Dropshipping belongs to the eCommerce line of business, and Statista forecasts that the market size in 2026 will hit a whopping $476.1 billion. This comes very quickly with emerging technologies, especially data-tracking software. Here’s a detailed look into how to start dropshipping for free!

The dropshipping business has become very competitive because of the ease of starting the business. You can sell products without even bothering yourself with inventories. Still, it’s not everybody that can readily do so. Dropshipping is a business you can start without any money; that’s free. While there are dropshipping agencies that can allow you to use their facilities for free, you must try to find out if that will suffice. According to HyperSKU on uDroppy review, the organization has a free plan that allows only five weekly orders. You must look at that and decide if that will give you what you want, considering that the average industry margin profit for drop shipping should be between 15%- 20%.

If you want to make any headway in the dropshipping business without investing money, you must learn how to start dropshipping for free. The pertinent question is, how do I start dropshipping for free? While you may not wholly say you can start dropshipping for free since you must possess a computer or source for one, and you must have internet services, especially where it’s not free. These are insignificant when you compare them to the resources you need to start most other types of businesses. These are rudimentary necessities for starting dropshipping for free that will make you relevant in the market.

Get a website for Your Dropshipping business. 

The first thing you need, besides your computer and internet access, is a website; this is your store. Incidentally, you don’t need the best-looking website for Dropship. 

An organization like Amazon may not have the best website globally, but it’s one of the top-ranking eCommerce stores. Hosting a website comes with a cost, but you can start on a free website hosting such as WordPress.com and upgrade whenever you want to get a paid website. Another option is creating a custom one with MEVN stack developers for hire.

get a website

A good-looking website may attract potential customers, but you must focus more on conversion and sales tracking using the sale activity tracker. Time is of high essence here because you must expend veritable time to improve the conversion rate using less time on aesthetic aspects such as colors and fonts and concentrate more on conversion-focused design.

You may outsource customer support to virtual assistants, but create an SOP (standard operating procedure) to ensure your support team delivers the right message and excellent service. You can also sync data between Outlook and Salesforce where you can observe actual Salesforce data while you scroll messages in your Outlook via Salesforce Outlook plugin.

Dropshipping business – Possess Fundamental Graphic Design skills 

Graphic design can be a bit complex, but you need real experience in graphic design to forge ahead with your dropshipping business. You can easily leverage free graphic-designing tools to create good-looking and aesthetically pleasing graphics of the products you want to dropship. 

graphic designer skillsWhile your graphics may not have the professional touch, they must try to pass the skim test and inspire trust.

Luckily there are free logo-maker websites that make this easier for beginners.

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Acquisition of Customer Support skills to improve Dropshipping Business

As you will have to interact with your customers regularly, you must learn the necessary skills to ensure your customers are happy with you. They will want to understand how things are going on. Hence they will ask questions, and you must be ready to answer them. 

acquisition of customer support skills

A happy customer will give good reviews about your services, which is an excellent way to convert new customers. It would be best if you did not ignore any review, even when it’s negative.

Once you have acquired the above necessities, you can proceed with the following steps to start dropshipping for free.how to start dropshipping for free

You may outsource customer support to virtual assistants, but create an SOP (standard operating procedure) to ensure your support team delivers the right message and excellent service.

You can also put into use hospitality software solutions to further ensure customer satisfaction.

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Carve out a niche in the Dropshipping market

You cannot just plunge headlong into dropshipping; you must study the market to discover profitable niches and then pick the one you feel very comfortable with. As you start dropshipping without money, you must not expect to begin making significant returns quickly. 

If you don’t pick a niche you are comfortable with, you can easily get fed up or bored and abandon the whole project. If this happens, all your time and effort is wasted.

how to start dropshipping for free

Products like groceries may not be the best for you to dropship. You need to focus on lightweight products that will not break easily. Some niches worth considering are painting, fishing, golf, beauty products, and gardening. 

While you must be wary of niches such as furniture, automobiles, photography, and video games. Also, things like competition and traffic are vital to your decision. Hence it would be best if you put in the time to research all the niches before proceeding.

Pick the actual product within the niche to Dropship

There must be many products within your niche, and you may not want to sell them all; you can check websites such as AliExpress or Banggod that offer you products within your niche. However, your best odds for rapid success are to find local manufacturers for the products you have decided to dropship. 

pick the right products

Once these products are of high quality, it will be easier for you to ship them in lesser time; customer satisfaction must be prioritized. Google search operators will enable you to find local manufacturers for the products you want to dropship.

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Get a platform where you want to Dropship and sell your products 

To enable you on “how to start dropshipping for free,” you need a platform where you will sell your products. Platforms like Amazon and eBay can be useful here since they are free and easy to sell on, but you must also consider the competition. 

get a platform to sell you products

For this reason, your best bet may be to go with your website. A free hosting website may not initially give you all you want regarding support and security, but with time you can always opt for a paid website.

If you are just interested in the 14-day trial before you start paying, you can set up with Shopify. After all, you won’t pay for the initial 14 days. And if you do decide to continue you can get a professional site setup using one of the good Shopify development services.

Set up your store for Dropshipping.

If you are using WordPress.com, you can also use WooCommerce, a free eCommerce platform for WordPress. The software enables you to host all your pictures, receive payments, and run other aspects of your store.

set up a store

The most popular methods of receiving payments globally are PayPal and Stripe, but if any of them do not work out in your country, you can seek alternative means.

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List your Dropshipping products with unique descriptions

After setting up your store using the WooCommerce software, it’s time to showcase your products. There are free services you can leverage to enhance backgrounds and add filters. If necessary, you can still modify the photos you got from the manufacturer. 

product description

It would be best if you did some work on the product description; you will need to develop something more convincing. Customers don’t purchase products because they want to spend money; they do so because they want to solve problems. 

Your description must tell your customers how your products will ease the stress in their daily activities. For this reason, your description must be unique. You must research your target audience to know the type of description you send across.

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Where can I find free dropshipping suppliers?

You can find free dropshipping suppliers through online directories, social media platforms, or by contacting manufacturers and wholesalers directly.

Can I use free marketing strategies for dropshipping?

You can use free marketing strategies like social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) to promote your dropshipping business.

Do I need a budget for advertising in dropshipping?

While it's unnecessary, having a budget for advertising can help you reach a wider audience and accelerate the growth of your dropshipping business.

How can I handle customer support in dropshipping for free?

You can handle customer support in dropshipping for free by using free communication tools like email, social media messaging, or live chat apps.

Are there any risks or challenges in free dropshipping?

Some challenges in free dropshipping include limited customization options, potential competition, and the need for careful product selection and supplier vetting to ensure quality and reliability.

Can I transition from free dropshipping to a paid model later?

As your dropshipping business grows, you can transition to a paid model by upgrading your online store plan, investing in paid advertising, and exploring premium dropshipping suppliers and tools.


The most important thing is to sell your products, which boils down to marketing; if customers don’t know about you and your products, they can’t come to your store. Fortunately, you can use social media platforms to launch marketing campaigns. 

Your whole focus must be on how to start dropshipping for free. How to start dropshipping for free largely depends on how you can analyze your data to ensure customer satisfaction.

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