You can watch Sky TV at any time with the TV-on-the-go app Sky Go. It is gaining prominence since people prefer to use Sky Go on LG TV. The Sky Go app offers much on-demand entertainment and Sky TV programs and programming, including movies and TV shows. It is a service that requires a subscription and offers a range of alternatives. All packages include a 12-month commitment.

You can use Sky Go on LG TV using smartphones, AirPlay, Chromecast, or your web browser. The last option may, however, give a different resolution. However, we shall discuss all methods to use it on your LG TV. 

We shall now look at the following guide, which enlists the steps to launch Sky Go on your LG TV using various applications and suitable devices. You may also like to know how to watch Sky Go on Chromebook.

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Using Smartphones to cast Sky Go on LG TV.

We have described the following steps to use Sky Go using your smartphone.

  1. Download the app from the app store
  2. Sign up for the same Wi-Fi network as your LG Smart TV and smartphone. Open the downloaded app on your smartphone. And observe the setup instructions displayed on the screen. After sharing the screen, open the Sky Go app and start go streaming
  3. You can now watch Sky Go on LG TV.

Using Sky Go on LG Smart TV through AirPlay

Sky Go can also be launched on your TV using the option of AirPlay.

    1. Ensure your iOS smartphone and LG Smart TV are logged into the same internet and tv
    2. Install Sky Go on your device by going to the AppStore.install sky go
    3. Launch the Sky Go app and log in with the go login
    4. Then access the Control Center on your iOS device. From the drop-down menu, choose the AirPlay/Screen Mirroring icon.screen mirroring5. Use the Sky Go app on your iOS phone to get Sky Go on LG TV.

Watch Sky Go on a laptop from Smart TV.

This is a frequently asked query after ‘How to use Sky Go on LG TV .’ We have the following steps to fulfill this task.


  1. Watching Sky Go is fun to kill time on a laptop or computer. But for this, you’ll need an Extension cable or an adapter. Plug this HDMI cable into the computer to connect your device to go app on smartphone
  2. You can now view the screen on your PC. As a result, you can examine the display monitor. Accept the changes and allow the device to identify your computer. You’ll notice that the TV and computer are now connected. You may view this by opening Sky Go on your laptop, which will link to the web.

Using Chromecast

Another method to watch Sky Go is by using the Chromecast feature. Its steps are given below.

  1. After connecting it to your LG Smart TV, please choose the proper input service to configure your Chromecast dongle.chromecast dongle
  2. Then, download an app on your Computer or Android device. Sign in to Sky Go on your Windows computer or Android phone using your account credentials.doownload
  3. Make sure the Chromecast device is connected to the same network as your computer. Use your smartphone to perform any one of the following. Open the Sky Go app on your Android phone and tap the cast symbol. Select Connect from the menu in the Control Center by going there.cast from android
  4. You may now see the list of available devices. Select the dongle from the list on your Windows or Android desktop or mobile device. Your Android phone or Windows desktop screen will be reflected on your television.list of other divices
  5. Get the Sky Go app on your smartphone. You can now use Chromecast to watch Sky Go on LG TV.

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Use Sky Go from the computer on the Apple TV.

Apart from watching Sky Go on LG TV, you can also cast it on Apple TV with the help of your computer. Follow the given steps to achieve this. 

  1. Your Android phone’s or Windows computer’s screen will appear on your television in reflection.reflection
  2. Install the Sky Go mobile app. Now you can watch Sky Go on LG TV with Chromecast. Join using the same internet connection as both your computer and LG Smart TV should be joined.same connection
  3. Open Google Chrome by going google chrome
  4. Right-click the screen and choose “Cast” from the menu that appears. From the drop-down selection under Sources, choose Cast Desktop.cast
  5. Your computer’s display will be mirrored. Use the Sky Go app to start streaming. The film will be shown on your LG Smart TV.

Using the browser to get Sky Go

Sky Go can also be watched through your web browser. This, although, does not give you the fun to view the content in the best quality.

  1. Go to the home screen on the LG Smart TV after turning it on.lg tv home screen
  2. Your LG Smart TV’s web browser should be opened. The LG Content Store is downloadable through a web browser.lg smart tv's web browser
  3. Navigate to on your web go website
  4. Now sign in to Sky Go using your email credentials from your Sky Go account.login with email
  5. After logging in, you can browse the Sky Go content collection and choose the show or movie you want to view.

This completes all the steps to use Sky Go on LG TV.

Sky Go App

Sky Go is a television service you can use through a subscription. Moreover, the Sky Group invented it. This program comes in use in several ways by many members and users. If you have internet connectivity, you can utilize this software. Android, iOS, PCs, and Mac computers and devices can all use this program.

There are many different bundles available with this app. The statement is mainly directed at Sky TV subscribers. All Sky TV subscribers receive it at no cost. The selection includes a variety of genres, such as family, sports, and cinema. You may watch channels like BT Sport 1, Sky Sports Channels, Sky Cinema Channels, and many others. sky go appSky will save your life because it lets you watch blockbuster films, live sporting events, and your favorite programs on your TV or another desired device. This app allows you to access local programming and your daily top picks. Sky New Zealand is an additional entertainment option that you have.

Using Sky Go on LG Smart TV

Notably, not all gadgets are compatible with the Sky Go app. The Sky Go app is not available in the LG Content Store. It doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t be able to watch it on our LG TV.

lg tv using

You can project Sky Go from a computer or smartphone onto an LG Smart TV.

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Does an LG Smart TV support Sky Go streaming?

Your LG smart TV does not support downloading the app. You can, however, cast the software using a computer or a smartphone.

How do I use my LG television to view Sky?

By casting the Sky Go app from your smartphone, you can watch all Sky content on your LG Smart TV.

Does Sky permit mirroring on a screen?

You cannot mirror your screen onto another device using the Sky platform.

Why can't I cast Sky Go on my LG TV?

You may not have authorized Sky Go to use Bluetooth and the local network. Bluetooth access is necessary for streaming programs like Sky Go to identify Chromecast devices connected to the same network. On your Android phone, go to Modify app permission


It’s a terrific method of keeping yourself engaged and liven up your days to use Sky Go on LG TV. Everyone who owns a Smart TV will find this program a great companion. You can unwind anytime by watching your favorite shows, episodes, and games.

This one is one of the humorous devices that could aid in your relaxation. It also has a ton of excellent amenities and features. You should use this fantastic platform as soon as possible because it is incredible!

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