How to Transfer Ownership on Discord

The best way to connect with your friends and relative is through virtual messaging platforms. Also, this will allow you to engage in a better conversation with each other regularly. There is no doubt in the fact that the digital world is dependent on new technologies. Moreover, the human race is finding new methods to shrink the world into a smaller place. Therefore, it is quite common to use online platforms for establishing connections with other people. The best way to do so is by getting an active profile on social media applications. Further, Discord is one of the most used digital messaging software for users. You can also share videos, images, and other media files with anyone across the globe. It also helps you to record and send audio files along with traditional text messages. Similarly, servers form a great deal when you wish to connect with a large group of people. It makes it easy to manage and operate several users at the same time. Thus, many people tend to create personalized servers on Discord. However, you might need to leave the Server that you are managing. The Server should not be left abandoned without an existing owner. This is where the need of how to transfer ownership on Discord comes into play.

Hence, you can complete the procedure with a couple of steps. This guide is specially designed to help you out in a similar situation. Make sure to follow the guidelines present in the next few sections of this post.

Requirements for How to transfer Ownership on Discord

First, you need to learn about various requirements that are mandatory for this process. Also, we will discuss some tools that will play a crucial role while transferring the owner’s rights. You will need a simple device that will act as the platform for the transfer. It is advisable to get a Windows or Mac application, Browser software, or Android/iOS application. Also, it would help if you had a secure and stable internet connection on the device of your preference.

transfer ownership on discord
Transfer ownership on discord

Moreover, the user must be aware of the corresponding rights that he has related to the Server. No matter that you have the moderator role, only the server owner has permission to change ownership. Therefore, you must be the owner to make the necessary changes. Moreover, more than 4 owners of a server are not allowed as per the latest Discord rules. In case the owner of a server is not present, you will have a buffer time. After that, the Server will expire and put down from the services. We will be covering everything about the same and make things clear for you.

How to Transfer Ownership on Discord Using Web Browser?

Many users work on Discord while using the online web browser on their PC or desktop. This is the easiest way to communicate with the connections on your account. Therefore, we will begin our journey by telling you how to conduct this process from the online website. The overall procedure is almost the same, but the user interface is quite changed. Hence, the steps for the same are,

Step 1 –

First, make sure to have a web browser installed on the computer such as Chrome, Opera, etc.

Step 2 – 

Go to the search bar and visit the official Discord link or directly search it on Google. Discord will direct you to the login page.

Step 3 –

Next, put your account details in the respective dialog boxes and hit the Login button. This will get you to the account page of your Discord app.

Step 4 –

Select the Server from the list of various servers that you are a part of. The list is present on the left of the screen.

Step 5 – 

Right-click on the server icon and go to the Server Settings, and then click on Members.

Step 6 – 

Also, the new owner should be a part of the Server itself. Locate his name and click on the 3-dots icon.

Step 7 – 

Finally, select to Transfer Ownership to the new user. Moreover, confirm your settings, and you are complete with the job.

How to Take Over a Discord Server from Mobile App?

Discord allows its users to chat with their friends through the conventional mobile app. It is available both on Android and iOS operating devices. Therefore, it is quite easy for you to use the Server.

take over discord server
take over discord server

Many people tend to complete this procedure from their mobile devices. Thus, make sure to follow these steps,

Step 1-

It is obvious to download and install the Discord app on your mobile phone. You can either look for it online or go to the respective app stores.

Step 2- 

Make sure to log into your account using the correct credentials.

Step 3 –

Tap the application and click on the Server whose ownership you are looking to change. Once you are on the tab, tap on the (…) option.

Step 4 –

Next, tap the Settings option followed by the Members tab.

Step 5 –

Please search for the name of the new owner and tap to view more details about him. Finally, hit the Transfer Ownership button after confirming the details.



This is all about the methods on how to take over on Discord server and other details. Also, you should not share this confidential information with strangers for security reasons. We hope that our guide will resolve all the issues related to this topic.

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