How to Install FSociety Addon on Kodi | Step by Step Guide

The FSociety Addon for Kodi is something that can be titled as the little sister of the Mr. Robot Addon. You should install FSociety Addon on Kodi since it will provide you with many different types of content. Considering that it’s fairly new, just released in December this year – many will consider it to be one of the “mega” addons. You do not want to miss out on this one. You can use our guide to help you download and finally install this addon on Kodi.

The FSociety addon for Kodi includes TV Shows, Movies, Kids Corner, Documentaries, Music and other things all entertainment! It will also give you the option of playing your video streams in Standard Definition or High Definition. FSociety will even play your streams automatically one after the other if you wish it to do so.

Things You Should Always Keep in Mind

Before getting started with this guide, there are few things to keep in mind. First and foremost is that the FSociety addon developed for Kodi is NOT supported by the Official team of Kodi development. Do not install FSociety Addon on Kodi if you are expecting any support from the official team of developers at Kodi.

This means that any help you need regarding the addon should only be directed to the developers of the “FSociety” Addon, and not on the forums of Kodi’s official page. Failing to do so, will not only leave you without any help but may also get you banned from the forums of Kodi. Alternatively, the developers of FSociety may also choose to stop responding to personal request emails or queries if they deem it so.

FSociety Addon
FSociety Addon

In this guide, we have given the step-by-step method using which, you will be able to install FSociety Addon on Kodi. We have shown the procedure to Install FSociety Addon on Kodi for both the versions, namely Kodi Krypton (V17) and Kodi Jarvis (V16). Please make a note of this and carefully follow steps that are for your version only.

Addon: FSociety

First Release: December 2017

Customized Theme: Yes

Developer: Looking Glass

Official Kodi Team Support: No

Name of Location: Looking Glass Repository


How to Install FSociety addon on Kodi V17 Krypton

  • Start the installation process by first opening you Kodi media center.
  • Over to your left side, you will see the main menu panel.
  • From the main menu, go to Settings by clicking on the gear-shaped icon. Among the icons row, go ahead and select the option which reads “File Manager.” After opening the File Manager, you should see a list. Scroll down this list and then choose “Add Source.
Add Source in Kodi
Add Source in Kodi
  • After clicking on “Add Source,” you will be redirected to pop up box which says “Add File Source.”
  • After selecting “Add File Source” click on the next line that is highlighted. It should say “None.”
  • Enter the following URL like its shown here and click on the OK button.
  • The new source needs a name. Enter any name that you find suitable for it.
  • Once you have entered a name for the source, click on the “OK” button to add this source.
  • After adding the source, navigate back to your Home Screen in Kodi and then click on the “Add-ons” option.
Add-ons on Kodi
Add-ons on Kodi
  • Here you should be seeing an option which looks like an open box icon. This is situated in the upper left corner of the menu. Click on this option that you see.
  • Click on “Install From Zip File.”
Install from zip file in Kodi
Install from zip file in Kodi
  • From here, select the source name which you have entered previously and then click on
  • After selecting the repository, wait for the addon enabled notification to appear.
  • Go to Install from repository.
Install from repository in Kodi
Install from repository in Kodi
  • Choose Looking Glass Repo and then click on FSociety (it actually reads as F_50ci3ty). Select Install.
  • Wait for the enabled notification to appear.
  • To access FSociety, go back to the home screen in Kodi and click on Add-Ons. Highlight the Video add-ons option and select “FSociety” to launch the addon.

How to Install FSociety addon for Kodi V16 Jarvis

  • Start the installation process by first opening you Kodi V16 Jarvis media center.
  • From the home screen of Kodi, go to the System menu. Here, you will see the “File Manager.” Click on it.
  • After opening File Manager, click on the “Add source.”
  • Click on the box that says None, enter this URL After entering the URL click on “Done.”
  • Give it any label, say for example “Look.” Any name you give for this new source should do just fine as long as you remember the name that you have given it. After giving your source a name, select “OK
  • Once you add the source, navigate to your Kodi home screen. Click on the the SYSTEM panel.
  • Click on the Add-ons options. Then select the option that shows up as “Install from zip file.”
  • Click on “Look” or whatever name you had given to the source which was created in the previous step. Now click on
  • Wait for some time, and you should receive a notification message.
  • Go to Install from repository>>Looking Glass Repo>>FSociety (it actually reads as F_50ci3ty). Finally, click on “Install.”
  • Once again, patiently wait for the “Addon Enabled” message to appear on your screen.
  • To access your FSociety addon, go to Videos, select Video Add-Ons and finally click on FSociety.


This guide was in creation in an attempt to let its readers gain access to content they have already the rights to. We, here at Techwhoop in no way support piracy and will bear no responsibility for whatever the users here do with the information that has been provided.

Please also keep in mind that Techwhoop does not host, develop or produce any of the applications, add-ons and softwares mentioned in the article on its page.

Techwhoop is not in affiliation with Kodi or any of its additions, or comprehensive software otherwise. What you do and how you do, after you install the FSociety addon on Kodi is entirely up to you. You bear the sole responsibility for any damages to software or otherwise.

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