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As good as the name sounds, there are applications at the iTunes store which can help you spy other people’s iPhone and other iOS-powered devices using iPhone Spy Apps. There are many other spying softwares available for Facebook, SnapChat etc. I bet before knowing these; you were downloading some shitty applications who guaranteed you to give an updated report on their activities and location and what not, but has either of it ever worked? No right.

You merely need to download these apps and register the user, that’s it. But before you reach the stage of downloading the application, you need to get a necessary spyware software installed which can be found individually for different iPhone models and iOS versions.

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Coming back to the topic, we have listed below the best iPhone tracking and spying applications which you can get for free and enjoy a whole new level of spying.
So, let’s get right into it:

6 Best iPhone Spy Apps

Here is the list of 6 Best iPhone spy apps. Do check it out.

M Spy

M Spy is one of the top-rated spying application used by the people, hence the number one spot. You can track the number of things like SMS, Call logs and even browser history, etc. Once you have got the application installed and running, it will automatically start recording data and activities performed by the phone and send it to an authorized online ID from where you can monitor and control it.


After reading all this, I am sure that I would have got you all hyped-up, but here comes the sad part. Since the application is the top of its line and has such amazing features (yes, you guessed it right), it comes with a price.

You can get the application for a mere $29.99 and renew it every month. But the good news is that there are several coupons and promo codes available online to help you out & save a few bucks.

Visit: M Spy

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Phone Tracker

As the name suggests, Phone Tracker application helps you to track your and someone else’s phone for free of cost (yes, it is free). The app suits best for households as well as employers who wish to track their workers or employees activities during the work hours. You need to download the application and register yourself. The incredible part is that besides your phone you can track someone else’s too and it shows a detailed report of their locations in the last twenty-four hours.

Phone Tracker for iPhone
Phone Tracker for iPhone

You can also get the application store the locations in every one to two hours. If you wish to upgrade the application (which is $0.99), you just need to follow another ten users of the application, and you will receive the update free of cost. Now that is what I call a real deal.

Visit: Phone Tracker

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Flexi Spy

This application has received a lot of positive reviews lately because of its incredible features and undeniable offers in all the iPhone Spy Apps. With this app in your to anybody else’s phone, you can track and monitor a ton of activities like emails, call logs, SMS, Browser history, GPS location and what not. It is a whole package packed in a single application.


The best part is that if you do not like the application or want to uninstall it as it does not fulfil your purpose, there is a 10-day money back guarantee where the company will refund the whole amount and no questions will be asked.

Visit: Flexi Spy

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Spy Era

Spy era is one of the most popular iPhone Spy Apps that is available to download. Unlike the other applications, spy era lets you control a ton of things from Facebook posts to Skype calls and incoming and outgoing calls and emails and a lot of different things. The application is entirely free and you can easily download it from the apple application store.


There is an additional feature that is real-time GPS tracking, although all there features are free the real-time monitoring will cost you about $4.99. You can apply promo codes to reduce this amount and save a couple of bucks.

This app is best for about-to-be-married couples and for spying on your spouse.

Visit: Spy Era


This is one of the iPhone Spy Apps which is compatible with all the iPhone devices and iOS versions. But this is not only the best thing about it. It lets you access various files like social media data and posts, WhatsApp messages, emails and even the deleted data of the tracked mobile phone.


At this price and features, this application is a steal. It is available cheaply at $8.33 per month. It is very much affordable if you compare it to other such applications.

Visit: Xnspy

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Trick or Tracker

As fancy as the name sounds, of all iPhone Spy Apps, trick or tracker is specially aims for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s moments in the virtual as well as the real world. The application comes with a real-time tracking which sends updates on the parent’s phone every 15 minutes. By this method, the parents exactly know where their kid is.

trick and tracker
trick and tracker

To get this app running smoothly, you need to install it on both the parents as well as the kid’s phone, plus it can register more than seven family members at the same time. Isn’t that awesome?

Visit: Trick or Tracker

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This was our list of best iPhone Spy Apps. Do let us know if you have any other such application that you would like to share in the comment section below.



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