Sometimes, people used to share information using boring emails that included only the text format. We also have another service besides social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Undoubtedly, Pinterest is a leading platform for sharing knowledge and providing helpful information.

What if you accidentally hide a pin and want to bring it back? Don’t worry. There’s a simple method to undo the action and unhide the pin. By clicking the “Undo” button, you can easily restore a hidden pin and have it reappear in your feed.

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Pinterest is a popular platform for sharing knowledge and discovering ideas through pins. However, users may encounter situations where they must hide certain pins on their Pinterest feed. This guide will walk you through the steps to easily hide/unhide pins on Pinterest, ensuring you have full control over your pinning experience.

What’s the Need to Hide Pins?

Firstly, we will understand the concept of pins and why it is necessary to hide them. As mentioned earlier, Pins act as a source of information on a user’s home screen. They must be hidden so that you watch the content of your preference.

hide pin option in pinterest

The process of hiding the pins is also applicable to the advertising pins. They are promotions or paid pins that mainly focus on providing a suitable pin per the user’s behavior and choice. If a user tends to hide a pin, the website will avoid showing you similar kinds of pins.

Thus, several Pinterest users are concerned about the variations in their selected pins. However, you must also know how to unhide pins on Pinterest; you never know when you will require that.

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How to Hide Pins?

Before we move toward how to unhide pins on Pinterest, let’s discuss the steps to hide them. The mobile application of Pinterest is widely used as it is far more convenient than the website.

You can hide the pin by long-pressing it and sliding it to the X symbol. Many users also find it difficult to hide the pins because the hiding icon is beside the save option. Thus there are chances that you might end up hiding a pin accidentally. It develops the need to unhide them as you don’t want to skip important information.hide pin in phone app

Moreover, users face another problem while using the Pinterest mobile app. For instance, you casually scroll your home feed and look at a post for a few minutes. The next image gets automatically hidden, disallowing you to share the images with your friends.

Thus, the whole group of pins is hidden from your home feed without even viewing once. But unfortunately, you can’t unhide the pin after moving once. The only pins that can be hidden are the Pins placed on the home screen. In case of any specific search, you can’t proceed with hiding or unhiding a pin.

Hiding Pin on Desktop

Firstly, desktop Pinterest is quite different from the mobile version of it. The users can only hide promotional pins for their reference. As already discussed, promoted pins are similar to paid advertisements on Pinterest.

If you want to hide a regular pin, you must dislike the category manually. However, both options do a similar job of hiding the pins from your home screen. The detailed steps for the same are mentioned below:

  1. First, log in to your Pinterest account on a desktop browser.login page of pinterest
  2.  Click the Pinterest icon on the top-left edge of the page.pinterest icon on site
  3.  Next, click on the icon with three tiny dots near the bottom of the image included in the pin. Also, select the “Hide Pin” option from the various tabs available.hiding pin option in pinterest Finally, the server will ask you the reason for this selection. It is not compulsory to give the cause, and you can skip this part.

Hiding Pin on Mobile App

On the other hand, the mobile app has a direct feature of hiding an unwanted pin. The users can easily open their mobile and follow the given steps:

1) Start the Pinterest mobile application.

pinterest on phone

2) Go to your home page and click the pin you want to hide.

hide pin in pinterest app

 Select the “hide” option, which will be enough to hide it from your feed.

How to Unhide Pins on Pinterest

This is where our discussion began on how to unhide a hidden pin on Pinterest. The process of unhiding a pin is comparatively easier than hiding it. Let’s view the process of the same on various platforms.

However, there is not much difference in the desktop or mobile app for unhiding the pins. Thus, we are covering both platforms in a single go.

Steps to Unhide Pinterest Pin

If you have recently hidden a pin on your Pinterest account by mistake, go through the given steps:

  1.  The hidden pin will turn grey to distinguish it from the general pins.unhide pin
  2. You can use the “Undo” button to unhide the pins appearing on the overlay section. Therefore, click it to get your hidden pin back.

How to Find Hidden Pins on Pinterest?

Make sure to unhide the pins when you hit the hide button. If the pin vanishes, you won’t be able to retrieve it.

pinterest on smartphone

There is no feature for saving the hidden pins in a list for future reference.


How do you find hidden pins on Pinterest?

You can go to the pin option and select the Unhide option, and the pins will appear.

What happens when you hide a pin on Pinterest?

If you hide the pins on Pinterest, only you and the people you have invited can view the pins.

How many Pins can you make on Pinterest?

There are several kinds of pins available on Pinterest, including the secret board, so the maximum number of pins you can have is 2,00,000.

How long do pins last on Pinterest?

Pins on Pinterest do not have an expiry date. They last forever till your account is active.


More than 400 million Pinterest accounts are active on the platform (as of 2021). Thus, knowing how to unhide pins on Pinterest, whether hidden accidentally or deliberately, is essential.

We hope this guide answers your query about how to unhide pins on Pinterest, as it covers everything.

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