Fix “Internet Explorer has stopped working” (7 Methods)


Internet Explorer is one the oldest and most-used web browser in the world. It is a product of Microsoft. Sometimes when you try to open internet explorer, it shows a message reading “Internet Explorer has stopped working.” This might be annoying and frustrating for someone who has to do some important work using the Internet explorer. Thus you must know how to fix Internet Explorer has stopped working error.

However, this is not a serious problem, and there are many ways of solving it easily. This error might be caused because of various reasons. The .dll file conflicting the iexplorer.exe is the most common reason that causes this problem of “internet explorer has stopped working.” Here are few of the most current methods used for solving this error.

Methods to solve “Internet Explorer has stopped working” Error

Resetting the internet explorer

Internet Explorer has stopped working
Fix “Internet Explorer has stopped working”

Sometimes the internet explorer might stop working because of some wrong or faulty settings that you might have made on the browser knowingly or unknowingly. If this is the case, you can fix the error by resetting the internet explorer. Follow these steps for resetting the internet explorer.

  1. Click on the internet explorer icon and open it.
  2. Select tools option.
  3. Open internet options.
  4. A new window will appear, look for advanced tab and open it.
  5. select the reset button.
  6. New box will open- tick the “Delete personal settings” option

Disabling/removing unwanted Add-on and Toolbar

Unnecessary Add-ons and toolbars might be the reason behind your internet explorer not working properly. Also, the simplest way to get your Internet explorer to work again is by disabling the add-on that you might have knowingly or unknowingly added to your Internet Explorer. Some extensions that you have on your Internet Explorer might be malware or adware that is causing this problem. You can remove these extensions by following these steps.

Disabling/removing unwanted Add-on and Toolbar
Disabling/removing unwanted Add-on and Toolbar
  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to options.
  2. Select Manage add-ons.
  3. Untick the extensions and toolbars that you want to remove.

Restart your computer after completing all the above-mentioned steps.

Disabling of Software Rendering

The internet explorer might be showing the message of “internet explorer has stopped working” because you must enable the software rendering in your settings.

Disabling of Software Rendering
Disabling of Software Rendering

Follow these steps for disabling software rendering.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and tap on the Tools option.
  2. Select the internet options.
  3. Click on the advanced tab from the newly opened window.
  4. Untick the option of “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.”

Restart your computer and check if the problem is fixed or not.

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Disabling Protected Mode

By disabling the protected mode on your Internet explorer, you can sometimes solve the problem of “Internet Explorer has stopped working.” The important thing to keep in mind while doing so is that you should only use internet explorer in protected mode if you have a good anti-virus already installed in your computer. Disabling protected mode is risky if your computer is not protected with an anti-virus. Follow these steps for disabling protected mode.

Disabling protected mode
Disabling Protected Mode
  1. Open internet explorer
  2. Open Tools
  3. Select internet options.
  4. Go to the Security tab.
  5. uncheck the enable protected mode option.

Restart your computer and check for error again.

Resetting security zone to default level

You can fix the problem by resetting the security settings of internet explorer to the default level. Now, follow these steps for resetting the security zones.

Resetting security zone to default level
Resetting security zone to default level
  1. Go to your internet settings
  2. Select security.
  3. Click on the “Reset all zones to default level.”

Restart your computer to observe if the problem is solved.

Re-installing Internet Explorer

If none of the mentioned methods solve your error, you should uninstall the internet explorer and re-install the latest version of internet explorer again to your computer. Before uninstalling the Internet explorer, make sure you have a backup browser on your computer from which you can download the latest version of internet explorer. Also, uninstalling and reinstalling the Internet explorer solves the issue of internet explorer keeps crashing most of the times.

Scan your computer for the virus

If you don’t have an anti-virus on your computer, there might be a possibility that your computer has some virus or trojan. And, the virus is the reason behind the frequent crashing of the internet explorer.

360 Antivirus
360 Antivirus

The virus affects the overall performance of your computer. You can find out if this the problem behind the problem of “internet explorer has stopped working” by installing a good anti-virus. Once you get an antivirus, scan the computer and remove all the virus on your computer.

All in All, these are some of the most common methods used by thousands of people across the world for fixing the “internet explorer has stopped working”.

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