Are you trying to figure out how to write off an invoice in QuickBooks online? So you are in the proper place. To learn more about it, keep reading.

To write off online invoicing, you need to Dispatch the Invoice you are writing off,  Establish a new credit memo; You need to enter identifying information for the credit memo, Put together the lousy debt expense item, Put together the Bad debt expense item, and Please complete the credit memo.

Designating an outstanding invoice paid in QuickBooks is known as writing off an invoice. This often happens when a consumer cannot pay the entire amount due, and the firm chooses to absorb the loss. So let’s look at QuickBooks Online’s how to write off an invoice in QuickBooks online.

Reasons to Write off an Invoice

You may choose to write off an invoice in QuickBooks for the following reasons:

  • Bad Debt: Unforeseen financial circumstances may prevent a consumer from paying an invoice. Less often, a customer decides not to pay for other reasons. In either situation, it’s critical to accurately write the Invoice in your books to reflect the customer’s payment default.bad debts
  • Underpayment: Your client may have already paid a portion of your Invoice, but you are still due money. This is typically the consequence of a clerical error on the part of the consumer.


Underpayments are frequently too little, sometimes only a few pence, to warrant asking the buyer to pay the difference.

How to write off an invoice in QuickBooks online?

Whether using QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, the credit memo function is the most efficient way to write off an invoice.

write invoices

You won’t ever have to worry about paying too much in sales tax if you utilize a credit note with a wrong debt spending item. Your Sales Tax Liability Account will stay pristine.

Step1: Dispatch the Bill You Are Writing Off

It would help if you referred to the Invoice while you completed the next steps. It would help if you took the following actions to locate the Invoice:

  1. You must select Sales > Customers.sales customer
  2. Enter the customer’s name and choose it from the list to open an invoice.

Step 2: Establish a New Credit Memo

  1. Right-click the tab in the browser to duplicate it. This allows you to compare the credit memo and the actual Invoice.duplicate
  2. Click the + New button on the new tab to begin a new credit memo
  3. A drop-down choice will appear; choose Credit Memo.

Step 3: You need to enter identifying information for the credit memo

Enter the customer’s name and the date you are wiping off the debt. You’ll observe that QuickBooks automatically enters a credit memo number.

invoices and credit memos

It is advised against altering this since doing so can later result in problems with the numbering of your invoices and credit memos.

Step 4: Put together the Bad Debt Expense Item

Both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online allow for rapid item entry. If a bad debt expenditure item isn’t currently there in your Item drop-down list, you should add it.

  1. After filling out the Product/Service form, click Add New.product service new
  2. Choose the product category for services. The product is known as Bad Debt.product category for services
  3. Choose your bad debt expenditure account as the income account type. Set the default sales tax category to nontaxable. Each credit memo can have this customized independently.

Step 5: Please complete the Credit Memo

At this point, the Credit Memo page is a virtual replica of the Invoice you’re writing off. In place of the original thing, service, or Item you used in the Invoice, you will use the bad debt item you produced in the preceding step. Always label everything as taxable as you go. You know you’ve done it right when the amount on your credit note equals the balance payable on the Invoice you’re writing off.

amount equals same

If the Invoice you are writing off has just nontaxable goods on it or has both taxable and nontaxable items, your credit memo needs one line containing the phrase bad debt. Enter the total pre-tax amount on this line to write off an invoice. Add the sales tax to the credit memo if the Invoice did include it.

Step 6: Incorporate the Credit Memo into the Invoice

If you neglect this step, your accounts receivable balance will still be accurate, but the Invoice for which the credit memo was produced will still be shown on your Open Invoice report.

  1. Choose Receive Payment.receive payments
  2. The following screen allows you to add the unpaid credit notation to your Payment. The Payment should only be in the amount of $0 after applying the credit memo. Consequently, a $0 transaction will appear in your bill register. You may delete this entry the next time you Reconcile Your Bank Account.

The Correct Way to Record Bad Debt: Write-Offs

There are several techniques to remove bad debt and other uncollectible amounts from your accounting records. Even if it takes more time than just deleting the Invoice or sending a credit memo to reverse the charge, the approach outlined above will aid you in keeping your records and giving you valuable management information.

bad debts write offs

As a result, you can utilize your financial statements to operate your company financially and effectively while providing your tax professional with the information they need to file your tax return swiftly.

How do you write off invoices on QuickBooks?

Writing off bills is easy with QuickBooks Desktop’s Customers menu. You can include bad debt. Someone might mention the debt regarding the Item. They may consist of it in the bill. Later, they must designate such an invoice as unpaid. As you learn how to write off an invoice in QuickBooks Online, please ensure all the data are correctly added.

The steps are:

  1. Launch QuickBooks on your PC. And then, navigate to the Customers tab in the top menu bar.
  2. From the drop-down option, choose Customer Centre.
  3. Enter the customer’s name on the left when the new window opens, and choose the Invoice from the available options.
  4. Return to the top and choose the Customers tab one more time. Then Select the menu option for Create Credit Memo/Refunds.
  5. When the Credit Memo window displays, type the name of the client. Include the due date for the Invoice write-off as well. As a consequence, the credit memo number will be filled in automatically.
  6. From the menu that displays, choose Item, followed by Bad Debt. After that, select Add New from the menu.
  7. Select Other Fees as the category. After that, choose Bad Debt by selecting the Item button.
  8. Add a new product by using the bad debt you made as an item. Now deselect the Is Taxable checkbox.
  9. Press the button to save and end the session. State the fictitious debt’s unpaid or problematic balance here.
  10. Decide which bill you wish to disregard. Then you must select the top option labeled Apply credit to the Invoice. And then, at last, from the menu, choose Save and Close.

You may learn how to write off an invoice in QuickBooks online by reading the abovementioned article. The procedure and the precise stages you must adhere to are described in-depth.


Can an invoice be written off in QuickBooks Online?

An invoice can be written off in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. For the online version, there are three actions to complete: enter the Item as a bad debt, establish a client, and write off the Invoice.

What kind of thing is a write-off example?

The costs associated with a car, working from home, paying rent or a mortgage for a place of business, office costs, business travel costs, and more are all examples of write-offs.

When should unpaid invoices in QuickBooks be written off?

You frequently don't get the money your customers owe you. It would be best to write off the client invoice you created. You may avoid paying sales tax and save customer and product information by doing this.

Is Creating an Account Necessary Before Writing Off an Invoice in QuickBooks?

Yes, it's critical because you need to document how you wrote off the Invoice. An item you identified as a bad debt must be the kind of account.


You may better manage your accounts receivable and keep correct financial records by writing off invoices in QuickBooks. By following these easy procedures and advice, you can ensure that you handle your write-offs consistently and correctly. We hope you like this article on how to write off an invoice in QuickBooks online.

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