How to Wave in Messenger | Easily Explained for Beginners

In this pandemic, people have switched to using the online mode of socializing. It can be stated that rather than face-to-face interaction, people prefer social media to interact. A few such social media platforms are WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. This article will focus on covering Facebook only. Since social distancing has become mandatory, people have another reason to send out virtual waves! 

As a Facebook user, you are aware that Messenger is used as a platform to send out messages via the internet. Over the years, Facebook has developed and introduced a lot of changes in its policy and features. Facebook Messenger, too, has undergone various updates.

Waving is an interesting feature Facebook has installed in Messenger. You can send out a wave to your friends as a method to start a conversation with them. To get the best messaging backgrounds click here.

Sometimes, you might be confused as to how to wave in Messenger. Well, this article is here to take your problems in a jiffy!

Here, you will get to know how to wave at someone on Facebook.

How To Wave In Messenger – Solved

If you desire to wave into Messenger, you must note that this is something that will not require any technical knowledge. You can do this extremely easily without any hassle. The bare minimum that is required from your end is to just follow the steps in the manner it has been prescribed in. 

How To Wave On Facebook Messenger Using Your Mobile?

The first thing to do is that you mandatorily must download the latest version of the Facebook Messenger application. This feature is possible in the application only. Once you do this, launch the application and hunt for the People option. In most devices, it is at the bottom of the screen of this app.

wave facebook app
Wave facebook app

There is an option to look for your friends who are active currently. The wave button will be present next to the person’s name. As soon as you click on that, you can send out a wave to initiate a conversation! This is the simplest way to solve your query of how to wave on Facebook messenger!

Sending Out A Wave Via Facebook

There is another option that can facilitate you to resolve how to wave back on Messenger. Some mobile phones allow you to use Messenger in Facebook without having to install it separately. Make sure that you have logged into your Facebook account. You will witness three horizontal lines present there. You will then have to get into the Messenger option. In case it does not pop up immediately, you might have to get yourself into See More.

Then, all you need to do is follow the steps that have been previously stated. Dive into where you can see your friends active. Then, you just tap to send out a wave! Here it is, as easy as pie!

How Do You Wave On Facebook Desktop

If you want to know how do you send a wave to someone on Messenger via your desktop, here is how it goes. First and foremost, you need to enter the credentials that you have set for your Facebook account. The home section is where you have to get yourself to. You will get a chat option on the right panel on your Facebook page. Then, you would have to move your cursor over the friend’s name to whom you want to send out a wave.

wave facebook desktop
wave facebook desktop

Immediately after you do that, the wave sign will pop up next to your friend’s name. All you need to do is just click on that – voila! You now know how to wave in Messenger!

Can I Unsend A Wave?

Sometimes, you might unintentionally float out a wave. There is no reason to worry about it! Facebook Messenger has introduced this feature so that you can save yourself! 

unsend a wave
unsend a wave

You might want to know that you only have 10 minutes to clear your tracks. What you need to do is you should hold press the wave that you have sent. Instantly after you do that, you will get two options. One would be to Remove For Me, or you could Remove It For Everyone. If you wish to unsend the wave, select Remove For Everyone. With this, it will not only be gone for you, but also for the other person. 


You have knowledge about how to wave in Messenger in numerous ways. The most astounding part is that you do not have to possess any expert technical knowledge. The Facebook Messenger application is extremely user-friendly. The most unchallenging way to get out of the dilemma of how to wave in Messenger is to use the Messenger app. It hardly takes a minute or two to download the application. The rest of the procedure is just a cake-walk that you need to follow.

In case you are an alien to using Messenger, you might want to take things patiently. Touchscreen phones tend to move very quickly. That is why you need to hold your horses. 

Most latest devices have an option for you to send out emojis too. Just in case you find that you are unable to send out the wave, you can use the option of sending out the ‘hi’ emoji. Sometimes, this also works. Although, you may not see it swaying like the wave!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and send out a wave through your Facebook Messenger to your best friend!


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