PS4, The ultimate gaming device! Arguably the best gaming console in the market. We can all spend hours playing our favorite games on the PS4 without getting bored, but what if you want to know how many hours you’ve used your device? We’ll teach you ‘how to see how many hours played on ps4’ for each profile in today’s issue.

While You can’t directly view the total hours played through the console, you can use game files to access this information. By navigating to the ‘Settings’ menu and selecting ‘Application Saved Data Management,’ you can choose ‘Saved Data in System Storage and then ‘Upload to Online Storage.’ From there, you can select a game, press the Options button, and choose ‘Information’ to see a breakdown of your playtime and gaming history for that particular game.

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Let’s admit it, we all love gaming. But, at the same time, we all are somewhat concerned about our total playtime. If you want to learn how to see those stats, this article is all you need to read! With the PS4 playtime, you’ll also realize other relevant information and the playtime check for PS5.

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Is It Possible To Check My PS4 Stats On The Console?

Regrettably, Sony does not make it easy to keep track of time. There is no way to see a report of Hours Played on PS4 or timestamps for logins within the framework except for a very few games.

playstation site

While you can create a public PlayStation profile online via their My PlayStation site, this only shows you what prizes you’ve won, how many companions you have, and similar information.

Here’s How To See How Many Hours Played On PS4 

While it is impossible to see how much time you’ve spent on your PS4 through the actual console, it is possible to do so via a web program. This should be possible with the parental controls feature, which we’ll discuss later. To make this strategy work, you must first create your own PlayStation account (whether or not you own a PlayStation) and then click the ‘Add Family Member’ button to add a youth account.add a member ps4

To connect your records, go through the plan interaction. Once you’ve done that, checking the ‘ps4 hours played’ becomes pretty simple. You have to follow the given steps.

  1. On Sony’s website, go to the Family Management management
  2. From the side menu, select Family Management.ps4 parental controls
  3. Then, under the record name, you can see the time Played.time played

This will not show you precisely what the individual was doing on their PlayStation and will only show you what they did today, but it is one way to deal with seeing the time played.

However, a few game playtimes can be displayed on the console itself; checkout to the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Start your PS4 and long-in. After turning on the console, sign in to your PS4/PSn account by selecting your avatar and pressing the “X” avatar
  2. Open the game you want to watch.
  3. Insert the game disc or open the title on the home screen to load the PS4 game.
  4. Examine the load files 
  5. Open the saved files for your game. The playtime in most games is displayed in the “hh:mm: ss” format. However, please remember that this data is not shown in all competitions, and this ps4 game tracker won’t work in those situations. 

With this method, you can get rid of the confusion about what are my ps4 stats.

Checking Hours Played on PS4 Using Game Files

Admittedly, getting a full rundown of your playtime for all games isn’t quite possible. However, you can piece together some clues like the date you installed the game and the timestamps of your last saves.

  1. First, head over to ‘Settings‘ from your PS4’s main menu to kick things off.
  2.  Within ‘Settings,’ hunt down ‘Application Saved Data Management’ and select it.ps4 settings saved data in system storage
  3. Next, within ‘Application Saved Data Management,’ you’ll see ‘Saved Data in System Storage.’ Select this to proceed.
  4. Now you’ve reached a menu where you can ‘Upload to Online Storage.’ Clicking this will reveal a list of your games.information of game
  5. Pick a game that catches your eye, press the Options button, and choose ‘Information’.

Here you’ll find a snapshot of your playtime and gaming history. Think of it as a mini diary charting your PS4 journey!

Checking Hours Played On PS4 Through The PS5

You can also check PS4 hours played on a particular game in PS4 using your newer PS5 console as soon as they are connected through the same account. Here is the step-by-step procedure for that- 

  1. Start your PS5.ps5 turning on
  2. Click “X” in the top right corner of your PlayStation 5 home screen on your profile icon.opening profile in ps5
  3. Click “X” on “Profile” in the drop-down menu to open your profile.opening profile
  4. Navigate to the “Games” tab on the Profile menu, which is located between “Overview” and “Friends.”games tab in ps5
  5. The “Games” menu displays any title currently available on your PSN account. If these games are on the same account, it records playtime on your play time
  6. So, if you have Fortnite on both the PS4 and the PS5, you’ll see the total hours you’ve played Fortnite on the brand-new console.

This was the guide on ‘how to see how many hours played on ps4’ for your profile. Now let’s move on to how to manage your activity feed.

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Managing Activity Feed

Users can easily choose what is shown in their activity feed by following simple steps.

  1. Open your Sony account and click on log log in
  2. Choose PSN Privacy settings.
  3. Select Gaming | Media.psn privacy settings
  4. To change who can see your actions, Prizes, friends list, what games you own, and other information, click the Edit button next to the one you want to change.

How Many Hours Played On The PS5 | How To Check?

The PlayStation 5 includes a system for keeping track of your playtime. It also displays the percentage of each game that you’ve completed. Follow the given steps to check that. 

  1. Start your PS5.ps5 turning on
  2. Click the “X” in the top right corner of your PlayStation 5 home screen profile icon.opening profile in ps5
  3. Click “X” on “Profile” in the drop-down menu to open your profile.opening profile
  4. Navigate to the “Games” tab on the Profile menu, which is located between “Overview” and “Friends.”games playing hours ps4
  5. Finally, it displays the most recent time you played each game and the number of hours you’ve spent playing each game.

This was all the relevant information about our title for the day, “how to see how many hours played on ps4”. Now, let’s take up some frequently asked questions. 


Is it possible to check your child's playtime on the webpage?

Yes, it is indeed possible to do so by following these steps->Sign in to your Family Manager account, navigate Profile Settings, and select Family Management. Open your child's account and look through the list of games. Sadly, the summary only represents the number of hours the child played on the most recent day.

Can You Keep Your PS5/PS4 Playing Hours Secret from Your Acquaintances?

Yes, You certainly can. On the PS5, follow these steps: Go to Settings, choose Users and Accounts, select 'Privacy' and then 'View and Customize Your Privacy Settings,' then 'Keep Games Away from Other Players.' Turn off the games you want to keep hidden.


Keeping track of the hours you’ve spent playing a specific game on the PS4 can be difficult. Hopefully, after reading today’s issue on ‘how to see how many hours played on PS4,’ you’ve learned how to perform this complex task in less complicated ways.

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