Connecting with friends and family is made easier through virtual messaging platforms. Online platforms offer many ways to establish connections with people, such as social media applications and Discord. With the ability to share various media formats and manage large groups, these platforms make communication seamless. Thus, many people tend to create personalized servers on Discord. However, you might need to leave the Server that you are managing. The Server should not be left abandoned without an existing owner. This is where the need to transfer ownership of Discord comes into play.

  1. To access your server settings, click on the Server Name box and select ‘Server Settings.
  2. In the User Management section, navigate to the ‘Members’ tab.
  3. Locate the desired user by hovering over their name and clicking on the three dots (also known as the Hamburger Menu!) to reveal a sub-menu. From there, select ‘Transfer Ownership‘ to complete the process.

Hence, you can complete the procedure with a couple of steps. This guide is specially designed to help you out in a similar situation. Ensure to follow the guidelines presented in the next few sections of this post.

Requirements for How to Transfer Ownership on Discord

First, you need to learn about various mandatory requirements for this process. Also, we will discuss some tools that will play a crucial role while transferring the owner’s rights. You will need a simple device that will act as the platform for the transfer.

Getting a Windows or Mac application, Browser software, or Android/iOS application is advisable. Also, it would help if you had a secure and stable internet connection on the device of your preference.discord themes

Moreover, the user must be aware of the corresponding rights that he has related to the Server. No matter that you have the moderator role, only the server owner has permission to change ownership.

Therefore, you must be the owner to make the necessary changes. Moreover, as per the latest Discord rules, more than 4 server owners are not allowed. In case the owner of a server is not present, you will have a buffer time. After that, the Server will expire and be removed from the services. We will cover everything about the same and clarify things for you.

How to Transfer Ownership on Discord Using a Web Browser?

Many users work on Discord while using the online web browser on their PC or desktop. This is the easiest way to communicate with the connections on your account. Therefore, we will begin our journey by telling you how to conduct this process from the online website. The procedure is almost the same, but the user interface has changed. Hence, the steps for the same are,

Step 1 –

First, make sure to install a web browser on the computer, such as Chrome, Opera,

Step 2 – 

Go to the search bar, visit the official Discord link, or directly search it on Google. Discord will direct you to the login page.discord link

Step 3 –

Next, put your account details in the respective dialog boxes and hit the Login button. This will get you to the account page of your Discord app.login

Step 4 –

Select the Server from the list of servers you are a part of. The list is present on the left of the screen.sever

Step 5 – 

Right-click the server icon, go to the Server Settings, and click Members.members

Step 6 – 

Also, the new owner should be a part of the Server itself. Locate his name and click on the 3 dots icon.owner

Step 7 – 

Finally, select Transfer Ownership to the new user. Moreover, confirm your settings, and you are complete with the job.transfer ownership

How To Take Over A Discord Server From Mobile App?

Discord lets its users chat with their friends through the conventional mobile app. It is available both on Android and iOS operating devices. Therefore, it is pretty easy for you to use the Server.

take over discord server

Many people tend to complete this procedure from their mobile devices. Thus, make sure to follow these steps,

Step 1-

Downloading and installing the Discord app on your mobile phone is obvious. You can look for it online or visit the respective app stores.discord ios

Step 2- 

Make sure to log into your account using the correct credentials.login

Step 3 –

Tap the application and click on the Server whose ownership you want to change. Once on the tab, tap the (…) option.

Step 4 –

Next, tap the Settings option followed by the Members tab.members tab

Step 5 –

Please search for the new owner’s name and tap for more details about him. Finally, hit the Transfer Ownership button after confirming the details.transfer

How To Assign Ownership of Discord Server Using Chromebook

You can log into your account on like any other app or service. It is too bad that Chrome OS devices do not have a Discord app since Chromebooks mainly run-on browsers. Do not worry because you can use your browser to get to Discord.

But if you want to avoid using your credentials to log in, the login screen for Discord has a QR code you can scan with your mobile app. Here is how to use a QR code to sign into Discord.

  1. Go to In your browser, click “Open Discord.”discord
  2. You will see a QR code. Get out your phone or tablet and open the app for Discord. qr code
  3. Find the icon for your profile at the bottom right of the screen. Choose “Read QR Code.” Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, verify that the QR code on your computer screen is inside the white rectangle on your scan
  4. Check to see if you can trust the computer.

Once logged in, follow the steps above for the Windows or Mac app to change who owns the server.

How To Transfer Ownership Of A Banned Discord Account

If the owner of a Discord server has their account deleted or banned, the server they owned will still be there, and users can still use it as usual. A person on the server can also contact Discord and ask to take over the server.

To move ownership of a Discord server from a banned account to another, you will need to contact Discord support and ask them to move ownership to an account that is not banned. discord transferOnce you contact Discord, they want to ensure you are telling the truth and that the banned account belonged to the server’s owner.

Discord does not like to delete active servers, especially if the servers are good members of the Discord community and follow the rules.


Why am I not able to transfer ownership on Discord?

As a reminder, the transfer requirements are as follows: The existing server owner last logged into their account at least a month ago. You (the requester) have used your account for 30 days. You (the requestor) have administrator or moderator privileges in the server's configuration.

How can I transfer a Discord ownership code?

It is under the User Management section. Click to the right of the member's name once you have located them using the arrow keys. To transfer ownership, click the large red label that reads Transfer Ownership. Read the message and click the 'Transfer Ownership' button to confirm.

What happens if the Discord administrator changes?

When you transfer server ownership to a user, that person becomes the server's owner. No one else can transfer ownership of a server but the server's owner. You will remain a server member until you leave of your own will.

Is it feasible to have two Discord owners?

You cannot jointly own a Discord server. Each Discord Server is separate. With roles, you may still provide the 'Co-Owner' the same rights as you.

Can I move Discord Nitro to a different account?

Once you select the 'transfer' button, you must enter the account's ID and tags and validate these activities with a Captcha (this might function similarly to transferring ownership). Once completed and confirmed, the recipient will get nitro.

Can I give ownership to someone who isn't a server member now?

No, you cannot give ownership to anyone not already on your server.

Can I change who owns a Discord server more than once?

Yes, you can change who owns a Discord server more than once.


This is all about the methods to take over the Discord server and other details. Also, you should not share this confidential information with strangers for security reasons. We hope our guide will resolve all the issues related to this topic.

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