How to Install Maverick TV Addon on Kodi [Latest Guide]


Following The Alpha’s retirement, Joker moved as an independent developer, with the Wizard for the Builds, and Jokers TV, which is now called the Maverick TV. It is an all in one add-on, with section included for TV Series, Movies, Music, Radio, News, and Entertainment Channels, Live Sports Channels, Documentaries, and more. The Maverick TV addon on Kodi is a must have for new users out there.

There are hundreds of add-ons that you can integrate into Kodi, but due to Geo-restrictions, many users around the world might be unable to use the add-ons that they download. With a VPN, however, digital barriers disappear, making every Kodi add-on accessible from anywhere on the globe. If you aren’t already using a VPN service, start today and protect your activity on the web, establish a protected internet connection, stop ISP surveillance and invasive advertisement trackers. It is strongly recommended to start using a trusted VPN service such as the well-known IPVanish.

Now, to install Maverick TV addon on Kodi, we will begin with the installation method for Kodi V17 or better known as Kodi Krypton. Users of the older version of Kodi, i.e, V16/Kodi Jarvis should scroll down below to look for the steps shown in their version. Everything will be explained in great detail. Let’s begin!

Steps to Install Maverick TV Addon on Kodi

In case you have a clean install of Kodi 17 on your system, you will be required to enable the unknown sources option first. You can skip the first three steps in case you are using the older version of Kodi, i.e. Kodi V16 (better known as Kodi Jarvis) & move to next ones to install Maverick TV addon on kodi.

  • Open your Kodi Media Centre on your media device or computer. Click open the settings menu to your right on the screen. Select System Settings and then click on Add-ons.
  • Here you will see the option that is labelled as Unknown Sources. Toggle this on; you will receive a warning message/pop-up reading the following:

“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device. Proceed?” If you wish to install ANY third-party add-ons you will have to agree to this.

  • Now, from your main menu screen on Kodi select the File Manager under System Settings. Double click on the Add Source button. Here you will see a highlighted text that says <None>, click on this. Below it there should be an empty box. Type the following URL down there, exactly as its shown: Once you are done typing the URL, click on Done to finish adding the source link.
  • The newly added repository source will need a name. So select the box under the line “Enter a name for this media source.” For the ease of consideration, let’s say you name it “.Maverick” for now. You can give any name you would like to as long as you remember this later on. The small dot added as a prefix in the name of the repository is a solution that will prevent your newly added media source from getting mixed with the local folders. Not doing so will push it down further on the list of media sources since Kodi arranges files by alphabetical order. So, type the name “.Maverick” and then click on Done. Press “OK.”
  • It should now be added to your list of media sources. In the event of this being missing from the list, the reason may be linked to the internet connection is down or the URL being inactive at the time you are trying to access it.
  • Navigate back to Kodi’s main screen and then select Add-ons option from the System Settings menu. Click open the option “Install from zip file.” Click on the .Maverick or whatever name you had typed for the Maverick repository earlier. Now, click on
  • The installation of the Maverick TV addon on Kodi may take some time. When it is completed, you will see a message reading Add-on enabled. Depending on the Skin that your Kodi is using, or Build you use for Kodi; the message may appear in somewhat different locations. You will also be able to see the indication “Enabled” next to the add-on’s name.
  • Moving on, select the option “Install from repository” and then click on MaverickTV Repo. Go to the Video add-ons section and choose Maverick TV. Finally, click on Install!
  • This installation will take a few seconds, once complete you should see the Add-on Enabled Notification on your Kodi screen. Voila! You were able to install Maverick TV addon on kodi.

Maverick TV is now installed successfully on your system. You can look for it anytime you want the section Video add-ons. As this is a third-party add-on, it is not supported by the official team of developers for the Kodi Media centre. This means that you can not contact them on the official forums about any query that you may have on how to install Maverick TV Addon on Kodi. Any complaints or requests should be redirected to the developers of Maverick TV addon on itself.

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