Apple’s iPhone device users often face the issue of “iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes.” The iPhone can be disabled for reasons like typing wrong passwords twice a row, glitches, etc. You can use iTunes visualizers to restore your disabled iPhone. However, the problem arises when iTunes itself fails to connect. So, here is a simple guide to help you fix your iPhone, which is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes.

So, You can fix the iPhone that is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes by using the simplest methods. They are opting for recovery mode, using iCloud and DFU mode. You can also try out other third-party tools to fix your iPhone.

One of the reasons you cannot connect to iTunes is that you may have never accessed iTunes with your now-disabled device. But don’t worry. We got you covered. So, let’s look at the step-by-step guide without any delay to fix your iPhone, which is disabled and won’t connect to the iTunes issue.

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Why is the iPhone disabled and won’t connect to iTunes?

There are many reasons why the iphone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes. Although the major cause of the issue can be:

  • iPhone allows unlocking your iPhone about ten times. Once you reach your tenth attempt, your password retries time increases. You will only receive any more attempts or need to recover your iPhone.
    iphone is disabled won't connect to itunes
  • The other factor is that you are a first-time iTunes user. And, since a first-time user needs authorization, you cannot use iTunes.
  • Sometimes, the problem may be something other than your password details. It can be due to glitches in the iPhone device or iTunes.

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What To Do When iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes

 There are various ways to fix it when the iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes. Follow any of these listed methods as per your requirements.

By using LockWiper

LockWiper is one of the most brilliant tools to fix your iPhone. You can unlock not only iPhone but also it to fix other Apple devices, like disabled iPad and iPod touch, without any passcode. It also helps to unlock Apple ID without a passcode. And the most beautiful part is that you can access it for any iOS version.

  1. Access the browser of your interest on your PC and search for iMyFone. imyfone lockwiper
  2. Download and install it to your personal computer and launch it to start the lock wiper application. launch imyfone lockwiper
  3. There will be four boxes on the screen. Choose the second one, “ unlock screen passcode.” unlock screen passcode
  4. Now, click the start button on the screen, and your iPhone will be automatically detected. Then click on the Download button to install the firmware to your device. install firmware
  5. After the complete download on the screen, your iPhone’s firmware is extracted. Now, proceed and press the “start unlock” button, and the process to unlock your iPhone begins. click start unlock
  6. All you need to do is wait for a few minutes while the program unlocks your iPhone.

unlock is complete

When the unlock process ends, you can click on done, and you will now be able to use your unlocked iPhone without worry.

By using the iCloud option

Although it is easy to use the iCloud option, you must remember your Apple ID and all your security questions’ answers. Well, if you are unable to recall, then don’t worry. You can always find your Apple Id from the official Apple help page.

You can fix your iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes problem by using “ find my iphone” by following these simple steps:

  1. Access the browser of your interest and search for ‘Find me.findmy
  2. Click on the Find my-apple-cloud option, which will be at the top of the list. find iphone on icloud
  3. Now, once the webpage opens. At the bottom of your PC screen, Locate your device on” will be visible to you. Click on it. sign in to icloud
  4. Now, click on the Find iPhone button. At the top part of your browser window, you can see the ‘’ All Devices’’ option. Click on this button. select all devices
  5. You must select your device from the listed devices. select your iphone
  6. Now click the “Erase iPhone” option, which will be visible to you on the right corner of your screen.

select erase iphone option

And you are now over the iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes problem.

By using Fixppo

It is a one-click tool that will help reset iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without using passcodes. It also provides features like Instantly entering/exiting the recovery mode on your iOS devices, which is free. 

Now, let us look at a step-by-step guide on how to use Fixppo and solve the issue of the iPhone being disabled and not connecting to iTunes.

  1. First, Go to your browser and install Fixppo on your PC. launch fixxpo
  2. Now, launch your Fixppo on the computer. fixxpo
  3. The screen will now contain options like standard, advanced, and entry/ exit recovery modes. fixxpo modes
  4. Now, click on the standard mode on your screen. standard mode
  5. Set your device to recovery/DFU mode. Follow the below steps to do this. recovery mode
  6. Click on the start button. Hold the home and side buttons on the iPhone device simultaneously for a few seconds. Then, keep holding the home button and leave the side button. Release the side button and hold the home button. press home and side buttons
  7. Once you do this, you will see the compatible firmware version for your iPhone on your screen. Now, all you need to do is download after verifying all the information on your screen. firmware installation
  8. After the successful download, you should click on the start button.

unlocked iphone

And, within an instant, your iphone will unlock. You are finally over the “iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes” problem.

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Why does my iPhone not show up in iTunes when disabled?

If you are logging into iTunes for the first time, it needs your authorization, but since you forgot your passcode. iTunes fails to recognize your iPhone.

What will happen if you put your iPhone in recovery mode?

When in recovery mode, your iPhone can easily connect to iTunes or a PC. You will be able to update to the latest version of your existing operating system and restore or backup up your iPhone.

Is it possible to fix an iPhone that is disabled and connect to iTunes without using a PC?

You can reset your iPhone using find my iPhone since it is an app-based service. You will be able to rest your iPhone by using any ios device.

Will I lose all the data if I put my iPhone in recovery mode?

Yes, there is a possibility, but you can always restore the data if you have a backup.


Wrapping it up, we hope the details available in the article were helpful for you to get rid of  “iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes.” Your iPhone is back to normal. As per earlier, you can always use the LockWiper, Fixppo, and iCloud techniques to unlock your iPhone when you have iTunes issues. And, also always remember to keep your iPhone backed up frequently to avoid losing data in the iPhone under such circumstances.

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