How To Screen Record Snap Without Them Knowing? | Complete Guide

Snapchat is among the world’s most popular social media applications. It is an excellent platform for sharing 10-second glimpses of your daily life with your friends, colleagues, and families. Snapchat is the ideal clip and picture sharing application for Social Media enthusiasts, from selfies to food pictures and movies recorded on nights out to vacations. However, many are troubled by its distinguishing security feature of notifying screenshots to the sender. This article will answer how to screen record snap without them to screen record on snapchat

People have tried several methods to take a screenshot of a snap without alerting the user. Some suggest putting the phone on airplane mode before the snap, whereas others suggest closing the application in the brief moment between taking a screenshot and Snapchat reporting it.

In this article, we will look over some of the methods on how to screen record Snapchat without notification. These techniques are not perfect, but they are more dependable than others. You can check out this article if you are interested in viewing an Instagram story without them knowing.

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How To Screen Record Snap Without Them Knowing? 

Snapchat is a fantastic software that lets you share and receive pictures and clips with your family and friends. It is intended to aid you in keeping in touch with your close ones. It’s becoming exceedingly challenging to screenshot without being discovered. Thanks to an anti-screenshot alert system that instantly tells users whenever a receiver or public person screenshots a snap.

There are lots of different approaches that provide a realistic option to avoid that annoying automatic notice.

Take A Snap Photo With Another Mobile Or Tablet Device

Using another smartphone, tablet, or camera to take and save a certain snap easily is a superb solution that needs very little work. Use a second device or a handy iPad to capture the entire video or snapshot.other device

You should be able to edit the clips or pictures you require from those recordings. However, the video clarity will not be as sharp and precise as it looks on the mobile. This is a dependable and guaranteed method of preserving those important moments.

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On iOS11, Use The Built-in Screen Recording Software

Many users have asked, “can you screen record on Snapchat?” If you did not know, iOS11 includes a built-in screen recording tool that lets you quickly record and film snaps. Follow these simple steps to live capture your display from iPhone’s Configurations:

  1. Go to Settings.control center
  2. Navigate to Control Centre and then Customize Controls.customize control
  3. Look for the “Screen Recording” feature.screen recording
  4. Drag the tiny cross to your Control Centre.
  5. To begin recording, tap the symbol with the two overlapping rings. To end a recording, press the red line at the top of the display and select “End Recording.”

Although it is not feasible to begin recording a snapshot when it is already loaded, it is recommended to begin recording before opening a particular message.

Please remember that if you have upgraded to Snapchat version 10.17.5, the users will be alerted each time you launch and take a recording using this built-in recorder.

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On A Mac, Use QuickTime Screen Capture

Utilizing the QuickTime Player is more sophisticated than just using another phone for recording Snapchat. Still, it is an effective solution for people who wish to save a snap message surreptitiously.

To begin capturing snaps, follow these instructions:

  1. Sync your iOS device to your Mac.
  2. Launch the QuickTime Player movie recording
  3. From the menu, choose File, then New Movie Recording.
  4. After loading, float your cursor over the recorder key. You may access a variety of recording settings by pressing the little arrow.sync
  5. Choose your smartphone as the Movie Recording Input device.

When linked, the screen on your Mac should now replicate the display on your iOS device. Press the recording button and navigate the Snapchat application to start recording, as you would on your smartphone.

These methods were specific to iOS designs. Read further to know methods to screen record snap without them on Android.

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Use The Android Mirroring Feature

Screen Mirroring, like QuickTime or the iOS11 Screen Recording program, is another excellent way to screen record without Snapchat knowing. It is possible to share the present display on your phone onto an additional device by attaching an HDMI connection to your TV and computer or by activating the Screen Mirroring tool that is frequently set up on most Mobile Phones and Android tablets.screen mirroring

As a result, you can use a different device to capture a running snap or even share a newly received snapshot with other people in the room.

Prolong The Notification Of Snapchat Screenshots

This strategy is a wonderful method for delaying the delivery of the pop-down alert for those who feel more comfortable or even for people who aren’t too concerned about their followers seeing a message over time.

Follow these quick steps to postpone the notification process:

  1. Install the Snapchat application on your smartphone.
  2. Locate the snap you wish to capture.disable
  3. Disable WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data.
  4. Enable Airplane Mode.airplane mode
  5. Launch the snap and capture a screenshot.
  6. After around 30 seconds, reconnect all of your connections.

This strategy lets viewers capture snaps from individuals who are perhaps a bit unobservant about keeping track of their notifications. It is designed to delay the operation of the user getting a notice while not allowing viewers to screenshot unnoticed.

However, some users may get conscious of this technique of taking screenshots and cease sending their clips and photographs to you.

All these methods were the answer to how to screen record snap without them knowing. 

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If you screen record a Snapchat story, does Snapchat alert the sender?

'Yes,' is the quick response to this question. Whenever your screen records a person's story or message, Snapchat delivers them an immediate alert.

Can I track my child's Snapchat activity?

Snapchat has launched privacy controls to aid in managing adolescent social media use. Parents may see who their adolescent is messaging on Snapchat, but not their conversations. Parents can also report accounts that worry them privately without their child's notice.

Is it possible to use Snapchat without the app?

Unfortunately, checking your Snapchat without the Android or iOS application is impossible. However, you can get Snapchat to your computer using an Emulator.

Can I use Snapchat on my computer?

To access Snapchat for Web on your pc, navigate to in Chrome or Edge and sign in with your Snapchat profile. However, Snapchat for Web is not yet available in any other internet browser, such as Safari or Firefox.

Is it possible to track Snapchat messages?

Snapchat immediately erases all messages from its databases after the receiver has seen them. Messages that have been viewed are no longer available. This implies that the authorities can only view unread communications. Of course, they would want a warrant, which the officers seldom request.

How do you make someone on Snapchat private?

Touch your profile symbol in the top left-hand corner, then on the three dots next to your Private Story. Your friends' list will display, and you may pick which friends to add before clicking 'Save' at the bottom.


Snapchat is considered one of the best social medial platforms for sharing your everyday snaps with your loved ones. However, if you capture a screenshot, the send is notified about it. There are some workouts for this. 

Although there are numerous reasons why you may need to capture a Snapchat memory without informing the sender, it’s crucial to remember that this could be interpreted as a violation of their privacy, with senders being informed not only of who has taken a screenshot, but also how many times they’ve done so and which post.

We hope this article has given you the answer to how to screen record snap without them knowing. 

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