Do you want to ensure that Kodi is loaded with the most recent version on your device? Although obstacles may be involved, updating to the most current version can help introduce new features and solve faults. You can upgrade Kodi in a matter of minutes by following the steps outlined in this easy-to-follow guide on how to Update Kodi.

With a few clicks, Kodi for Fire TV may be easily updated. Open Kodi and navigate to Settings, System, Addons, then Check for Updates. The available upgrades will be displayed; select one to download and set up. Continue until everyone is up to date. Kodi may be restarted to complete the procedure seamlessly. 

To get the most out of Kodi, it is crucial to update it frequently. Updates bring useful new tools, strengthen security, and address issues. Older Kodi has the potential to be unstable and expose you. The update takes a few seconds, so follow the easy instructions and start! However, if Kodi keeps crashing, troubleshooting common issues like incompatible addons or clearing cache might help ensure a smoother performance even after updating. In this article, we will read everything on how to update Kodi.

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Why is there a need to update Kodi?

For many years, Kodi has been a well-liked media streaming app. It is a free service that enables a personalized streaming experience. How often updates are needed is a constant problem, though. and if you see that it is still problematic even after updating Kodi then it’s the time to change the box and kodi has some best kodi boxes under 100.

There are constant notifications stating that there is a new Kodi version available. Furthermore, as of late, updates are needed every other week. It takes longer to update addons and builds than viewing content.

What makes Kodi updates crucial, then? Important security fixes that safeguard data and devices are available in recent versions. Older versions are more susceptible to hacking and viruses.


Compatibility with the newest player skins, apps, and streaming addons is guaranteed by updates. Occasionally, third-party developers need to provide compatibility for older versions.

Making time for frequent updates is essential if you want the Kodi experience to remain quick, error-free, and feature-rich. Even though it’s inconvenient to set out 30 minutes every other week, doing so now will save you a lot of trouble later.

Older Kodi eventually stops functioning properly; updating it ensures uninterrupted streaming. Frequent upgrading is worthwhile for consistent, high-quality streaming. Keep the parental controls off.

Methods to update Kodi

Kodi makes it simple to stay up to date. You can ensure your version is current with a quick tap or click. An outdated Kodi can cause issues or miss out on new features. Keeping it refreshed is simple. Let us look at how:

Method 1: Use FireStick

Updating software is important to keep apps running smoothly and take advantage of new features.

The FireStick is a handy little streaming device, but Kodi updates only sometimes happen automatically as they do on other platforms. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Kodi app on your FireStick home screen. Use your remote’s arrow buttons to highlight Kodi and press the center button to launch kodi on firestick tv
  2. Select “Settings” in the menu sidebar. Use the left/right arrows inside Kodi to navigate between the different settings categories at the top. Highlight “System” and press enter.kodi settings gear icon
  3. Choose “Addons.” This is where any available updates will be listed. Use the down arrow to select “Addon updates” at the bottom of the screen.kodi update
  4. Select the orange “Check for updates” button. This triggers Kodi to search online repositories for the latest versions of any installed addons. It may take a brief minute to scan everything.check kodi updates
  5. You’ll see an update on the screen with its new version number if it is available. Highlight the addon and press enter to begin downloading and installing the update.kodi update message
  6. You’ll see a success message once the download and installation are complete. Use the back button to return to the main Addons menu.kodi update installed
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to check for any other updates. Restart Kodi after updating the final addon by highlighting the app on your home screen and selecting “Quit.” Then, launch it again to apply the changes.exit kodi

That’s all on how to upgrade Kodi using FireStick; the latest version of your FireStick Kodi installation should now be available. 

Method 2: Use Windows

Here are the steps to update Kodi on Windows. If you’re new to Kodi and are considering installing Kodi on Windows, follow these simple instructions for a seamless experience.

  1. Launch the Kodi software on your Windows PC. The Kodi shortcut icon is often on your desktop or Start Menu.
  2. From the Kodi window, select “System” from the main menu bar at the top.kodi settings gear icon
  3. Click the “Addons” button in the System area. You can get the latest updates here. Select “Updates” after descending to find it.kodi update
  4. Click the “Check for Updates” button. At this point, Kodi will look via internet repositories for any updates.kodi system information
  5. An update will appear on the screen and be listed when available. Choose the addon that needs updating. Select the “Update” option to obtain and set up the latest version. check kodi updates
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for any other addons needing updates until none are left. For changes to take full effect, close the Kodi program and reopen it.exit kodi

You’re all done – Kodi should now be updated on your Windows computer! Let me know if any part of the process needs to be clarified. Keeping apps updated helps ensure the best experience.

Method 3: Use macOS

Updating Kodi is as simple as downloading and installing the latest version of the Kodi application available. Here are the simple steps on how to update to Kodi on macOS, step-by-step instructions for updating Kodi on macOS:

  1. Go to This will ensure you download the most recent Kodi version available for macOS.type kodi macos url
  2. Click on the teal installer button to install the latest version of kodi using url
  3. Open your downloads folder and double-click on the downloaded file.downloaded kodi app
  4. Drag the application to your applications folder. The latest version of Kodi has now been installed on your Mac!drag kodi app into the applications folder
  5. You can open Kodi from your applications folder by clicking the Kodi icon.kodi application in mac
  6. Depending on the security configurations of your Mac, a pop-up message might ask for your permission to open up the Kodi application. Click yes to continue.verification pop up

It’s as simple as you do it on how to download Kodi! Please let me know if any steps need more clarification. Keeping programs updated contributes to the optimal macOS experience.

Method 4: Use Android

Here are steps to update Kodi when using an Android device:

  1. Start by turning on your Android devicekodi on android device
  2. Check the version of Kodi by going to the apps section in settings. apps section in settings
  3. Click “Kodi” to check the version.kodi version on android device
  4. Now go to the “Google Play store” to update Kodi if it is not running the latest playstore on smart tv
  5. On the search bar, type “Kodi” and open Kodi.kodi on google play store
  6. Click on the update button, and your Kodi application will be automatically updated!click on the update button

That wraps it up! Keeping Kodi updated on Android helps ensure the best user experience.

Method 5: Use Linux

It is not common knowledge that Kodi is a Linux application, and you can download the updated version of the kodi application on your Linux device without any problem!

So, here are the steps on how to update Kodi on Linux. I use the Fedora OS, but these steps should work fine with any other Linux OS.

  1. Open a terminal and type the following command: “sudo dnf install kodi -y” and enter your password.type command in linux terminal
  2. After grabbing the most recent and updated package from the internet and its dependencies, your Linux OS will install Kodi.kodi package installation on linux
  3. You can get more information about the updated Kodi packages by visiting and looking up for kodi package
  4. After installing, go to your app menu and type for kodi on linux device
  5. This will open up your updated Kodi application.selection of kodi addons And that’s it! Now you have the most recent version of Kodi on your Linux device! It won’t delete any of your previous data or addons!

Let me know if any part needs more explanation. Keeping Kodi updated helps ensure a smooth experience on your Linux system.

Method 6: Use Xbox One

Here are simple steps to update Kodi when using an Xbox One console:

  1. From your Xbox home screen, navigate to the My Games & Apps section.
  2. Select the Kodi app to open it.
  3. Press your controller’s “Menu” button to bring up additional options.
  4. Choose “System” from the menu dropdown.kodi settings gear icon
  5. Select “Addons” from the system page options.kodi update
  6. Pick “Check for updates” to scan online databases.check kodi updates
  7. You’ll see an update on the screen with its new version number if it is available. Highlight the addon and press enter to begin downloading and installing the update.kodi update message
  8. Repeat steps 3-6 to check for any other updates. Restart Kodi after updating the final addon by highlighting the app on your home screen and selecting “Quit.” Then, launch it again to apply the changes.exit kodi

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download and installation. Once all addons are updated, reset the Kodi app. You’re done! 

Method 7: Use LibreELEC

Here are simple steps to update Kodi when using LibreELEC on compatible devices:

  1. Select “System” from the main menu bar at the top of the Kodi window.kodi settings gear icon
  2. Select “LibreELECselect libreelec
  3. Scroll down to “Updatesautomatic updates in libreelec
  4. Click on Automatic Updates and select “manual”.select manual
  5. Now go to “Update Channel.go to update channel
  6. Select LibreELEC 9.0 from the libreELEC 9.0
  7. Next, go to “Available Versions” and select the latest version latest version available for libreELEC
  8. Click “Yes” on the confirmation message to update your Kodi!click yes for libreelec kodi update And that’s it! Now you have updated Kodi for LibreELEC.

Once finished, select the “Restart Kodi” button if shown. LibreELEC should launch the freshly updated Kodi upon restart. Keeping Kodi updated helps ensure the best experience. So this is how to update Kodi using LibreELEC.

Tips to update Kodi

Let us look at some of the best tips to update Kodi.

kodi background

Plugins and Addons

  • Updates are necessary for some of your most popular plugins and addons whenever a new Kodi version is released.
  • Verify each one to check whether a new version is available; using out-of-date addons may lead to problems. It’s usually a good idea to update everything simultaneously.

Check for any conflicts or issues in the latest update

  • Before applying updates, check to see if any problems have been reported.
  • Since Kodi is open-source, the community typically swiftly says significant disagreements.

Back up data regularly

  • As updating your System is never risk-free, make backing up your data a routine. This includes any custom skins or configuration files and your library database.
  • As insurance, we do it once a month on an external hard drive. In this manner, if something goes wrong, we can rapidly restore my backup and resume operations.

These pointers will ensure a seamless Kodi updating experience. While getting the new features is always wonderful, keeping an eye on addons and potential problems in advance might save hassles later.

Have fun with your streaming with this guide on how to update Kodi.

Now that you have updated Kodi to its latest version, you must install 1Channel Primeware add-on on kodi for some amazing content.


Does Kodi update remove any of my data?

Nothing will be lost when you update Kodi, including settings, store addons, accounts, and library material. While the Kodi application files are refreshed throughout the upgrade process, all your data is kept secure.

How frequently must I update Kodi?

Checking for Kodi updates at least once a month is advisable. Usually, major upgrades are made every two to three months. While studying for updates is not needed more often, at least once a month guarantees you receive critical security updates and patches on time.

Which Kodi version is the most new?

The most recent version of Kodi is 19.4, which was when this article was written. This is Kodi's primary release line. Keeping your setup updated with the most recent version is always a good idea for stability.

Do third-party addons require updates as well?

It's possible that third-party addons need to be updated independently of Kodi. Make sure you enable updates by using the Kodi Addon installer. Updating addons guarantees access to fresh material and compatibility with the most recent Kodi version.


Updating your Kodi media software is easy and takes only a few minutes. Having the most recent version with security updates and new features is guaranteed when you follow the simple instructions. 

Periodically updating can prevent issues later on, taking a few minutes.

Your favorite films, TV series, songs, and more may be enjoyed for many more streaming journeys with an up-to-date Kodi, and further installing Netflix on Kodi can give you more watching movies and series to view.

We hope this article on how to update Kodi is useful. To remain updated, upgrade Kodi immediately.

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