How to Fix “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” Error


iPhones are the best phones available nowadays according to the user reviews. People are just falling in love with the phones. Whether it be the display of the phone or the resolution of the phone or the processor or the camera. Each and everything of the iPhone is just perfect. You cannot take out any mistake in the phone as far as the construction, designing and manufacturing are concerned. Thus, you must know how to solve “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” problem now!

You can also load many apps and games from the app store and enjoy them. The developers have also made a personal assistant available for every iPhone user (SIRI) who you can enjoy talking to. It keeps you updated with every event and every happening around the world and in your life (if you have assisted it to do so).

iPhones have lots of features that are not easily available in smartphones or any other phones whether they are Android phones or Windows phones. But everything has some disadvantages with it. I say even iPhone has some disadvantages which people are very keenly observing rather than going for the advantages.

iPhones do not get in connection to any other computer/mobile phone. They only connect to Mac OS. The Bluetooth in iPhones hardly connects to Android phones. No wireless sharing is possible between an iPhone and an Android/Windows phone. It is very difficult to share files/images between an iPhone and an Android/Windows phone.

Now another biggest problem with iPhone is that once it gets in lock mode and displays “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes“. It’s very difficult to unlock it and restore your data back. You can get your data only if you have backed it up and stored it in a safe place. Your iPhone once in lock mode is in lock mode permanently.

To unlock kit you need to connect it to iTunes and then unlock it there. Your data automatically erases once your iPhone has been in lock mode and you cannot get it back. This is the safety feature of iPhone that gives great security to its users. People may think it as a drawback, but as far security is concerned, it’s the best thing.

Before going into the perfectly locked mode, your iPhone gives you options to enter your passcode correctly and unlock your phone.

  • If you have five unsuccessful attempts: no problem
  • Six unsuccessful attempts: locked for 1 min
  • Seven unsuccessful attempts: locked for 5 min
  • Eight unsuccessful attempts: locked for 10 min
  • Nine unsuccessful attempts: locked for 60 min
  • Ten unsuccessful attempts: locked forever. Connect iTunes.

These security changes are the default and thus cannot change. After the six unsuccessful attempt you can try opening the emergency dialer. And then after a minute, you can try to get rid of the unsuccessful attempts if you don’t have your password. iPhone’s get in lock mode because of children. As they like playing with the buttons and also touching the screen and playing with numbers. So they mess the phone and give “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” problem by locking it.

Now, what should you do if your iPhone has been in lock mode after ten unsuccessful attempts? Nothing. Yes, the answer you heard is right. You can do nothing once your iPhone has been disable. Now, the only thing you can do is restoring your data present in your phone as it all erases and you will lose it too if you don’t back it or don’t restore it.

Restore Your Data After “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” Error

Just connect your iPhone to Mac/PC on which you have restored your data and then just open iTunes in it and now follow the instructions as given on the screen and if you have backed up data, then you can restore it. After connecting your iPhone to Mac open Itunes and then clear all the data and then again launch the settings and restore the data.
If you are not able to unlock your phone do it by recovery mode or by iCloud.

Using Recovery mode

  • Connect a USB cable to the MAC and then launch iTunes on it.
  • Just hold the home button and sleep/wake up button till the iPhone powers off.
  • Now hold the home button but let the sleep button go.
iPhone Recovery mode
iPhone Recovery mode
  • Now connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • Your computer realizes that an iPhone has been in connection to it and it displays an iPhone has been in connection to it in recovery mode.
  • Now you can recover your data from iTunes store if you have backed it up.

Using iCloud

If you have an iCloud account, your data automatically gets backed up to your account so that you can back it up anytime anywhere and thus you need not worry if your data is erased or lost anywhere. So now you can just visit iCloud and then restore all the important data from the cloud.


Now if you don’t hold a backup then just unplug your iPhone from the computer and setup iTunes and then sync your iPhone with iTunes. That’s what one can do.

I sincerely suggest everyone be careful with your phones. As once they have lock or disable, you just have to leave it and backup the data. Nothing else is possible with that phone. Don’t give your phone in the hands of children else you will be getting “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” error. Just hand it to them in switch off mode so that they cannot experiment on it. And cannot cause any harm to your phone.


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