Family Sharing on Apple is the center of everything. Since its 2019 launch, Apple TV+ has advanced and is a source of excellent entertainment. How do I share Apple TV with my family without purchasing additional memberships, yet, if your family has been jealous of your decision to keep your Apple TV+ subscription to yourself?

Fortunately, there is a quick way for them to access the most recent Apple releases, including Central Park, See, and many others, without constantly needing your permission or passwords if you take the following action on how to share Apple tv with your family.

apple tv

There are several ways to share Apple tv with family in the easiest and the fastest ways without taking any additional subscription package or paying any extra charges for the same. It is important to have AppleTV and a basic required subscription activated on your tv.

Give this article a read and know how to share Apple tv with family easily without any extra charges.

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Have You Subscribed To Apple TV?

Before knowing how to share apple tv with your family, you must subscribe yourself to your apple tv with a basic subscription package that you require. At least one family member needs to subscribe to the apple tv to enable the sharing option of the family. Use these instructions to log in using your Apple account.

  1. You must sign up if no one in your family has an Apple TV package. Start by visiting the apple page. apple tv subscribe
  2. After a free seven-day trial, Apple charges $5 per seven days apple tv trial
  3. Additionally, Apple frequently offers free TV+ packages when you buy a new Apple product. free apple tv subscription

You might also get three months of Apple TV+ for free when you get a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any other Apple product from Apple or a retailer that has been given the company’s approval.

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Setting Up Family Sharing On Apple Account

Once any family member has subscribed to an apple tv account, you need to set up the family sharing option on that account. And share it with other family members. Follow the provided instructions on how to share Apple tv with your family to set up this option on your Apple TV.

  1. On an Apple device, select Settings and choose your name or icon. The steps are the same on macOS. However, you must first access System preferences. Apple TV is unable to support sharing
  2. If you select Family sharing > Learn More, you should be able to set up your family. The drop-down menu in your Apple account information has further information. Select this to move forward.

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Adding Family Members To The Family Sharing Option

Once you have set up the family sharing option on your apple account, you can add family members to it, who can later access the apple account and share apple tv with it. Follow the steps to add members, which will create Apple tv profiles.

add family members

  1. If you already have an Apple account, click Invite people. Create a child’s account to begin going (children under 13 cannot open their accounts without parental consent).invite family
  2. You will need a new member’s name and email address if you want to invite them. They must then consent to accompany you. At this point, you should follow the subsequent setup member id and password
  3. You can always use the Add member button if more members are required. Your name and account give the role of “Organizer,” organizer apple account

After enabling Family Sharing.

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Check To See If Family Sharing Is Available On Apple TV

Once you have added the family members to your Apple tv and they are eligible to watch and share the apple tv plus subscription, it is important to check whether the option of Apple tv for family sharing works or not and can you share the Apple tv option. If it’s not, enable it by following the steps provided:

  1. When managing your subscriptions during setup, make sure to choose Apple TV+. Check under Shared features whenever you want to confirm that TV channels are tv channels enabled
  2. The other Shared Features are less important for this tutorial, but you should look into Screen time. With this feature, you can monitor how much time your children spend and set parental limitations on apps like Apple TV+ to avoid problems. If someone needs to remember, you may also find out who the original Apple TV+ subscriber was in Shared features.parenteral controls
  3. Remember that while you can authorize additional purchases for family members, doing so with Apple TV+ is not advised. Only additional purchases will let you add channels like Showtime or Starz to TV+. If someone enrolls in those, Apple will charge your account.other platforms on apple tv
  4. Assuming you can still share the subscription after activating Family Sharing. You should ensure your Apple TV membership is neither an individual student plan nor a third-party subscription that may only be permitted to be shared if you can.

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Family Members Signed In To Apple TV?

It is important how to share apple tv so that, as of now, all the family members can access the Apple tv, but they all need to be signed in to apple tv.

family members login

If they aren’t signed in and added to the family sharing option, they won’t be able to access the Apple TV. Following the completion of the setup, customers should be able to begin using Apple TV+. By logging into Apple TV+ with their own Apple ID credentials, they may check it out. They should have no trouble signing up and starting to watch.

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Can apple mobile users use the same method to subscribe to the TV?

No, apple mobile users have a different method to log in to the family members to the Apple TVs on their own devices. This method is just for apple users on TV and laptops.

In future cases, what to do if some issue occurs with the internet or the apple tv?

You can also resolve it by yourself, as the error shown by apple tv is also sometimes upon any glitch in your home's electricity supply. In that case, you can register your complaint on the complaint number, and within 24 hours, a technician will visit your place and resolve your issue for free. You can even call the helpline number, as they can suggest ways to resolve it, and if the problem is from their side, they’ll inform you.

What is the approx range of the apple tv subscription?

It varies from $10 to $100. Each package consists of different facilities and different services. Depending upon your requirement and affordability, you can take the required plan and add family members to it if you want.

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Thus, sharing apple tv credentials and adding family members to the family sharing option is not a big task until and unless you are a frequent or a daily Apple user. But if you are a new Apple user, it would be a challenge as adding family members to Apple tv is a difficult task if you are a new user.

If you were looking for ways to share apple tv with your family without paying extra charges or taking an additional subscription, it was helpful for you, and you could solve it. And enjoy watching your favorite show.

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