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Emulators are third-party software or hardware which enables one computer system to act like another computer system. The work of an emulator is to intimate the work of another system other than the host system. Thus, we have got you the Best iOS Emulators for Windows to have the original Apple experience.

Need of an iOS Emulator:

The most common reason to use Emulators is for testing purposes by iOS app developers. After developing any Application, they cannot test directly on any device. So, the use of emulators comes in use. Emulators were solely for app developers and testers.

The fascination of owning any Apple device is inevitable. Many cannot afford an iOS device. So, emulators come to their rescue. Use your Windows device to emulate or intimate an iOS. It is free of cost(mostly). Though there are few iOS emulators in the market as compared to android emulators for windows systems. These emulators or simulators mimic the iOS and make the Windows look like an iOS. Run Apple apps and enjoy as if you own an Apple device.

The 9 Best iOS Emulators for Windows are:

MobiOne Studio

iOS Emulators
Best iOS Emulators for Windows – MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is one the best iOS emulators present in the market. This emulator not only helps in running and testing apps but also helps in creating applications. The created app built with the help of HTML5. So, the apps are accessible from all platforms (be it Apple or Android). MobiOne Studio is such an app which even layman can use to create iOS or android based applications.

The software is not free of cost. But before purchase, you can use a trial version of the software. The software is a must have for beginner app developers. Moreover, it allows sharing of application and customizing icons.




It is a great tool. Smartface comes second in the list of iOS emulators. The software is primarily a developer software to develop, modify, and create iOS applications. Secondarily, it is an iPhone emulator.

The developer software allows users to create unlimited Apple applications free of cost. The software is free, but for more additional features, a paid version ($99) is also there.


Appetize.io is an iOS emulator application. It allows users to run Apple and android applications on the Windows PC. An alternate to Appetize.io is App.io, but Appetize.io is preferable.

The software allows users to develop applications for both Apple and android devices over the cloud. The emulator is also used by developers for testing new applications. The emulator is free of cost for the first 100 minutes, but after the time limit, it charges $0.05/minute.



Air.iPhone is an iOS emulator for windows which makes the Windows PC just like an iPhone. This iPhone emulator supports Adobe Air Framework. The emulator is such efficient that after opening it, the look of the screen changes completely into an iPhone.

This software is free of cost and comes preloaded with a lot of applications. All the app functionality depends on the host hardware.


The most popular iOS emulator is iPadian for windows PC. If you have ever used an iPad, you would easily relate it to iPadian. The GUI is like iOS in iPad. It simulates the new iOS 10 on your windows PC. The emulation gives the exact feel and touch as that of any Apple device. It comes preloaded with iMessage, Siri, etc. You can also enjoy watching OS and TvOS on this emulator.

This emulator is available in both free and paid versions. It allows users to access the AppStore and download apps from there. With beautiful and simple GUI and app compatibility, no doubt it is among the top most emulators.


App.io is another iOS emulator tool for Windows. This app is very straightforward and easy to use. The single thing users should do is to Synchronize the applications, iOS, or android into App.io for use. So, no need of downloading or setup.

The feel of an iOS and App.io emulator is the same. The menu, keyboard, etc. feel the same. The sharing of data and applications is allowed, both internally and externally. The application is free to use for seven days.

iPhone Simulator

In the early stage of application development and need to monitor the concerns regarding the app, the iPhone Simulator is best for you. If you need to access iPhone apps and games on your PC, the emulator comes to use.

The emulator is easy to use and free of cost.

iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is based on a cloud OS and works as an emulator. It is available as a Chrome Extension. This extension gives the screen a look like that of an iPad. Without purchasing any iPad enjoy the feel with this emulator.

Users are also able to use the application for testing apps. The app is free and Windows compatible.

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is one of the topmost iOS app emulators in the market. Just download and install it in the Windows PC. It provides the best user interface and advanced support. The apps run without any trouble.

This emulator is a paid ($25/month). It is Windows Compatible.


The created list above is the top 9 iOS emulators present in the market. I handpicked them for your easier selection. Any addition and editing are welcome. Also, if you are into emulators, have a look at our Nintendo 3DS Emulators for PC. Convert your Windows system into an Apple device with the help of these emulators. So, enjoy the feel of iOS in your Windows PC.


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