How to Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi Krypton / Jarvis

XBMC foundation has developed free and open source software called Kodi to be used with the television and other remote controls. The Kodi has paved the way to play and view videos, music, audios, and much more in offline and online. It is the multi platform home theatre PC application. It can be installed in windows, androids, and many other devices.

This article gives you the details about the next development in 20the Kodi. After you Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi your usage in Kodi will be wider and it created many ways to view a lot of videos, movies, TV shows, Fantasy shows, etc which you can be viewed in Kodi. Let me give an intro about Mucky Duck Repo. Let’s look about how to Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi.

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It is one of the great add-ons which must be installed by every Kodi users as it has many useful reasons behind it. This repository contains several add-ons like F.U.B.A.R., MD sports Extra, 123 Movies, Gen Videos, HD Box, Watch series, MoviePool, Vodlocker, Gorilla streams 2.0, Mucky Duck Wizard Stream Engines, More power, PubFilm, Watch32HD, Scene Pepper, We Watch Wrestling, PMovies, Watch TV series, Imperial Streams, Lucky TV, M4U, DiziBox, etc.

If you Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi you can easily access to the above add-ons in your Kodi. It would be grateful to download one repo to get a lot of add-ons. It offers you a wide range of series, movies, live sports channels, IPTV channels, etc. So here I am going to share the steps for installing Mucky Duck Repo in your Kodi Krypton/Jarvis.

How to Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi Krypton?

  • The first step is to Launch Kodi in your system.
  • In the main menu click on the setting icon at the top left of the menu.
  • Then go to the File Manager in the settings.
  • Next, click on the Add source option which is available on the left side.
  • Then click where it says None.
  • You will get the text box in which type the URL , then click on OK option.
  • Enter the name for the media source in the next box situated down as Mucky Duck.
  • Then click OK to proceed next.
How to Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi Krypton / Jarvis - TechWhoop
How to Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi Krypton / Jarvis – TechWhoop
  • Next, click on the Backspace button to head back to the Main menu of the Kodi.
  • Then click on the Add-ons and then click on the Package Installer Icons on the top left of the screen.
  • Next click on the option Install from the zip file.
  • Then a box will appear from that locate the Mucky Duck and double click on it.
  • Next, locate and click on the .
  • A popup will appear on the top right as Add-on installed.
  • Next click on Install from zip file -> Install from repository and then click on Mucky Duck Repo.
  • Then click on the Video Add-on option.
  • From that, you can select your favourite add-on and can install from it.
  • Within few seconds your favourite add-on will be installed.

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Now you can enjoy watching your favourite program in your Kodi. The Mucky Duck is the best repository among the repositories you have downloaded. So must try this repo in your Kodi which you can follow the same procedure in Windows 7, 10, and several TV boxes.
Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi Jarvis is mostly same as in Krypton, here I have given the steps to install Mucky duck repo in Kodi Jarvis.

How to Install Mucky Duck Repo in Kodi Jarvis?

  1. Open Kodi and select setting -> File Manager.
  2. Next click on Add source, in which select None.
  3. In that type the URL and then select Done.
  4. Then give the source name in the box given below as muckys and select OK.
  5. Next Go back to the Home screen of Kodi.
  6. Then select System -> Add-ons -> Install from Zip file..
  7. Next, select the muckys available in the box.
  8. Then select on the repository.mdrepo-
  9. Then Add-on option will be enabled.
  10. In that select Install from Repository.
  11. From the options select on Mucky Ducks RepoFinally, you can install any of the add-on available on the Mucky Duck Repository as your wish.

Within few minutes you can view your favorite movies add-ons in your Kodi. By the way, What is your favorite genre of movies: Action romantic or horror?
Enjoy the features of Mucky Duck Repository add-ons in your system. Explore all the features available in the popular Mucky Duck repo for Kodi. This will give you the way to access all the add-ons which I have mentioned at the top. So install the add-ons which you wanted immediately.

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The way for installing your favourite add-ons is an easy task if you have Install Mucky Duck Repo on Kodi Krypton . Follow the above steps and enjoy watching numerous movies, videos, shows, TV channels and much more in your Kodi. Several Add-ons one can install by following the above steps. So be clear in your need and what to install in your Kodi for enjoying the best and plenty of online videos and install it easily.

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