Scheduling tweets is very common these days. In this robotic, anybody barely has time to spend all day or remember important dates or times. Get through this article to learn how to schedule a tweet on mobile and save your time smartly. 

Here’s how to schedule tweets on mobile. Launch into a search engine, and sign in. Search, then sign in. Pick your preferred day, geographical zone, and local time. After finishing the tweet, hit the schedule icon.

This write-up not only tells you about how to schedule your tweet. The more interesting thing is that it covers almost all essential related things. I hope you won’t miss it and would love to read it intelligently.  

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How to create the schedule tweets on mobile

To create scheduled tweets on mobile, you need to follow these steps. Ensure to follow each step thoroughly. After creating, you can review how to schedule a tweet on mobile.

1. Visit and log on twitter

2. Select “Creatives” > “Tweets” from the menu.creatives twitter

3. Choose “New Tweet” from the options in the upper right tweet

You’ll be taken to the Tweet Composer to start writing your Tweet. Here, you can add your material and images and play a game.Choose whether “Promoted-only” is used. Choosing “Promoted-only” will prevent your Tweet from reaching your fans naturally and only send it to individuals engaged in a Promoted Advertising campaign. By deselecting this, a spontaneous Tweet would be scheduled.

While enrolled into the advertisements profile, the “Promoted-only” option must be explicitly deselected.

4. When finished, click the downward pointing arrow beside the “Tweet.”  As from the drop-down box, select “Schedule.”schedule tweet

5. Decide a time for the pre-planned Tweet to go online.

Only when the day and time users specified will Twitter and any of its latest forecasts be able to locate the Tweet.

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Tips for managing scheduled tweets on mobile

It also becomes essential to manage scheduled tweets on mobile. For that, one requires to follow every necessary thing sincerely and thoroughly. See these steps below to get clarification.

1. Visit and log in. Go to “Creatives” > “Tweets” in the tab selection. You can produce or monitor Promoted-only, planned, spontaneous, or all of the candidate’s Tweets

2. Switch the “Promoted-only Tweets” drop-down option to “Scheduled Tweets” to display the timetabled tweets. edit scheduled tweetAll of the planned Tweets nowadays are visible to you. Here, you may control everything, including amending and deleting planned Tweets. Scroll over the timetabled post and select “Edit” in the lower left corner to make changes. You can change your Tweet’s distribution, marketing, and scheduling information here. To save your modifications, click “Update planned Post.”

3. A planned Tweet can be deleted by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner and selecting “Remove” from the drop-down list.delete scheduled tweet

4. Select the checkbox beside the scheduled Twitter post and choose “Add to campaigns” to add or withdraw it from the campaigning Choose which activities to keep or eliminate, then save.

How To Schedule A Tweet On Mobile- 3 ways

One should follow to schedule tweets on mobile. Here are some of the ways you can choose as per your necessity. 

Plan tweets directly on Twitter

Assuming you don’t utilize a social networking management or Twitter planning service, this is the simplest method for scheduling Tweets. Since May 2020, Twitter has made it possible to plan messages on the website and introduced support for the Twitter App. In this manner, if necessary, users can plan a Twitter session while traveling. For illustration, Tweets can be planned for delivery while traveling across the country by aircraft or taking the train to work.

Below are a few steps to follow where you can get how to schedule a tweet on mobile. 

  1. Start by writing your tweet as usual. Help ensure it seems how you desire. Any connections, Twitter icons, or images can be added now.write tweet
  2. Select the calendar icon. This is underneath the composer box, behind the emoticon and GIF icons. One can choose the moment and day that one like.calender icon
  3. Arrange tweets in anticipation of when you want them to go live. To use a cut selection, initially pick the day, therefore, the time. schedule timeIn the top right corner, tap “accept,” next “schedule” to complete. A collection of those plans may be found underneath the drop-down menu if users desire to view what’s planned for the future.

Use a social media scheduling application to organize tweets.

Precise scheduling could pose a significant burden based on how frequently you Tweet. Whenever users compose a tweet, you have to perform these additional procedures. In other respects, you mostly forfeit the advantage of “batch scheduling” that we previously discussed.scheduling posts

The preferred tool must specifically support Twitter.

Users can submit many tweets from an a.csv file or RSS feed using a media platforms interface. Using this technique, users avoid manually entering each Tweet into the interface; almost all of the work is done for you by the program.

Create the Messages you wish to send and enter the appropriate dates and times in the benefit substantially of the worksheet or RSS stream. Choose the appropriate parameters, then upload the Tweets you want. Some programs, like Hootsuite’s Optimal Moment to Post option, will even suggest the ideal moments to tweet, relying on the acceptance rate and even instantly establishing a schedule for you. These times, there are many diverse social networking interfaces accessible. Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, Sendible, Agorapulse, & Social Pilot are well-known examples of such technologies.

Use predefined criteria to plan tweets in an endless queue

Other tools are available for planning tweets that let you organize them into sections and repeat them at convenient intervals. These technologies aid in managing everlasting material and performing material curation. twitterYou can add brand-new Tweets for timetabling, relying on the tool. Users can use a scheduling tool in addition to their standard interface as an option. The specific posting versatility of in-Twitter planning can be especially helpful when distributing an important business message throughout time frames and dialects.


Can you schedule tweets on mobile?

Yes, you can schedule tweets on mobile. There are various ways to schedule tweets; even you can schedule tweets with the help of other apps.

What are some apps to schedule tweets?

Some well-renowned apps are Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, Sendible, Agorapulse, & Social Pilot.

Why Should Tweets Be Scheduled?

The following are the explanations for scheduling: It minimizes your workload, maintains your material's flow, and publishes across several timeslots.

Is it possible to schedule tweets directly on Twitter nowadays?

Yes. It is possible to schedule tweets on Twitter directly.


This article has served readers’ interest as much as possible. I hope you all got how to schedule a tweet on mobile in a few ways. Scheduling tweets isn’t difficult if you thoroughly follow all the required steps. These days you can also utilize any third-party app for scheduling your tweets.

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