5 Best Free & Paid iPhone Monitoring Apps {2018}


iPhone is one of the most prolific phones on the market right now. The sleek design and sturdy build makes it one of the most desirable products in recent years. The main advantage of the iPhone is its software and hardware management. The symphony of the two makes the phone fast and efficient. The iTunes store is the official store for any iPhone user to find apps of their desire. However, the iPhone monitoring apps may be free or paid.

It is important to know that most of the new iPhone users are young people. Mostly in the range of 8 – 17 years; these people are provided with their iPhone to form productive work. It becomes quite imperative that the monitoring of the usage of phone by this young demography is done.

List of Best iPhone Monitoring Apps

So with list we give you 5 best Free and Paid iPhone monitoring apps that can be used by you. Let’s get right to it!


The first app on our list is the PhoneSheriff app. It is a fast and reliable app in any context possible. The features of the app boast its robust technique and the firm monitoring. The app has many features stored in it. This includes the timer for the usage of certain apps. The app has blocking feature that prohibits the usage of particular app.

Phone Sheriff
Phone Sheriff

There is also an auto sleep feature that shuts down the phone after a regulated time. There are many special features like the specific monitoring of the messages. The blocking of contents on iTunes and web is also available. There is auto inform feature that gives the report of the usage at regular time intervals. It should be noted that the app is a paid app and needs to be purchased from the iTunes.


Almost all the apps on the iTunes are paid. However, there are few apps that have free trial period time. One of those apps is Spyzie. It is one of the handiest iPhone monitoring apps on the market.

The app has a free trial period of 7 days after which you could choose to buy the product. The Spyzie app is easy to use. All you need to do is install the app and create an account. After this, the app will take care of everything else.


There are features that help you keep track of the phone logs, messages, web history, web safety, location alert, etc. There is even a feature that keeps record of the keystrokes of the person using the phone.

The social media app blocker is also at the disposal if you need to block the excessive use of social media. The added bonus of the app is the feature of constant update about the activity.


The first truly free iPhone monitoring app on our list is the Qustodio app. It is one of the most premium looking and family-friendly app on iTunes. The app is simple to use but highly detailed in its work. Qustodio uses statistical model to note and denote the activity of the user. The app is highly illustrative and very fast.

The regular reports shows the usage of the data, the time spent on social media, the time spent on web, etc. The addition feature of the app is its ability to monitor all the activities of your phone to the finest of details. The app also boasts of the features to block app and block objectionable contents. The report can be viewed via Qustodio account.


It is probably the easiest app to handle on this list. The Netsanity app is one of the most reliable iPhone monitoring apps on the market. The app is free in its trial period which is of 14 days.

However, if you want longer service then opt for the paid subscription. The fascinating thing about the app is its capacity to do variety of functions at just one click. It has the capacity to block more than 50 apps.


The net safety and website blocking is also top notch. There are options within the app to control the usage and restrict the usage as well. It must be remembered that the app is capable to monitor each and every activity on the phone quite easily.


One of the most popular app on this list the NetNanny app. This iPhone monitoring app is the most stable app in the marketplace right now. You can never control, filter, or modify the amount of content that flows through Internet. The app is reliable and can be applicable for many devices. One account can be linked to multiple phones for monitoring of the content.


The features that it has is robust to say the very least. The monitoring of key logs, calls, messages, websites visits, etc. are all easy to use. You should keep in mind that NetNanny is a premium service app. So, there is a specified amount that you need to pay for the app.


So that’s our list of 5 Best Free and Premium iPhone monitoring apps. Some apps are specific to the uses choice on this list. We often advise our user to use the apps of their choice at their own discretion. All the apps on this list are capable enough to tackle any monitoring activity. I hope that users choose the best one for them.


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