Gaming is something that keeps people going and keeps them away from boredom. One of the most amazing and loved games is Minecraft. This game entered the market in 2011, and since then, it has been one of the gamers’ favorites. This wonderful game revolves around how one can build and survive in the game. There is no restriction over whether you can play as a single or multi-player – both options are available. But the reason you’re here is the narrator and how to turn off Narrator in Minecraft.

Overall, the game has amazing graphics and runs on almost every computer that has decent graphic capabilities unlike some other games, and that is the reason why people love this game. Plus, this game is free, and you can even play it via the official website without the need to download the app. The game can go on forever, and there is no end to the game.

how to turn off narrator in minecraft

There are a lot of features Minecraft has developed over the years. One of these features is the narrator feature. Sometimes, the narrator feature becomes very irritating and disturbs when someone is playing an intense game.

If you want to know how to turn off narrator in Minecraft, you are at the right place. Make it mandatory to read the article completely before you proceed to perform the steps.

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The Minecraft Narrator Feature

The Minecraft game has an inbuilt narrator feature, so some people feel it is impossible to stop the irritating background sound. The reason to include this feature was to help the visually impaired users to enjoy the game too. However, here are some easy tricks that you can try out to disable the narration instantly.

Turn Off Narrator Permanently

There were reasons for the company to introduce this feature. They would not have done it just for the sake of it. So, if you are sure that you will not need this feature ever again, you can try to perform the steps to turn the narration off. If you feel uncomfortable with the narration off, you have to follow the same steps prescribed to turn off the voice-over. First, you will have to derive which of the platforms you are using to play the game. The game can be played via Xbox and a PC. Both have different ways of how to turn off narrator in Minecraft feature.

Performing Minecraft How To Turn Off Narrator Using Xbox

If you own an Xbox and use it to play Minecraft, here is a simple trick. Using the Xbox button on the controller, you will have to head to the power menu as the first step. There will be an option to go to System, where you will have to go to the Settings of the Xbox. You will see an option that says ‘Ease Of Access.’ Here, you will find the Narration option present on the bottom left of the screen.

ease of access xbox
Ease of Access Xbox

If the box next to the Narration Button is checked, you will have to uncheck it. After you head back to the game, you should see if the voice-over has stopped. If it does not stop, you can try to restart your device and see if the background storytelling has stopped. This is the easy way of how to turn off narrator in Minecraft using the Xbox you have.

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Narrator Turn Off In Minecraft With The Help Of PC/Laptop At Home

A way to get rid of the voice-over could be by making use of a PC or laptop. The first thing to be checked is whether or not the Windows voice-over is being used. You can easily check this by using the CTRL + B on the keyboard. Turn this off if you see it on. Yes, this is all you need to do if you want to know how to Minecraft turn off narrator using the PC.

how to turn off narrator in minecraft
How to Turn off Narrator in Minecraft

If none of the methods resolve your issue of turning off narrator Minecraft, then there is something wrong with your device. This problem may not occur when you use the PC but can occur when you use the Xbox. Here, you might have to take the device to the service center to get a service. After it comes back, only then can you perform the steps again to finally get the answer to how to turn off narrator Minecraft.

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You now know how to turn off narrator in Minecraft instantly without any complications. The tricks here do not require any expertise and can be performed easily if you stick to the steps. You are not required to be an expert at using Minecraft. Even if you use it sometimes, you can easily perform the methods here. Now focus on the device that you are using. You will have to understand the device you are making use of. Like you must have already read, the methods are different for each device.

To do the turn off narrator Minecraft feature, the easiest way is to do it by PC. It is quicker and does not require expertise. If you are doing it on the Xbox, you must understand how Xbox functions and which menu has what. If you decide to turn the voice-over again, then you must follow the same steps again.

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