How To See Instagram Story Without Them Knowing | Top 6 Ways

Remembering when watching Instagram Stories is vital because the individual who uploaded the story can see who watched it. How to see the Instagram story without them knowing isn’t a problem, but occasionally you might wish to read someone’s Instagram Stories covertly.

view Instagram story without them knowing

You can see Instagram stories of other people without them knowing by following methods- using the swipe-back technique, downloading extensions, using a fake Instagram account, etc.

Instagram Stories is currently one of the most popular tools for informing the world about your life. Whether it be a quick excursion to the mountains or a recent wedding we attended, the majority of us can’t help but broadcast these tidbits about our daily lives. Know How To Unmute Someone On IG? click here!

However, we find ourselves reading through the Instagram Stories of the people we follow. You can also check out this article if you want to buy more likes and followers on Instagram. 

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Ways To See Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

You can try a few methods How to see Instagram stories without them knowing it was you. Each will work to a different extent. Keep reading to know more. 

Utilize The Swipe-Back Technique

Use these simple instructions to view status covertly.

  1. Open Instagram on your device, and in the narrative section, look for the profile symbol of the user whose story you want to view covertly.user
  2. Open the next story of the Instagram profile you want to view by tapping it.
  3. Holding your finger in the opened position, carefully swipe back while not releasing it.instagram story
  4. You can now view the Instagram profile story of your desired user. Keep in mind that if you release your finger, your point of view will be included in the narrative of your target.
  5. After carefully reading the story, swipe it forward to return to the page where you first started.view story
  6. I’m done now. You successfully saw the Instagram story covertly without the other person realizing it.

This technique only applies to pictures shared on Instagram Stories. This method won’t let you watch a video.

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Make A Fake Instagram Account

Making an anonymous account how to see an Instagram story without them knowing and the following someone is the most efficient way to read someone else’s Instagram story without alerting them.

  1. Long-press the profile symbol in the bottom right corner of the Instagram app after launching it on your smartphone.add account
  2. Select the Create new account option after tapping Add Account.
  3. Enter the name you want to use for this new Instagram account.username and password
  4. For this new Instagram account, enter a secure password.
  5. Enter your personal information, such as your birthday, and then click the Finish Signing Up button to complete the registration process.personal information
  6. Add your profile image on the following page, then click the profile of the person whose tale you want to see.
  7. To access their Instagram stories, use the Follow icon.
  8. Switch between your accounts by holding down the profile symbol at the bottom of the app screen for a long time.

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Use The View-Block Trick

It is a clever way to covertly view someone else’s whole Instagram tale. The objective is to watch the person’s story as you normally would, then block their account. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Instagram on your device, then select the user whose story you want to see.view and block
  2. Tap the username to see the Instagram followers and profile after finishing the story.
  3. By tapping the Block button, you can confirm your action.block
  4. Your profile and view count will now be deleted from their list of those who have viewed your Instagram story.
  5. To unblock the user, tap the Unblock button one more.unblock
  6. On the user’s profile, click the Follow button once more to ensure you don’t miss any new content.

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Examine Alternative Websites To View Stories

Several free third-party websites like IG stories viewer let you view an Instagrammer’s stories. On Instagram, you can only use this technique to browse the stories of a public profile. Follow these simple instructions to access Instagram stories from public user profiles covertly.

  1. Please search for the stories website in your browser after opening it. 
  2. Click the Arrow button after entering the username of the Instagram account whose story you want to see in secret.instastories
  3. Wait for the Instagram stories connected to the public profile to load.
  4. For access to all the stories, scroll down. If the Instagram stories have videos, you can also play them here.

Use Airplane Or Flight Mode To View Stories Covertly

Turning on your device’s airplane or flight mode while watching an Instagram story is common. The concept behind this technique is that when the device is linked to a reliable internet connection, Instagram preloads stories and data automatically. To activate airplane mode on your device, follow these steps.

  1. Watch the user’s Instagram story right now on the app.
  2. Clear the app’s current section after you have done watching the tale.airplane mode
  3. Aeroplane Mode can be activated by simply switching it on in the Settings app.

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Install This Chrome Extension To View Instagram Stories Covertly

The Google Chrome web store also provides several helpful extensions to browse Instagram stories covertly if you use Instagram on a computer. To accomplish How to see the Instagram story without them knowing by utilizing the Anonymous View Extension, adhere to these procedures.

  1. Launch the Google Chrome Web Store on your computer and look for the Anonymous View for Instagram Stories plugin.extension
  2. To add this extension to Chrome, click the Add to Chrome button.
  3. You can access the installed extension by selecting the extension button on the top toolbar.extension button
  4. Use this extension to access your post on your Instagram account and view all accessible stories.eye icon
  5. To see someone’s stories anonymously on Instagram, click the Eye icon next to their
  6.  By selecting the Download option, you can also download the stories.


Who sees your Instagram story? Can you see?

Open your story first to see who has read it. Tap on the profile images in the lower left to see the usernames of everyone who has seen your tale. You can see how many people have watched each image or video in your article in the bottom left corner.

How do I access anonymously private Instagram stories?

You can download the free 'StoryView for Instagram' software to your smartphone to watch another user's tales anonymously. The app is compatible with Android OS devices and can download from the Play Market.

Can I view someone else's Instagram story secretly?

Install the Chrome extension for 'Chrome IG Story.' Open Instagram's web interface and log in. With the help of the Chrome extension, you may browse all of the Instagram Stories stories secretly.

What do Instagram stories mean?

Instagram Stories is a new feature we're launching today that allows you to share all of your daily moments, not just the ones you choose to keep on your profile. Your tale is shown as a slideshow when you contribute numerous images and videos.

Is it possible to store an Instagram story?

Open the story you wish to download. Click the 'More' button. To download the entire story, photo, or video to your Camera Roll, select Save > Save Story or Save Photo/Video.


What if we want to view this privately? It is the most probable scenario and a commonly requested question. How to see an Instagram story without them knowing might have been clear. The solution is straightforward workarounds you can use to complete the task. Check this article  to know the Two Best Ways On How To Make A Reel On Instagram With Photo.

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