For a while now, you’ve felt like you’re not on the same page as your partner, and this nagging question doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – am I just whipping up myself, or do they really have someone on the side? You may need options to tackle the situation.

Let’s see How to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing most efficiently. What needs to be immediately put in place is that the solution to spy on your spouse should not be a simple whim. Although statistically, only about half of the cheaters will admit to infidelity (in total, they make up less than half of those surveyed), this should not become commonplace in every new relationship.

In some cases, the reason to pay extra attention to what your loved one is doing in your absence may be dictated by your inner voice or receiving hints from your mutual friends and acquaintances. Only some people want to be in a relationship with only the veneer of joy, but no matter what you’re about to uncover, you need to act carefully and not wind yourself up much ahead of time.

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Top-Picked Apps to Spy on Spouse’s Phone

While you can carry on with your regular life and not hover over your partner like a hawk, a cell phone spy is capable of organizing monitoring for you.

Why SpyBubble Is the Best App to Spy on Spouse’s Phone

Cheaters are very adept at covering their tracks, so you’ll need a powerful cell phone spy app that can bust a liar when they least expect that. SpyBubble keeps a watchful eye over their deleted calls and contacts and helps you discover all the hidden apps on your partner’s gadget.

spybubble monitoring

Suppose your partner is avoiding communication with you, and you are tired of receiving stock answers to your reasonable questions about their strange lateness after work, changes in behavior with you, etc. In that case, you will get a precise and exhaustive answer with this handy activity tracker intended for a smartphone or other mobile device of someone who torments your heart.

In addition to running in the background without them knowing, SpyBubble also offers the following features:

  • Audio and Video Streaming
  • Remote Restriction and Blocking of Messages and Calls
  • Location Detection on Request in real-time
  • Tracking Typed Text with a Keylogger
  • Monitoring Social Applications and Browser History

Now we hope you get some sort of idea about, How to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing.

Visit: SpyBubble

iKeyMonitor: Great App with a Free Trial and Helpful Add-On Features

When dealing with cheaters, you need to be alert for their possible manipulation of you. For example, when confronted, they may replace cause with effect and blame you for undermining your relationship by snooping around too much. But you no longer have to buy everything they tell you and easily catch cheating spouse using apps like iKeyMonitor.

ikeymonitor app



This is a great tool for watching out for and interacting with loved ones in the modern world. It includes flexible solutions for different users depending on whether they have the ability to access the target gadget or not – you stand the option to use this spy software on a rooted or non-rooted Android or jailbroken/non-jailbroken iOS device.

Now suspecting spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends can relieve themselves of unnecessary stress because they can spy on cheating spouse’s cell phone at any time of the day and even for free. But premium features, some of which are presented below, require an upgrade to a paid plan:

  • Catching Keystrokes
  • Saving Call Logs and Making Records of Conversations
  • Capturing Video Recordings of the Screen
  • Option to Receive Alerts when Crossing Certain Zones
  • Spying on your Spouse using SMS and Messenger Tracker

Visit: iKeyMonitor

GEOfinder: Track at Any Time Without Them Knowing

When it comes to the best app to determine the location and other related data about a person without them knowing, GEOfinder does stand out. The user does not need to bother themselves about getting a hold of the target gadget or be nervous about being caught. This simple solution lets you see their movements anytime by sending a message with an attached link to the tracker.

geofinder mobi


Not only that, but information about their current internet connection (name of Wi-Fi or mobile operator), IP address, and VPN will be available. Seeing suspicious connections and locations makes it possible to determine what your boyfriend or girlfriend is actually doing instead of attending a meeting. To understand more about VPNs and how they might be used, you can check out our article on the Best Free VPN For Chrome by clicking here.

Your knowledge of your spouse will greatly assist you in editing the post to arouse their interest in following the link. Once that’s done, your allegedly cheating spouse is on your hook.

GEOFinder is an uncomplicated application that you can figure out on the first try, as it only requires the phone number of the person whose device you need to track. Its other advantages also include:

  • Convenient user space
  • Support for any mobile network operator or smartphone model
  • Complete anonymity and absence of software installations
  • The location is precise and comes with some other beneficial device info

Visit: GEOfinder

Press Your Cheating Spouse Against the Wall with TiSPY App

TiSPY does an excellent job as a monitoring tool for parents and for uncovering partner dishonesty without them knowing. It can take a long time to live with the elephant in the room, but when enough is enough, you may enlist the help of a comprehensive tracking program.




Users receive alerts about the most important events around the clock and can look into the most hidden corners with files, photos, and other content on the phone. TiSPY makes it easy to spy on your spouse and determine if you’re being told the truth or cajoled, with your partner paying lip service.

Check it out if you like the following hallmarks:

  • Audio/Video Surveillance and Live Screenshot Monitoring
  • Text, Cell Numbers, Caller, and Call Duration Tracking
  • Call History and Chats in WhatsApp/Facebook/Signal/Kik
  • Capturing Texts Copied by the Person

Visit: TiSPY App

See What’s on Their Mobile Through EyeZy Monitoring

In fact, there may be several reasons for people to consider using the app to spy on their spouse’s phone, which are not limited to their love affairs. Lying can include examples such as not going to work, being under bad influences, substance abuse, etc. When caring motives drive a person and not trying to satisfy their controlling instincts, they can greatly benefit from knowing where and with whom their loved one communicates.



EyeZy has no difficulty helping catch cheating spouses but can also provide a glimpse into their interests and alert you if their usual route takes a strange turn. While this product offers many features, fully unlocking them requires a jailbreak. These include:

  • Monitoring of private chats and highlighting on networks like WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook
  • Full access to everything they print with a keylogger
  • Call analysis
  • Screen recorder
  • GPS tracker

If you suspect your spouse might be using location spoofing, you can also check out our guide on the Best Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps.

Visit: EyeZy

How to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing (Without Apps)

Are you still waiting to shell out for paid solutions right away? Not a problem. You can understand the essence of a cell phone spy by taking a dip in the free version.


iCloud stores data from the owner’s iOS device, such as an iPhone, and can serve as a valuable source of information for their partner. For example, here, you can even find deleted photos and videos from the gadget’s memory, which are uploaded automatically (but this requires additional configuration).


Furthermore, you can log into iCloud from multiple devices simultaneously, but signing out will necessitate an Apple ID and password to regain access.

Visit: iCloud

Google Maps Location Sharing

This option is available to everyone with a registered Google account – at the same time, it is not necessary for those granted access since they can follow the sharing link.

google map

Then you can spot where your partner’s mobile phone is if they give you permission from their account by clicking on the avatar, then Location sharing, and New share. Access does not stop unless the person clicks on Stop sharing in their account.

Visit: Google Maps

Message Forwarding

This solution is also available for free for both Android and iPhone owners. Just go to Messages settings and choose which other devices under your account will receive messages besides a smartphone.

sms forward

In addition, you can spy on your spouse without them knowing by using third-party applications that redirect their SMS to the email you specified, Hope you get this on How to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing.

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Physical Access

As bold as it is, this method has always been and probably will be in use when the situation allows. Everyone decides for themselves how far they are willing to go.


Some hope that the careless spouse forgot to clean up compromising chats, and others need at least one-time access to install the application and finally catch cheating spouse.

Is It Illegal to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone? Let’s Contemplate About Moral Side of It

Without a doubt, living with a person in the same house, the boundaries of your privacy are a little vague – for example, electronic devices can be in common use. Hence, it’s all a matter of determining whether a person considers something deliberately inaccessible to a partner.

couple using phone


If you want to use phone apps to track your partner or adult family member’s movements, getting their prior permission is best.

Advantages of Using Spy Software with Your Partner

Nowadays, many families deliberately stay in contact throughout the day using a mobile app, which allows them to satisfy their curiosity and ensure safety and fast reaction to incidents.


Of course, the overuse of apps to spy on spouse can undermine trust, but their use can become reasonable if the benefits are discussed in advance.

Disadvantages of Spying on Your Spouse’s Cell Phone

Where you start off is perhaps of crucial importance here – the intention of some installing various programs on partners’ devices without them knowing is the desire to control a person for no apparent reason.

couple sitting together


In such cases, already fragile relationships, devoid of communication and suffering from the intrusion into personal space, are doomed.


Using a cell phone spy to monitor a loved one’s mobile phone can be both a blessing in disguise and another nail in the relationship coffin. The user needs to balance well between excessive suspicion, the problem of privacy, and the need to find out the truth so as not to waste time.

Fortunately for many, the developers allow you to spy on your spouse in stealth mode, leaving morality issues up to you. Hence, This is How to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing. If you have any doubts, just let us know in the comments.

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