Posting photos to the Xbox One is simpler than you might imagine while posting holiday photos or bragging about the latest game you’ve accomplished. Now your wait is over, and you don’t have to think twice before uploading photos for your family. You may easily know how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone by following the straightforward directions in this document. 

See here how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone in simple techniques; follow the instructions. Install the Google Drive application on the Xbox One and iPhone. Use identical Google credentials for logging into both gadgets—your Drive with photos you took with the smartphone. Save the images using the Xbox’s Google Storage program. Obtain the Xbox One Multimedia Player, please.

To learn more techniques for uploading, one must read underneath. One should also read this to get an idea about uploaded pics and related.

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How to Upload pics to Xbox One

Here are some steps that one should go through to upload pics to Xbox One in general cases. 

1: Open a OneDrive account and log in.

Establish a OneDrive if one lacks one by visiting and selecting Sign up Now complimentary. Then, register for a Microsoft account, enter an email address and a safe username, and click the next button. You can also select the Application phone number choice.

onedrive login


Enter the phone number beneath and click Next. The cellphone you’re using will receive a code. After entering the code, press the next icon.

If you’re using OneDrive, sign in immediately. After entering your account’s login credentials, select “Sign In.” Hit Next after selecting your Microsoft profile (Xbox).

2: Add pictures to OneDrive

From a desktop or laptop, or smartphone, users may post pictures on OneDrive. Access the OneDrive webpage and sign into the Microsoft account you use to download images from the machine. Select Upload after navigating to the location where the images should be added. Click Open after selecting each image one wishes to submit.

add pictures

As a substitute, you may utilize the OneDrive app on your computer to synchronize your photos to OneDrive. Use the OneDrive smartphone app for iPhone, iPad, or Windows Mobile phones instead if you’re using a smartphone or tablet.

Open the OneDrive software on your smartphone or tablet and select the icon at the highest point of the display. To finish the procedure, press Submit an attachment/image and choose what to upload.

3: Open OneDrive From Your Xbox

Launch the OneDrive storage software on the Xbox One. Use your login information to access your OneDrive subscription to view the pictures you recently shared. Pick the images now and place within separate files or keep them wherever you are.

4: Add Pictures to Xbox

Your OneDrive profile shall be used to post images to Xbox. You may publish or upload any images you desire from your OneDrive library to Xbox using OneDrive.

xbox onedrive

Now let’s see ways to download pictures on iPhone and Android smartphones. 

How to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone

See here how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone. For sharing photos to Xbox, click on the AppStore and grab media share on your device. Install the Xbox Multimedia Player. xbox one from i-phone

When the downloading procedure is complete, use the timeshare software on the iPhone to learn how to upload footage and pictures to the Xbox One. Allow your media share app permission to share pictures and movies; it’s an easy and quick way to upload pictures with your iPhone and Xbox One.

How to upload pictures to Xbox One from Android

For transferring your images from your smartphone or tablet to your Xbox One, all you need is an ordinary USB connection. Launch the Photos application first, then choose the images you desire to publish. Next, choose “Transfer Device Photos” from the Alerts option on the console. ” Choose “Allow” when requested on the Android phone or tablet.

xbox one from android

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How to save images on Xbox One

Click the Xbox icon on the remote to get to the directions. See the directions here for saving photos after uploading to Xbox One

  1. Look for the profile & settings choices, followed by selecting My Account.
  2. By choosing Personalize account > Alter gamer pic from the menu that appears, users may modify their user picture. settings xbox.
  3. A picture from the gallery on your cellphone should appear when you pick the chance to upload a personalized images xbox
  4. On the Save option, press.

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How to upload custom images to Xbox One

For uploading photos to Xbox One, follow these steps thoroughly. Attach a USB device containing the bitmap or PNG graphic you intend to utilize to submit a personalized picture. You may download a custom picture from there when a OneDrive is set up on the gaming device. 

  1. Microsoft user accounts over the threshold of 18 cannot use customized pictures.
  2. To access the instructions, hit the Xbox buttons on the remote.controller
  3. Click My Profile, followed by the profile you created and Identity & Network.
  4. Choose to Personalize account > Alter gamer pic from the menu.personalization
  5. Pick an image to utilize from your linked smartphone or OneDrive by selecting Download a unique photograph.
  6. Choose Files.

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Can I Upload Pictures from Google Drive to Xbox?

Yes. Given that GoogleDrive is a service that stores files in the cloud, you may utilize one among your Google accounts for transferring pictures to Xbox One. You must add all images using the Google Photos application to the drive profile to migrate the data from the cell phone to Xbox.

How Can I Use My Phone to Upload Personalised Pictures on Xbox One?

Tapping the Xbox icon will start the Xbox guide. Select Profile & Systems> Account> My Profile from the menu. Go to modify your gamer pic by clicking on Personalize profile, then choose your gamer pic from the list that appears. Alternatively, you could submit a personalized gamer pic by taking a picture.

Can videos be transferred from a phone to an Xbox One?

Video transfers from mobile devices to Xbox One are additionally possible. Additionally, a USB connection can be used to link the cellphone and Xbox One. The multimedia application on the Xbox One device needs to be launched. Recordings from your cell phone may be copied and transferred to your Xbox One from there.

Describe Xbox.

Microsoft created the game and amusement system known as Xbox. It enables users to obtain additional digital media, engage in various online games, and view television shows and movies.


The capabilities of Xbox One are numerous. Additionally, you can customize the console if you’re an experienced user. Therefore, it’s possible that you wished to upload photos to Xbox One. You can also now easily upload on iPhone since you know how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone.

We’ve produced this post describing various methods for uploading photos from your mobile device to your Xbox One to address the problems.

Now, uploading photos from iPhone to Xbox One is easy. Now it’s your turn to complete that by following the lessons. Additionally, we have addressed a few of the most typical inquiries regarding this subject. 

We trust that you will find this information beneficial. In that instance, you can let others know about this content. 

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