How To Customize iPhone Text Messaging Sounds

Everybody wants to own an iPhone, but they forget to take a lot of things into consideration. An iPhone is one of the most secure devices that one can find. Many of its customizations require the user to connect the iPhone to a PC or a Mac. However, it does have some drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks is that there is very little room for customization even in cases of iPhone text messaging sounds. It is assumed that the only way to get an iPhone customized is through the process of jailbreaking. However, that tedious process doesn’t have to be the only way. 

There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to customizing a ringtone or if want custom iphone text tones. However, this does not mean that you can never set your favorite tone!

iphone text messaging sounds
Texting on iPhone

This article covers the method to set your favorite iPhone messaging sounds without restrictions. It is mandatory that you read the article completely and only after that try out the customization. The methods here do not require any jailbreak or anything, so you do not have to worry about anything.

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Get Custom iPhone Text Messaging Sounds For Free

Numerous ways exist for how to set a custom text tone on iPhone in your desired way. There are no difficult techniques here; even if you do not know A to Z about your iPhone, you can easily do this.

Method 1: Using AnyTrans For Making iPhone Custom Tones

The easiest way to customize the iPhone text messaging sounds is by using an app called AnyTrans. Find our review on AnyTrans here for more information.

Step 1

The first obvious thing to do will be downloading the AnyTrans application for free and then installing and running it. After this, you will have to connect your iPhone to the device where the app is downloaded. You will see something as Device Manager, which will have another option for Managing the Ringtone.


Step 2

Once you get this, consider that you are one step closer to resolving how to set a custom text tone on your iPhone. The next thing is to get your best text tones iphone file(audio file) on the device which has the AnyTrans app.

Step 3

You will then have to select the text tone option that is next to the ringtone. The timing of the text tone can also be altered in the settings.

click on text tone option anytrans
Click on Text Tone Option

This is one of the easiest ways to get your desired iPhone messages sounds. This is one of the most trusted ones online, and you can easily set your tone without the need to do a lot of running around. AnyTrans will neither infect your laptop nor your mobile phone. AnyTrans also has backup solutions built-in which is of immense use if you are someone requires it.

Download: AnyTrans

Method 2: iPhone Text Messaging Sounds Using iTunes

A simpler method to customize iPhone text messaging sounds would be to use iTunes because it is 100% going to give you the result.

Step 1

You can easily download the iTunes app for free online, don’t forget to get the correct version. The software version should be compatible with your operating system. Only then can you easily download the text tones you want and use them. You will have to download the text tone beforehand you wish to use and then once you do, right-click on it once it is in iTunes. 

Step 2

You can easily download the song via the internet and then import it to iTunes so that you can proceed with the subsequent steps. Get info about the tune where you will get another set of functions. Here, you will have to move onto the Options tab and then start customizing the music to a maximum of 30 or 40 seconds.


Step 3

Now, you will have to create an ACC file of the song that you have edited. The ACC file will be directly made into a .m4a file that you have to look for. 

create aac
Create AAC

Step 4

You will have to click on Show In Windows Explorer and then hunt a little for the ACC file. The Show in Finder can help to make the process of changing iPhone text messaging sound easier. The most important step is to rename the .m4a file to the .m4r file. It will ask you again to confirm the renaming to which you have to agree. Just add this new file to the library, and you will see the file in the tones section.

show in explorer
Show in Explorer

Wait for a few moments for the iPhone to sync to the changes, and then you will see the iPhone messaging sounds change to the customized sound you set.


You now are aware of how to customize iPhone text messaging sounds without any complications. The methods prescribed in this article are extremely straightforward and do not require you to be an expert at using an iPhone. Just follow the instructions to get your favorite text tone for your phone. If you have a MAC, you do not have to worry about the drama we mentioned. The methods above are mostly for Windows laptops and PCs only. You cannot get any text tone via another phone or anything. Keep a note of that.

The method that we suggest is that you use iTunes to get your iPhone messaging sounds that will be easier to perform. It does not require any third-party app, and the best choice should be to use iTunes.

There are a lot of fake third-party apps that claim to give you free iPhone text message tones. We do not recommend any of that because they are not authentic. 

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