How to Install NFL on Kodi: Best Add-ons for NFL Live Streams


Kodi is a free TV and media streaming service, which gives you hassle-free access to premium quality content around the web. You can watch your favorite content, whether it is a movie, a TV show, or even live programs for free, like the pirate that you are! Kodi is one of a kind in the market today, thanks to its highly functional add-ons. I can’t really think of another service quite like it out there.

There is only one alternate app which is made for a mobile device that might be some people’s choice. It is called Terrarium TV, but it is nowhere near the level of Kodi when it comes to an advanced user interface. And it lacks the power of add-on software to it. I have been using it, and boy does it like to suck the entirety of my bandwidth!

So anyway, if you have Kodi on any of your devices, that’s good. But you might be wondering if you could watch NFL on this thing? Well, of course, you can! For those who are still clueless about what it is, the NFL or The National Football League is, well, it’s football! It is the professional football league of America.

What more can I say about it mate? We all like some sports now and then, mainly because people love fighting over teams that have nothing to do with them. I am all for Arizona Cardinals, by the way, so come at me!

Coming back to the topic, to watch some NFL games on your Kodi, you will have to get the appropriate third party add-ons. And as usual, before doing anything that revolves around the words “free” and “online,” make sure you have an excellent VPN service running.

You can use any suitable virtual private network services out there to protect your IP and your activities from your ISP’s spying electronic eyes, and not to mention, the regional police cyber crime division. Of course, that is assuming your area has one that bothers to even check for that stuff under their jurisdiction region.

It’s not like Kodi is illegal or anything, but it being open source might be a little bit “too” open to some people’s liking. These are probably the same people who don’t want net neutrality to be a thing. That is why a VPN comes in handy, not just to slip away from these people and their unwanted fuzz, but also to escape data caps, ISP throttling, and better server availability.

If you are in my town, however, you don’t need to worry. The district police are probably using it themselves because deep down, we all like getting paid for free. Anyway, assuming that you have set up a good enough VPN, let us proceed.

How to Install NFL on Kodi

Install Kodi Add-ons

So, you will have to install Kodi on your preferred device first. You can get direct apps to do just that on pretty much all platforms. On Android, for instance, you can get the app straight from the play store. But to install third party software from other sources. To enable the installation of unknown add-ons from external sources, follow these steps:

  • From the Kodi system menu, open the settings which look like a small gear icon.
  • Under settings, go to Add-ons.
  • Slide the slider switch to the right of the Unknown sources option to enable it.
  • You will get a warning message telling you about the risk involved with unknown parties giving you software to install. Just click OK.
  • Installing third party add-ons is not very difficult at all. Simply, locate the group of add-on packages called a repository over at a server and add it to your Kodi app, it is all downhill from there. This is what you have to do to install the proper repository to Kodi, to watch NFL.
  • Go back into the system settings from the side menu, by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Head over to File Manager>>Add Source and navigate to the top of the working directory. You can usually do this by clicking on the slash or the two dots on the top of the window, which usually indicates the parent directory.
  • Add the URL of your repository into the text box in the window that pops up.
  • You can type your own custom name for the repository that you are about to install into Kodi. Type something and click OK.
  • Select Add-ons from the Kodi menu and select the symbol of an open box from the top menu bar.
  • Select the Install from Zip File option. Click on the repository file that you just added.
  • Let the repository install and wait until you see a message that confirms the successful installation.
  •  Go back to the same icon menu, only this time, choose the Install from repository option.
  • Wait until you get the notification about this installation as well.
  • Now you can access this repository freely from the Kodi main menu, whenever you want. Awesome!

Official Add-ons to watch NFL on Kodi

Here are some great service add-ons that offer NFL on your Kodi. To add any of these add-ons, you just need to go into the Add-ons option from the Kodi main menu and head over to Download. Then click to add the repository options straight to your homepage.

NBC Sports Live Extra

This will easily get you all the latest NBC Sports Network coverage on to your Kodi app. This is actually meant only for citizens of United States, but when has that sort of restriction ever stopped anyone (with a VPN) from using Geo-specific content worldwide?

NFL Game Pass

As the name suggests, this is the official NFL add-on that gives you live streams and sports videos of NFL straight over to Kodi. But there is one thing to be aware of. That is, it does require you to create an account in it for you to access the content. But as long as it is free, I guess it’s not a big deal, right?

Videos from

You probably used to get your highlights from this website as it is anyway. So now, you can get the same on your Kodi app as well with this add-on. Enjoy!

NFL Teams Videos

Here, you can watch not only highlights but also the full game videos, interviews and news about the upcoming events over at NFL. Get this one if you want to stay on top of all NFL things.

Watching NFL with Third Party Add-ons on Kodi

If you can’t seem to be happy with just highlights and limited flexibility of the official repositories, be a smart kid and grab yourself one of the cool ones from the internet. The third party makes it sound cheap and canny, but they are pretty awesome in reality. So among the many third party repositories out there, I highly recommend you install the one called “Channel PEAR.”

Channel PEAR

Though channel Pear allows you some added customization when it comes to your browser of choice, it does limit the number of on board channels you have to five. But it is a pretty good service to have. Installing it is fairly simple:

  • Download the repository as a zip file from here.
  • Select Add-ons from the Kodi menu and click on Install from Zip File option.
  • Find and select the channel PEAR file and install it.
  • Create a free account over at their website from this link.
  • Add the channel to your library and select Library>>Pair Device.
  • Now select Kodi from the list and copy the URL you see there.
  • Right-click on the channel pear icon at Kodi and select Add-on settings.
  • Enter that copied URL and save changes to it.

Done! You now have NFL streaming apps on your Kodi platform. Enjoy your sports week and try not to smash too many things in the rage that might follow! Hope, this tutorial helped you to install NFL on kodi.


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