Like other social media networks, the Tumblr App is a well-known platform. Users can share creations on Tumblr, including memes, gifs, artwork, etc. There is much NSFW content on Tumblr—usually sensitive material—but it was free to circulate alongside the regular entries. But sometimes people often want to disable Tumblr mode. So, how to turn off Tumblr Safe Mode? 

 Turn Tumblr safe mode off on phones:
  1. Launch the Tumblr application.
  2. Click on the Account placeholder icon.
  3. Click on the Gear icon at the top right of the screen.
  4. Go to General Settings and then choose Filtering from the options there.
  5. To disable Safe Mode, simply tap the switch button.

The answer is Yes. Turning off Tumblr mode can be accessible. There are various methods according to the situation or the device you are using. It is different for Android, PC, and IOS. How to turn off Tumblr Safe Mode is covered in this article. Keep your eyes just on it for further information. You will get to know how to turn off Tumblr safe Mode here. 

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Before Turning Off Tumblr Safe Mode, Understand 

By default, Safe Mode will be available to every Tumblr user. If you don’t want the function, you must manually disable it. By your Tumblr account’s terms, disabling Safe Mode for users under the legal drinking age is impossible.

You must remember to turn off Tumblr Safe Mode on your devices because settings do not synchronize between your devices, and it does not extend to other devices if you turn them off in one. 

  • If you disable Tumblr Safe Mode on your computer, your Android phone will only be affected once you disable it. Logging in on the device, settings from that account are not applied when signing out of Tumblr. disable tumblr
  • Therefore, you lose that setting once you check out after signing in and turn off Safe Mode until you sign in again. It’s easy to register for a Tumblr account, and there’s no need to fill out too many sections if you already have other accounts you can use to register. You may quickly establish a Tumblr account using your Facebook or Google login credentials.

Here, we outline three distinct techniques for turning off Tumblr Safe Mode. Safe Mode is on Tumblr; each procedure varies depending on the type of gadget utilized. Taking Tumblr as an example, here’s how to disable it on iOS, Android, and PC.

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How Do I Disable the Android Tumblr Safe Mode?

You may instantly turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr from within the Tumblr app if you have an Android smartphone. Following the instructions below, Tumblr’s Safe Mode can be immediately disabled. Follow these steps to find out how to do it:

  1. Install the Tumblr app tumblr google play store if you don’t already have it by going to the Play Store. 
  2. Open the Tumblr app, tumblr then tap the symbol for accounts.
  3. Next, tap the “gear symbol”  gear option to access Settings.
  4. Now select Filtering from the General Settings menu.  tumblr filteringClick the Filtering option.
  5. Last, toggle the switch next to Safe Mode to exit it.tumblr filtering safe mode

Your Android smartphone no longer has Safe Mode enabled. All of Tumblr’s content, including NSFW, is now readily accessible.

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On a computer, Disable Tumblr Safe Mode.

To disable Safe Mode on Tumblr, you want to utilize your computer and must sign in using your account. Follow these steps to find out how to accomplish it:

  1. Launch a browser for efficient browsing, chrome googlesuch as Chrome or another.
  2. Visit the official Tumblr website. tumblr homepageOn the homepage, click the Login button.
  3. Account Logintumblr account login
  4. After providing the login details for your Tumblr account, click Next.
  5. Choose “Use password” or “Send me a magic link” to log in. The latter option will send a link to your email account.
  6. You’ve logged in to your account successfully. You’ll be taken to your dashboard by Tumblr, where you may search and explore.
  7. By clicking on your Tumblr “Account” image, which you can find on the right side of the header,  tumblr preferences settingsyou may access Tumblr Settings and then user preferences.

User preferences

  1. Look for the Safe Mode switch, which is by default on, in the Filtering section of Settings.settings
  2. After going to the settings,tumblr site safe mode disable the safe mode.
  3. That is still apparent even after the Safe Mode limitations. Exiting Safe Mode and getting your daily dose of NSFW was relatively easy.

So, the above steps teach you how to turn off Tumblr Safe mode on your PC. 

On Tumblr For the iPhone, How Do I Turn
Off safe Mode?

If you don’t have it on your device, then follow these steps 

  1.  First, download the Tumblr app from the AppStore.
  2. Next, launch the Settings App.tumblr in the app list
  3. When finished, tap Tumblr by moving down.
  4. You can now tap the Safe Mode option found under Tumblr Settings.tumblr safe mode iphone
  5. Choose the Don’t Hide Anything option after that.dont hide anything
  6. It will disable the iOS device’s Safe Mode.

These directions show you how to turn off Tumblr Safe mode on IOS.

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Tumblr Safe Mode Bypass Without An Account

You want to go to a Tumblr blog, but NSFW. Turning off the Tumblr Safe Mode is impossible since you don’t have a Tumblr account. Some websites might be helpful. The following websites allow you to disable Tumblr safe mode without an account. bypass tumblr

Tumblr without the restrictions that Tumblr places on content. For this reason, you won’t need a Tumblr or website account. Visit the website, check out the blog, and enjoy yourself.


The website Tumblex is fantastic. Users have the option to browse the contents of this website personally.tumblex This website presents images in a much more unique layout. You can enjoy Tumblr blogs while navigating the site. You can decide on the degree of quality you want. Users can sign into their Google and Facebook accounts using this unique feature.


GramUnion is yet another excellent Tumblr blog access website. In the search box, enter the blog’s name.gramunion

Additionally, you can use hashtags to find particular posts and media formats to filter the outcomes.


“TumblViewr” is an excellent website for unfettered access to Tumblr blogs. In the search box, type the blog name, then browse through them to see what you find.tumblr

Users can write “tumblelogs,” or brief blog articles, on Tumblr, a social media and blogging platform. The site’s flexibility and users’ capacity for extensive page customization makes Tumblr stand out from similar platforms.


There are no restrictions on Tumblr blogs on Cascadr, a good website. It has a straightforward, condensed user interface that enables quick surfing.cascadr Enter the name of any blog and a collection of photos and GIFs with accompanying thumbnail displays. Search results to see if you can locate what you’re searching for. Click the thumbnail to view the entire picture.

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Why am I unable to view sensitive material on Tumblr?

Clicking show me the settings will take your mobile browser to the Tumblr website rather than an in-app menu, where you can view sensitive content. Restart the iOS App after you make changes to the settings for them to take effect.

In the settings, where is Safe Mode?

Press the volume up as well as the power buttons at the same time while the device is on. When the pop-up menu says Reboot to safe Mode, touch and hold Power off until it does. Restart in Safe Mode by tapping OK.

Where on the phone can you find safe Mode?

1. Press the power key when the device is turned on. 2. To display the pop-up menu, press the Power key. 3. Until the message Reboot to safe Mode appears, touch and hold Power off. 4. To restart in Safe Mode, press OK.

How do you exit Tumblr's Safe Mode?

If you're using an Android device or the web: Turn on Safe Mode in your account settings by going there. In the case of iOS, the Safe Mode options are located at the bottom of the Tumblr menu on your phone's Settings app. (If you're under 18: Until you're older, you can't turn off Safe Mode.


There are millions of ways to disable Tumblr safe mode—various methods for turning off Tumblr safe Mode, depending on your device. You now better understand how to turn off Safe Mode. It’s time to rekindle this social networking excitement. Despite Safe Mode, Tumblr wants to protect its users from seeing sensitive material

Choose a strategy to exit Safe Mode, then take pleasure in Tumblr. 

You may get around Safe Mode using the ways outlined above if you’re intrigued and want to view some classic edgy and other kinds of content on the social media platform.

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