Sometimes continuous notification tones from your iPhone can get a bit annoying when you are doing something important or just relaxing and taking a nap. Unwanted alerts cause distractions while you are working and unnecessarily consume your time by asking for your attention. The best way to get rid of the interference from notifications is to mute them. But how do silence notifications on your iPhone?

There are various ways to silence notifications on your iPhone. You can do it from the notification center or through the settings option. Alternatively, you can do it using the silent switch or volume buttons of your iOS device. You can also mute notifications from certain contacts or apps that bombard you with frequent alerts.

So let’s find out in detail about the various ways to silence your iPhone notifications and when to use these ways to make the most out of them. Here is a guide on understanding about swipe up not working on iPhone.

Silence Notification From The Notification Center

Some apps are too pushy with their notifications. If these kinds of apps are bothering you with their notifications, you can choose to mute them. For ‘how to turn off notifications on iPhone,’ easily and quickly, use the Notification Center.

notification center

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen when it is unlocked, or swipe up on your lock screen to reach your notification center on your iPhone.swipe down notification bar
  2. Locate the notification of the app you want to silence and swipe left on it. Now you will see the Options and Clear buttons.
  3. Tap on Options and choose your preference. Turn off, Mute for 1 Hour, or Mute for Today. If you select ‘turn off,’ the notifications will be muted indefinitely.mute notifications
  4. Follow the same steps whenever you wish to get back the notifications from the apps and click on Unmute.

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Use The Silent Button On Your IPhone

For ‘how to turn off alerts on iPhone,’ the silent switch is very useful and fast. You can find this switch on the left side panel of your iPhone, just above the volume buttons.

iphone notifications

  1. To put your iPhone on silent mode, press the switch so that the small gap between the switch and the phone turns orange. To activate it back to ring mode, move it to the opposite side.silent button
  2. Once you press the switch to silent mode, all your alerts and notifications will be silent until you switch it back on. This switch is available on some iPads as well.
  3. However, your phone will still vibrate for calls and notifications when the silent switch is on. If you do not prefer the vibration on, you can turn it off as well using these steps:
  4. Go to your iPhone’s settings option, then select ‘Sounds & Haptics’iphone sound and haptics
  5. Then navigate to Vibrate on Silent and Turn it Off.

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Silence Notification Using The Volume Button

One more way to silence notifications on iPhone is by turning the volume down. It would be best if you constantly pushed the volume down button until a confirmation message appears on your screen that your iPhone is now silent. 

If you are unable to adjust the ringer and notification sounds using the volume buttons, then you can enable it from the settings using the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone and go to Sounds and Haptics.sound&haptics
  2. Navigate to Ringer and Alerts and activate ‘Change with Buttons.’texttone to none

However, if you are facing issues related to your device while implementing these strategies, you can try and connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and try resolving the issue from here.

Set Text Tone To ‘None’

If the notification sound on your iPhone is bothering you a lot, you can fix the text tone to none. This is a clever answer to how to silence notifications on your iPhone and keep your ringtone, and other alert sounds unaffected. Follow these steps to fix the Text tone to None:


  1. Open the Settings app and proceed to Sounds & Haptics.iphone sound and haptics (2)
  2. Now, go to Text Tone and pick None.
    texttone to none

Even if you mute the notifications, your iPhone will ring normally.

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Silence Notification For Specific Contacts

If you wish to mute the notifications from particular contacts, even that is possible on your iPhone. Just follow these simple steps: 

  1. On your iPhone, open the Contacts app and locate the contact you want to silence the notification for.locate contacts
  2. On the upper side of your screen, press the Edit button.edit contact
  3. Now, go to Text Tone and select None.text tone
  4. If some cases, you may need to turn the toggle off for “Hide Alerts.”hide-alerts
  5. Hit Done to save the changes.  

Mute Notifications For Distinct Apps

You can easily mute the notifications for all your apps. However, if a particular app sends many notifications, you may need to hide these notifications to check them in your own time by opening the app. This feature is handy for social media apps that you use actively and receive loads of notifications.

iphone apps


  1. Move to Settings on your iPhone and navigate to Notifications.notifications
  2. Now, from the list, select the app you wish to mute the notifications
  3. Then, proceed to turn off the toggle button beside Allow Notifications.allow notifications

It is the best way to turn off notifications on iPhones.

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Silence Notification For Specific Chats

You can mute particular iMessage conversation threads anytime you want. This a useful way how to silence notifications on your iPhone.

  1.  Open the Messages app and find the chat thread you wish to silence.specific message
  2. Click on the contact’s name and scroll down to Hide Alerts to turn it on.hide alerts in messages
  3. Alternatively, you can swipe left on the chat and click on the bell signmessages silent notifications
  4. Now, your chat notification alert will be muted, and the notifications will not appear on the notification center either. 

Use ‘Do Not Disturb’

In certain situations where you need to keep your focus, you may want to avoid unnecessary distractions from unwanted repeat alerts or phone calls. In such scenarios, the Do Not Disturb option comes in very handy. You can silence iPhone notifications by enabling the DND option. You can schedule DND mode and accept calls from specific contacts according to your need.

  1. Proceed to the Settings app and navigate to Focus.focus
  2. Within the Focus option, turn on Do Not Disturb and customize it as you not disturb
  3. Allow calls and alerts from specific contacts while DND is on by clicking on the ‘People’ tab from the ‘Allowed Notification’ option and selecting the contact.
  4. To allow specific apps to send notifications while DND is active, click on Apps from the ‘Allowed Notifications’ option and select the particular app.
  5. Delete a contact from the allowed contacts list by clicking on the ‘Contacts’ tab and pressing the minus icon on the contact picture. You can follow the same steps to remove a particular app from the allowed apps list.
  6. Once you have activated the Do Not Disturb option on your device, you can switch it on/off from the control center itself using these steps:toggle on do not disturb
  7. Swipe down from the upper right side corner of your screen if your iPhone model has Face ID, or else, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reach the control panel.
  8. Once here, click on the half-moon icon to activate DND for a scheduled time. When DND is on, the half-moon symbol materializes on both the status bar and lock screen.dnd moon

That’s how you turn off the notifications via ‘DND‘!

Mute a Specific WhatsApp Chat

You can silence individual chats from the WhatsApp application using these steps:


  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone and find the chat you want to mute the notifications for.
  2. Swipe towards Left on the chat, then tap on More. Now select the Mute option from the menu to silence the notifications. Alternatively, you can tap the bell icon after wiping left.mute in whatsapp

The process to silence notifications for specific chats on Signal and Telegram apps is quite similar.

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Use ‘Focus’ Mode

You can control and modify your notifications and calls using the Focus mode feature on your iPhone. Apart from the Do Not Disturb option, you can turn on your customized settings for various categories or statuses like Sleep, Work, Driving, or Personal with a single click.

focus mode

By sharing your Focus status, you can inform your contact that you have muted notifications. However, it doesn’t share your focus category, only that you have muted notifications.


Does iPhone have 'Do Not Disturb' for Messages?

Yes, a Do Not Disturb option is available on your iOS devices. To activate DND, Open Settings > Focus > Click on Do Not Disturb. Under this option, you can also specify particular contacts or apps from which you still want to receive notifications when DND is on. You can also activate DND from your iPhone’s control center.

What does silencing notifications on iPhone mean?

If notifications on your iphone are silent, it essentially means that the Do Not Disturb mode is on. While DND is on, all your calls and alerts will be silent.

How to silence only the notifications on your iPhone?

Follow these steps to silence notifications: 1. Swipe downwards on your screen to access the notification center 2. Navigate to the notification you want to mute and left-swipe on it. 3. From the visible options, change the alert settings as per your preference.

How to deactivate all alerts on your iPhone?

Follow these steps to deactivate all alerts: 1. Open Settings and navigate to 'Notifications' settings. 2. Find the app you want to deactivate all alerts for, and press the 'toggle off' beside 'Allow notification' option present next to the app name.


Now you know how to silence notifications on your iPhone. You can easily control all the notification settings and mute notifications from specific contacts and apps or unmute them whenever you wish. Additionally, if you have iOS 15 or above, you can enable settings to deliver all your less important notifications later in your preferable time. Like reading this blog? To read more such articles, head on to TechWhoop right away!

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