How To Turn On Samsung TV Without Remote | Easy Guide

Television has become the source of survival post the pandemic. The only key to get away from boredom has been the television. It has been the only line that connects people to the outer world during this lockdown. In this article, we will tell you how to turn on Samsung tv without a remote.  

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samsung tv mobile remote
Samsung TV mobile remote

Going back to history, the television as an object has undergone a lot of changes. For instance, initially, some televisions were black and white. As time passed, it moved on to the color segment. After that, the TV was then made thinner and more like a replica of a smartphone. To know how to do mxq pro 4k reset, click here!

One of the oldest companies that have been in the television industry is Samsung. Samsung manufactures numerous items, one of which is the television. The televisions have developed so that you can even access your television options without you having to reach out to the remote. Is this not cool enough already? 

In this article, you will comprehend the techniques that will help you turn on Samsung TV without remote. The most important thing for you to do is to read the article thoroughly. With that done, your doubts will clear instantly. 

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How To Turn On Samsung TV Without Remote

There are many instances where you might have to perform this technique. Sometimes, you must have forgotten to get batteries for your remote. In some instances, you might not be able to locate the remote. Rather than rushing to the store for a new one, you can still turn on the Samsung TV with no buttons.

samsung tv
Samsung TV

Here are a few methodologies prescribed to you. There is no need to follow the methods in order. Comprehend all of them, then proceed to the best method to resolve how to turn on Samsung TV without remote.

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Using The Power Button to turn on Samsung TV Without Remote

The new generation Smart TVs are extremely sleek, and it becomes difficult to look for the Samsung TV buttons location. It is majorly because of the position difference from model to model. However, the first trick is to look for a red light near the outer frame of the television. Around the source of light, you will get the button. 

If you are a little paranoid about finding the Samsung tv button location, here are some locations that might possess the button.

power button
Power button

The back of the TV might be the first option to look for. It is the most commonplace of the button to be present. Sometimes, it can be in the middle of the television frame. Here, there may be five buttons that might confuse you all the more. You need to press the middle one or the one with the power symbol engraved. Finally, you can also get the button on the front panel on the side of the television. 

power button position
Power Button Position

All that is required to do is that the pressing of a button.

So, this is how to turn on Samsung TV without remote in an instant!

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Using Your Mobile Phone Or Tablet to turn on Samsung TV Without Remote

Lastly, if you own one of the manufactured models between 2016-2020, you can benefit from the Samsung SmartThings application. It will allow you to access when you have Samsung TV no buttons option. 

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samsung smartthings app
Samsung SmartThings App

In case you have a model that launched between 2011-2017, the Smart View app might be of some assistance for you. You can switch on and off the TV from the tip of your fingers (literally!). If you have the application on your mobile or tablet, your TV can be controlled by that. Is that not cool enough already?

smartview app
Smartview App

It is another easy way how to turn on Samsung TV without remote. With this technique, you can do more than just turning it on. Skimming through apps, or you can even choose to watch any channel. Your mobile phone must already be connected to your television for this to work.

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How to turn on Samsung TV without remote is something that you can perform without any hassles. Make it mandatory for yourself to follow the steps in the order mention here. The best part about the techniques that are mention here is that no technical expertise is required. Even if you fall under the category of being a common man, you do not need to worry about anything.  

Spending time to read the article is extremely necessary. It will help you to minimalize the chance of you committing any errors. Of course, when you know everything you need to, there is nothing you worry about. 

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Avoid skipping any of the steps prescribe here. Even when you see Samsung TV buttons not existing, you can still access most of the options. 

It is not wise to panic and run to the store when you cannot fetch the remote of the television. Hold your horses and look for it for some time. In case you are unable to find it, you can proceed with the techniques.

The best part about the methods that depict how to turn on Samsung TV without remote is that you do not have to go in the same order. Choose any method that suits your needs. Additionally, we can use the same techniques to resolve how to turn off Samsung TV without remote.

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