Smooth Stream is a streaming technology from the parent company Microsoft. It is associated with the file formats of MP4 and HTTP standards. Also, it offers a hands-on video experience of the highest quality. It plays in the field of both on-demand videos and live happenings. Therefore, people prefer to install Smooth Streams on the Kodi add-on. 

You can download Smooth Streams on Kodi easily at the hand of one of the best repositories, Superrepo. It provides plenty of add-ons to stream content and applies to numerous devices like Mac, Windows, Android, Firestick, etc. The Kodi add-on can be located on the URL

Superrepo shall solve most problems you might face installing Smooth Streams on Kodi. We shall proceed with the steps you should adhere to install Smooth Streams on the Kodi app.  

Steps to Install Smooth Streams on Kodi

 Here is a step-by-step guide you should follow to install.

  1. Begin by installing the Kodi app on your device. Select the Settings option available at a corner on the home page.
  2. There, visit the system settings option and choose the button that presents the add-ons option. You must permit the unknown sources mentioned by selecting ‘yes‘ from the warning message.system settings
  3. Revert to the previous tab and click on settings again. Select the option of file manager and add source. Insert the given URL in the textbox that appears at the top.files
  4. A bottom box appears. You should not insert Noob and Nerds in it and click on OK. Move back to the first page and select add-ons. The add-ons browser shall appear. Next, it asks to choose Install from the zip file.install zip file
  5. Wait for the notification to appear that informs about the add-on being enabled. Now install from the given repository. It shall be the noob’s and nerds’ repository. addon video
  6. Visit the option that says video add-ons. Click on physicality. Install and check for the notification to appear.

You should track these steps to install Smooth Streams on Kodi. It is a simple procedure, though it might take some time to finish. It is pertinent to ensure you have the Kodi app before you begin streaming Smooth Streams on the SmoothStreams iptv. 

Know the Essentials of the Smooth Stream Add-on of Kodi

You should know about the application before installing Smooth Streams on Kodi. Smooth Stream is an add-on from the Kodi repository used to stream content majorly from the world of sports. It runs on sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports Go, Tennis, and many more. Apart from sports, you may also employ it to stream content like movies or entertainment channels. 

Because of its emphasis on sports and premium streaming services, Smooth Streams stands out among numerous other Kodi add-ons. You can even install Pro Sport on Kodi as an easy way to watch live NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA games on your device.

It would be best to have the login credentials for the add-on. You will also be required to become a subscriber of the streaming package using either PayPal or Bitcoin. It is an essential requirement after you install Smooth Streams on Kodi. kodi smooth streamRelative to the other add-ons, many users believe it provides higher-quality broadcasts and an easier-to-use UI. Many consumers think it is worthwhile to incur the added expense. It is crucial to stress that Smooth Streams do not compensate content providers for using copyrighted materials. Even though subscribers must pay for it, most media is without a license. 

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What is Smooth Streaming?

Smooth streaming is the advanced development of Microsoft. It is a collection of technologies that bring you the world of streaming content involving videos and audio. Smooth streaming works on platforms including Xbox 360, Silverlight, and Windows Phone Version 7, all of which are creations of Microsoft. Besides these, it also functions on specific TV platforms connected to it. 

It offers a multi-bitrate feature that ensures that content is streamed adaptively. This feature allows a hands-on replacement or compensation for the video quality you are streaming. Such issues in playback are visible in case of a change in bandwidth. what it isZencoder can produce every file required for Smooth streaming at two standard levels, single and multiple bitrates. You must encode your video and audio files in a unique segmented structure to reap the benefits of MSS. Also, develop a manifestation of the details with the client and the server and about the media.

Related Alternatives for the Kodi Add-on

You can have a look at the following alternatives for the Kodi add-on.

Poseidon Add-on

One of the trustworthy options for streaming television programs and movies on Kodi with or without a VPN at the highest level of convenience is the Poseidon Kodi add-on. Poseidon features an intuitive layout and daily content updates. poseidonYou can watch your preferred programs. An excellent choice for a fantastic visual spectacle is the Poseidon Kodi add-on.

The Poseidon Kodi Add-on has a regular updating schedule as its most advanced feature.

cCloud TV Add-on

It is an IPTV add-on with the largest selection of TV channels. You can live-stream popular TV channels like Cartoon Network, ABC, Discovery Channel, Sky, ESPN, NBC, and many others with the cCloud TV Kodi add-on. ccloudUsing the cCloud TV Kodi add-on, you can even access several broadcasters from all around the world. Also, you may rapidly choose from a variety of categories that are provided at the cCloud TV. 

Genesis Reborn Add-on

One of the most prominent add-ons for Kodi is Genesis Reborn. Genesis Reborn is the reincarnation of the venerable Kodi add-on known as Genesis. Together with other unauthorized add-ons, Genesis Reborn ranks as one of the finest Kodi add-ons. genesisThe Genesis Reborn Kodi add-on lets you view hundreds of free television shows and films. It is the improved model of the previous Genesis add-on. Also, it gives you a tonne of additional capabilities for lag-free video streaming.


Where can I find the channel list for a smooth stream?

Once you join Smooth Streams, you can see the list of Smooth Streams channels. And unlike a typical EPG, the activities are not filled out. Nonetheless, the schedule can be found based on upcoming events.

How to install external add-ons on Kodi?

If you still need to, you must first enable third-party repositories. To access the Kodi Settings screen, choose the icon from the menu. Ensure 'Unknown sources' is enabled by going to System and checking the Add-ons.

What is the best format for streaming?

The finest video codec for web streaming is easy to recognize, which is H. 264. The finest codec for adaptive streaming is, without a doubt, H. 264 because it is incredibly effective and works with most other video technologies.

What is meant by IIS Smooth Streaming?

It is an abbreviation used for Internet Information Services. IIS allows you to function as a smooth Streaming server instead of a Web server.


If you are a primary Kodi user, you must be familiar with all the finest features of the software and add-ons. You may stream all of your preferred entertainment on your device with the help of the Kodi smooth streams setup. The TV add-on Fusion may be having trouble lately, so you might look for another repository other than the Smooth Streams Kodi repo.  

This guide shall help you how to install Smooth Streams on Kodi in an efficient manner. The fun of streaming content doubles when you have a well-functioning add-on.

Installing a stream hub on kodi solves all your buffering issues.

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