Increase Conversion Rates With Videos: How To Do It

Knowing how to increase conversion rates with videos on the website are the main goal of any marketer and entrepreneur interested in higher revenues and profits.

One of the ways to increase conversion is to post a video about the company or its product on the website. Uploading a promotional video to the site kills two birds with one stone. It improves the company’s credibility and provides a higher ranking in search engines. Videos are a great way to encourage visitors to your resource and boost your social media following. But not all digital marketers are yet able to make use of full video potential.

Statistics show that more than 70% of customers tend to purchase after watching a video. This is a great opportunity for online store owners to interest potential buyers with their offers.

increase conversion rates with videos
increase conversion rates with videos

Nevertheless, in the development of any video and its optimal placement on the site, some subtleties should be taken into account to get a positive result. Let’s figure them out.

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Where Exactly Should A Video Be Posted?

To begin with, you must clearly understand that the Homepage of your website and the Landing page are two completely different things. They have different goals.

The first one represents your company. Here a visitor will find out who you are, what you do, what you can give, and so on. Here, a person can do the following:

  • Go to the product page.
  • Learn more about the company and its history by visiting a separate page.
  • Go to the blog and read articles.
  • Read reviews.
    increase conversion rates with videos
    increase conversion rates with videos

On a landing page, visitors have only two variants:

  • Buy
  • Leave the page.

Accordingly, based on the goals of the pages, videos posted on these pages have different tasks. The homepage of the site is a presentation of your project. The landing one is a full-fledged selling tool.

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How Do Videos Increase Conversion Rates?

Conversion is what all website owners need. Can videos help to increase it? Definitely, they can.

  • Videos increase the average time spent on the site. The client remembers more information about the brand; a positive image is formed.
  • Trust is growing. The more videos, the better. With their help, the brand leaves a favorable impression of itself.
    how do videos Increase conversion rates
    How Do Videos Increase Conversion Rates
  • People always prefer watching rather than reading. This truth is regularly being tested. Why load your site with unnecessary information about a product when you can upload a video? Many successful companies are already using videos to attract customers. It’s time for you to start!

It’s worth noting here that it’s better to set up autoplay of a video if it’s a really good one. When the video starts playing without the visitors’ decision, it annoys them.

Is It Worth It?

Online entrepreneurs have their own opinion on this matter. Some say that video is the main sales tool; others say that it’s a waste of time and money. In any case, two opinions have a right to exist.

With the help of videos, you save your clients’ time. There is no need for a potential buyer to read a whole page of text when you can place a 30-second video. And if it’s interesting, then there is a high probability that the product or service will be bought.

Is It Worth It
Is It Worth It

Videos help save your employees’ time. And as you know, time is money. You don’t have to hire additional specialists. Everything is easy. With the help of the video, the potential clients receive complete information. They don’t need to call the company’s customer support or write to e-mail. You just need to upload videos to the appropriate section, where your clients can receive answers to the most popular questions—a kind of video FAQ.

depends on the specific algorithm
depends on the specific algorithm

However, it’s impossible to argue with the fact that the presentation and quality of the video influence decision-making. The video should not only be attractive. Much depends on the specific algorithm, on the ability to sell. In 5-10 minutes of the video, any visitor should want to buy your product or service.

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Which Videos Will Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate?

Don’t underestimate the power of video content on your website. Therefore, post only the content which is relevant to your business. The following types of videos can help increase conversion:

  • Informational video about the product, description of main features, demonstration of its work, soft-sell, and native advertising. A kind of demo presentation.
  • Video reviews. You can cooperate with video bloggers or ask your most loyal customers to record video feedback and send it to you, or contact them via a webcam.
    Which Videos Will Increase Your Site's Conversion Rate
    Which Videos Will Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate
  • Video instruction. A step-by-step guide if you are selling technical goods or a demonstration of using a simpler product. For instance, a recipe, one of the main elements of which is your product.
  • Viral video. An original idea, a life hack, or something like that. It contributes to the fact that your video will be shared among people, spread over the network, thereby increasing the brand’s popularity and conversion.

How to Make a Good Video for Your Website

  • First and foremost, don’t make videos your main and only sales tool. This is one of the main elements, but not the only one. Some people are better at reading text information, so be sure to supplement the page with selling text. It all depends on your product, target audience, and the presentation itself. There are many ways to lead clients to purchase. The main thing is that visitors should not have the feeling that something is being imposed on them when watching.
    need a good camera
    need a good camera
  • For high-quality shooting, you will need equipment (a good camera, a shooting area, and much more). Due to high prices, not everyone can afford to order video content in a professional studio. In this case, you can hire a freelancer or a struggling videographer.
  • The next step is sound. You can either insert background music or a prepared voice-over. It is worth considering all the nuances, as well as the sound quality. If the picture is beautiful and of high quality, then the audio should correspond to it.
    time to edit the clip
    time to edit the clip
  • After you have recorded the video itself and the soundtrack, it’s time to edit the clip. Here you can hire a specialist as well or do everything yourself. The web is full of instructions and articles on how to edit videos. The necessary information is always available online, for instance, in the Movavi blog.
  • Feel free to examine competitors’ ideas. You need to know where to start from. What kind of videos do they have? What style do competitors use? How many videos do they have on their site? Don’t copy their work under any circumstances. Understanding your competitors can help you achieve much more.


Content can increase conversion rates with videos when it is used correctly. For some goods and categories, videos are better at explaining the features and benefits of using this or that product than text and static images. If you haven’t posted a video on your site yet, then you should definitely give it a try. And you will see the result with your own eyes!

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