visit the QR code reader website. There are a lot of sites for this purpose. To explain, We will refer to

  1. Go to the site. The site will ask for your camera’s access; deny it. camera access
  2. There, you’ll see a Camera Icon. Click on that.webqr
  3. Then, the website will ask you to drag and drop a QR Code or select a file.chose file
  4. Upload the QR code image of your choice.chose photo library
  5. The website will process it and provide you with the link stored in the QR code.

Using these QR reader websites is also a great way to solve our problem of how to scan QR codes on iPhones from Camera Roll. To learn how to generate your barcode, refer to this article.

Using Google App

The Simple Way has the Google app on your iPhone. The lens feature of the Google app is the best thing one can get. It helps in the possible way of searching for something. It helps in image reverse search, translation, extracting text from images, etc. This is the easiest way to scan an iPhone’s QR code from a camera roll. Therefore, it is the best QR code scanner from the Camera roll.

  1. Open the Google app and click on the small Camera icon you will see lens
  2. Then, it will show your gallery. Choose the required QR code to be scanned.
    photo access lens
  3. The lens feature will extract the URL from the code and lead you to the proper site.

The lens feature will be apparent if your image has multiple QR codes. It will provide the crop feature to select the specific QR code of your need.


Can the iPhone camera scan barcodes?

For now, iPhone has no built-in feature to scan bar codes. But you can use many bar code scanning apps by installing them from App Store.

Where is my iPhone’s QR Code scanner?

iOS comes with an inbuilt QR code scanning feature. You can access it by using your native camera app. You have to focus your camera on the QR code to be scanned.

How do I use a QR code that's already on my phone?

One can use any third-party QR code reading app., Or you can use the google lens feature of Google Photos apps to scan the QR code.

Can I take a picture of a QR code and use it later?

Yes, for sure, you can do it. If you don’t need to scan the code, you can snap it and save it in your gallery. Then, later on, you can use various techniques like google photos or third-party apps to scan the QR code later.

Why is my iPhone not scanning the QR code?

If you cannot scan the QR code from your iPhone, your iOS needs to be updated. Once updated, you won’t find any issues.


These were some of the best methods of solving everyone’s problem of scanning QR codes on iPhones from Camera Roll. You will feel at ease and comfortability following these techniques. IOS is introduced with an inbuilt QR code scanner feature in its native camera app. When no one with another phone is nearby, you will find yourself in a challenging circumstance where you must scan the image from your collection.

You can use a QR code scanner from Camera Roll to gain information about many products and organizations or to download various apps. So, don’t feel low if you are unaware of the iOS environment. Just follow the above steps and enjoy using your iPhone.

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