Learn How to Increase Upload Speed for Streaming Instantly

If you are like most people, you spend a fair amount of time watching live television programs on your device. There are many people who have to purchase a cable or satellite subscription to get the full experience. This can be expensive, so they usually only watch TV on their device for brief periods of time. When they do, however, the one thing that frustrates them the most is the slow streaming speed. It can make watching TV on my computer absolutely unbearable. Though it’s not an issue as you can increase upload speed for streaming instantly by reading this article. As we are talking about streaming, are you curious to know about live streaming? if yes, check out this article!

Upload Speed for Streaming

Are you also going through the same thing? If yes, then the reason for your frustration is that most internet service providers have a cap on the speed of their internet connection as well as the amount of data that you can use. This means that even though you have an unlimited connection and unlimited bandwidth, you are only allotted a certain amount of data.

Suppose you try to watch a live television program or stream a movie online at speeds faster than your Internet provider allows. In that case, your connection will stop working, your data usage will be over the limit, and your Internet will be shut down.

So, what can you do before your Internet is cut off? Well, there are a lot of ways that you can speed up your streaming speed. In this article post, we’ll show you seven useful tips that will guarantee to increase in upload speed. You can stream without sacrificing quality or stability whatsoever!

But before that, quickly, let’s look at why people are so crazy over streaming these days!

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Why is Streaming Very Popular These Days?

Streaming is one of the most popular forms of content consumption today. There are many opportunities to share this form of entertainment with friends and family. From personal use to watching professionally produced videos. One thing that may pose a challenge for streaming is the length of time it takes for video uploads to complete. If you’re streaming regularly, you could be missing out on your audience’s enjoyment because your video is too slow! 

Why is Streaming Very Popular

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How to Increase Upload Speed Instantly | Top 7 Ways

Now back to walk you through the tips so that you can learn how to increase upload speed for streaming:

Use a Good Service Provider

The first thing that you should do when it comes to the Internet is to look for a service that offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data usage.

Good Service Provider

The best companies in this industry are those who offer all of these things, so check out some of the best unlimited internet providers in the market today.

Customize Your Window Size

The second thing that you should do is to learn how to customize the custom window size. This means that when it comes to setting up your connection, you should change the size at which YouTube, Netflix, or any other media streaming website will load for maximum speediness.

In fact, the Internet Explorer over at Microsoft has a couple of special tabs. We call it “Speed Tips,” which you can access from the options menu. These tools allow you to change your window size for different types of media.

Regulate Data Usage Limits for Other Apps

The third tip that you should know about is that if you are using an Internet connection that is provided through your mobile carrier and not through an ISP, then there will probably be a limit on data usage.

Regulate Data Usage Limits

If you are using an app like Skype or WhatsApp, those apps will usually have their own limitations. If the internet speed on your phone is slower than the one that you have with your carrier, then either turn off or lower how much data you use when using these apps.

Use a VPN

This might be one of the most popular answers to increase upload speed for streaming, and with good reason. Connecting to your favorite stream using a virtual private network will usually bypass your ISP’s increasingly throttled bandwidth. Also route your stream through servers across the world at much faster speeds.

Use a VPN

Of course, this depends on which VPN you use. Generally speaking, you’ll see an immediate improvement in quality when using a VPN like Nord VPN or Express VPN. Learn step by step guide on How to set up a VPN that will increase your network speed. A lot of these come with built-in speed test features that will help you choose the best VPN for streaming.

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Download Onto a Device and Play Locally From There

This is a pretty good way of dealing with slow-playing videos, which often result from buffering issues and unreliable servers. The idea is simple: download the media you want to watch directly onto your device. This can be done using a streaming service app (the one you’re using to stream the content) by downloading while still playing.

Download Onto a Device

Also, it can be done via a service like iTunes or Google Play Music, depending on what’s being streamed. Once the content is downloaded, play it locally on your device instead of streaming it online. This will not only speed up your playtime but also reduce video lag, depending on how fast your device is.

Switch to a Different Video Player

The most important thing about this tip is simply that if you’re streaming video, ask yourself if the video quality you’re seeing is what you actually want. By default, all modern browsers have a built-in, ad-supported player that runs on every platform.


A lot of these players are very basic and slow compared to other services like Netflix and YouTube’s own players. A simple way to check this is to switch to a different browser or use a browser extension like Speedify Free. It will show you the current speed of your browser by showing you how quickly it can load pages using your browsing data plan.

Try Using an Ethernet Cable Instead of WiFi

It is a wire that connects your device to the router. Therefore, a direct connection instead of a wireless one will definitely provide better quality and speed while streaming. Wi-fi has one big downside that Ethernet cable doesn’t have – upload speed.

Using an Ethernet Cable

If you’re in a situation where latency just isn’t cutting it, and you need to increase upload speed for streaming, having stable Internet is preferable to having access to wi-fi. 


What should my upload speed be for streaming?

You'll need an upload speed of around 4Mbps in order to stream the highest quality video on most streaming sites. For those with slower speeds, you may experience audio and visual issues – but don't worry, there are plenty of low-quality streams available out there if that's all your internet connection can handle.

Is 1 Mbps upload speed good for streaming?

This speed can be considered too slow for some users when they are trying to stream high-quality videos in 4K resolution. It will result in a lot of lagging and buffering while you are streaming.

Can you stream with a 10 Mbps upload?

10Mbps upload is the absolute minimum speed needed to stream content over the Internet. This is because streaming requires uploading a large file and actually receiving the streamed data at a later time — in this case, watching your favourite website. Uploading that much data requires high bandwidth availability and overall fast speeds.

How do I change my upload speed to bitrate?

It’s a simple conversion; 1000 kbps= 1 Mbps

Why is my upload speed so slow?

You're not alone if you've noticed this. It's due to background noise, also known as 'traffic,' and it occurs when your computer sends or receives information over the Internet. If you had perfect broadband speeds, then your computer would only need to send the information it needs to the server at once - say, one large download. However, broadband speeds vary from one location to another, so this will vary from person to person.


So, if you were looking for how to increase upload speed for streaming, then this might have helped you. Try these and enjoy the unhindered streaming every day!

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