Video Calling is one of the revolutionizing features that completely changed how we talk to anyone digitally. As the name suggests, the Video Chat feature allows you to interact live with your friends and relatives. Unlike the standard phone calls or text chatting, you could even view the person on the other side. Moreover, Discord provides some best quality video conferencing experiences to its users. Many readers don’t know the correct technique to start video chatting through their Discord app.

To Video Chat on Discord, check your Optimal Video Chat Settings.


Thus, we are here with this guide on video Chat on Discord without any issues. We also have some quick answers to various doubts that you might have in your mind. Hence, read the blog until the end and try out the most effective method according to your requirements.

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Methods to Video Chat on Discord

Discord can be used on various platforms like an internet browser, mobile application, and desktop app. The video calling feature is available on each of the options mentioned above. However, you must understand how to initiate video chatting on your Discord account. Every platform has similar instructions that only require minor tweaks here and there. We will eventually go through each method which will be helpful for beginners.

Optimal Video Chat Settings

The initial stage is typical for every method, as you want to configure your device and make it ready for video calls. This will ensure the best calling experience before attending a professional Discord conference. Further, you could expect better sound and video quality after optimally setting up Discord.

First, you must click the Settings icon at the bottom of your screen. This step is only for browser and desktop app as you won’t find it on mobile Discord.

settings for video chat

Now you have to look for the Voice & Video tab with various camera and microphone setting options. Select your current camera from the dropdown and ensure you are connected to the right one. It also allows you to try your camera, test the surrounding lights and position before the video chat. Additional settings like Input Mode and Input Sensitivity are also available for convenience. We will proceed to methods once you save the changes in Voice and Video configurations.

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Method #1 Private Video Calls on Discord

Private Video Call is the most popular feature on Discord that allows its users to video call their connections. It provides complete privacy, as nobody can join the call without adequate permission. Thus, you could continue with your official work and enhance productivity. The steps for the same are:

On Browser/Desktop App

Step 1

Click on the home button and navigate to the inbox to access your contacts.

Step 2

Select the person you would like to call and click on the video chat icon (looking like a video camera). Your request will be forwarded until it gets accepted.

start video chat

Step 3

Users can extend this feature to a private group video call by merely clicking on the + button on the menu. You can now select multiple contacts you want to add to the video chat. Finally, wait for the members to accept the call from their side.

On Mobile App

Step 1

Start the Discord app and select the person you want to call from the inbox.

Step 2

Click on the video chat icon at the top of your screen and provide permissions to activate your microphone and camera.

private video call on mobile

Step 3

Finally, you can end the call by tapping the red button accordingly.

Method #2 Server Video Chat on Discord

Public Servers are familiar with Discord, and you could send a video chat request on the servers you joined. You can also share different details of your request and ask users to join your upcoming video call on the server. You must follow these steps to start a video call on the servers,

On Browser/Desktop App

Step 1

Open the Discord app and navigate to the public server you want.

Step 2

Next, click on the voice channel from the left menubar and click any option from Stream Room, Community Hangout, or Lounge Room.

select room

Step 3

Once you are added to the room, click on the video chat icon to start your camera. You might need to provide permissions to the browser for security reasons.

give permissions

On Mobile App

Step 1

The first step to video chat is similar, where you need to open the public server of your choice.

Step 2

Select any voice channel and click the icon to join the room. However, you can choose to join Voice Chat or open the camera before entering the room.

server video chat on phone

Step 3

Moreover, any user on the public server could see your video chat after joining the same room. You can end the call by leaving the room or tapping the red call button.

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Are video calls on Discord free?

Yes, video calls on Discord are free. Discord offers video chat functionality as part of its basic features, available to all users without additional cost. However, note that some advanced features or add-ons may have a separate fee.

Can I share my screen during a video chat on Discord?

Yes, you can share your screen during a video chat on Discord. While in a video call, click on the screen sharing icon (a rectangle with an arrow) and choose the screen or application window you want to share. This lets you show others what's happening on your screen in real time.

Can I record video calls on Discord?

Discord does not have a built-in feature to record video calls. However, you can use third-party screen recording software or screen capture tools to record your Discord video calls. These external tools can capture the ring's video and audio, allowing you to save and review the conversation later.

Can I adjust video and audio settings during a video call on Discord?

Yes, you can adjust video and audio settings during a video call on Discord. Click on the gear icon (settings) in the bottom left corner of the chat window to access the settings menu. You can configure your video resolution, microphone volume, speaker output, and other audio and video preferences from there.

Can I use video chat on Discord mobile app?

Yes, you can use video chat on Discord mobile app. The Discord mobile app for iOS and Android devices includes video chat functionality, allowing you to initiate and participate in video calls from your smartphone or tablet. Starting video calls on the mobile app is similar to the desktop version.

Are there any limitations on video chat duration on Discord?

Discord does not impose specific limitations on the duration of video chats. You can continue a video call as long as you need, as long as you have a stable internet connection. However, keep in mind that extended video calls may consume more bandwidth and affect your device's or network's performance.


We hope you know how to video chat on Discord using different methods. The best part of using Discord for video calling is connecting with up to 25 users simultaneously. Also, additional tools and free cam chat platforms allow you to connect with different people. Having a stable internet connection is better to avoid lag during the call. Also, try to upgrade your camera and microphone to enhance the overall video call experience. 

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