If you do not wish to view anyone’s posts, you can mute them on Instagram. In Personal Messages, you may mute a story, profile, or discussion. This article will show you how to unmute someone on IG. While Instagram is known for altering how you view photos and videos, mute adds something new. It varies from hiding, restricting, blocking, and so on.

mute someone on ig

As mentioned earlier, we can mute someone’s story, and post. Thus, this article will address questions like how to unmute posts on Instagram, how to unmute a story on IG, etc., along with details about unmuting an account. But first, let’s look at what follows when you unmute someone so you can make the best option. 

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Changes After Muting And Unmuting

You may mute one’s stories and posts. If you mute someone’s stories, they go to the extreme right of the storyline and stop showing at the front of the screen.

If you unmute one’s story, it will display appropriately in the story column with the colored circle whenever the individual posts a new story. When you view stories, the unmuted stories will also automatically run, which was disabled when you muted a story.


Likewise, they will not display on your homepage until you unmute the people whose posts you mute. When you unmute a user, their posts will appear in your timeline when they make a new one.

Notifications are not sent to the individual who has been muted or unmuted. Now you know what takes place when you unmute someone. Let us understand how to unmute someone on Ig.

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Muting An Account On Instagram

  1. Navigate to the personal profile of the person you wish to mute.
  2. Hit the three dots in the application’s upper-right corner.mute accounts
  3. Select the Mute option.
  4. You can mute Posts, Stories, or Both.

How To Unmute Someone’s Story On Instagram

  1. You may also mute Instagram Stories from your Story row.
  2. Hold down the profile image of the user whose story you wish to mute.mute story
  3. Choose Mute.

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Unmuting From The Home Page Feed

If you mute someone’s story, their profile symbol is displayed at the extreme right of the story row. To see and unmute the muted profiles, scroll to the last profiles of the story list.unmuting Hold your finger on the profile you wish to unmute. The menu will display the unmute option. 

How Do You Unmute Someone On Ig Using Its Instagram Profile

Instead of going through each profile individually, Instagram has a specific option for seeing all muted profiles. Then you may unmute any profile. This approach is helpful if you mistakenly mute anyone or want to unmute everyone you’ve muted.

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile and click the three-bar symbol. Choose Settings.settings
  2. Tap on Privacy and Security, then Muted accounts.muted accounts
  3. All muted accounts are shown here, whether you’ve muted stories, posts, or perhaps both. Unmute the account by clicking on it.
  4. It redirects to that user’s profile page; as in the last technique, press on Following and then Mute. Depending on your needs, disable the option for Stories or Posts.

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Unmuting From Direct Messages

If you mute a chat, you won’t be alerted if that user sends you a new message. You may view and respond to messages in your account by opening it.

mute messagesLikewise, you may mute video conversations independently.

Way Of Conduct On Instagram

After knowing how to unmute someone on ig, let’s see some ways of conduct on Instagram.

Quality Content

Don’t take your viewer’s love casually by offering poor content. Every story or post is an opportunity to amaze, provide crucial information, or strengthen a bond.

quality content

It’s also obvious that every post could tilt the odds in favor of anyone tapping the Instagram mute button.

Prioritizing The Audience’s Needs

Posts and Stories that do not reflect your viewer’s opinions and interests or do not support the grounds they follow you end up upsetting them and forcing them to mute. 

best time to post

Another advantage of truly knowing your target audience is that it will assist in finding your material from people who are similar to them. Engaging material relevant to your potential users’ tastes is more likely to appear on the Explore page.

Understanding Post Frequency

If you’re uploading countless stories or posts daily, it’s a guarantee that you’re not providing outstanding material. Good content needs thought and planning. 


However, don’t go overboard in the extreme opposite and publish seldomly; you gamble on being abandoned. Having a social media posting schedule will assist you in planning your posts so you’ll have the resources to develop and arrange outstanding material properly.

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Using Relevant Hashtags

Instead of stacking hashtags, utilize them carefully. Generate unique hashtags frequently to raise visibility, and mix them with trendy hashtags relevant to your identity.


It ensures that your hashtags are reaching the correct individuals and that you are developing genuine connections with them.

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Using Captions To Your Advantage

The greatest Instagram captions are simple and to the point. Although you can have nearly 2,000 characters, the most effective captions are considerably smaller, about 150 characters.


The idea of quality rather than quantity also extends to your posting frequency. Ensure to reread and check your caption for errors before posting. A mistake detracts the audience from the effect of your caption.

Interaction With Your Audience

Instagram has many options for interacting with your Audience, so experiment and discover which one works best for you. In your captions, pose questions and respond to the comments.


Send out a Livestream in which you address inquiries regarding your company or services. Make use of engaging elements such as Story surveys. Comment on posts in which your name is mentioned.

Communicating with your viewers in any way will profit from better relationships, more loyalty, and increased engagement.

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Adding Value

Offering bonuses and prizes for those who pay attention is one technique to hold your Audience’s interest. By providing value to your Social media followers, you reward their attentiveness and give them numerous reasons not to press mute.


Now you know how to unmute someone on IG. However, it is necessary to know the norms and way of conduct on Instagram to avoid yourself from mute by someone. This wraps up the main purpose of the blog.


Is the procedure of unmuting on Instagram similar on Android and iOS?

Regardless of the platform, the process for unmuting an Instagram User's posts and stories remains the same. Ensure the Instagram app is upgraded to the latest Google Play/App Store version.

Is there a way to detect if others have muted me?

There isn't any way of knowing whether another person has muted you. People can view your post even if they have muted you. Through Instagram Messenger, you may initiate a discussion with the user who has muted you.

Where can I view the record of my Instagram login activity?

Instagram login activity history is accessible via the Login Activity button under the Login Security page in Instagram settings. You can view all current and past logged-in devices here. Moreover, you can log out of any other unapproved devices.

What should you do if my Instagram account has been hacked?

If your Instagram account has been compromised, you should try logging in using your mobile phone number or security protection credentials. Even if it doesn't succeed, you must notify Instagram support with profile information.

How to See Instagram Stories after they are removed?

You may use the Stories Extractor to watch Storie. The cloud will store stories for a certain period, during which you can watch and save stories that are not visible in the application. If you skipped a person's Instagram Story, you might still view it even if it vanishes from the platform.

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Instagram is an excellent social media platform and has gained popularity and importance lately. Hence, it becomes crucial to know about all the features it provides to make the best use of it. With this article, we hope you have found all your answers regarding how to unmute someone on IG. Also, you now know what things to avoid to refrain mute by others.

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