Is course hero legit? Yes, it is. Course Hero is an online learning environment for college and university students only. Its objective is to support students in graduating fully prepared and self-assured. And how does it accomplish that? It includes a library of study materials for particular courses, including practice questions, study aids, class notes, and videos. Whether you need help to understand a concept or are just stuck, these tools can assist you with your academic work. It is not only helpful for students, but it is also an excellent platform for those who have an interest in teaching. However, some teachers think that completing your assignment and homework with Course Hero is not right. So, in that case, you should know “How to not get caught using Course Hero.

It’s trustworthy since Course Hero has been working for the past 13 years to provide students with top-notch study tools. The teachers and materials on Course Hero are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Before enrolling, you can browse the website to learn more about the kinds of study resources offered.

Whether Course Hero is legit or not, Course Hero is legit! It provides an online platform for over 20 million students to ask questions about course content and access course-specific study resources such as tests, essays, and revision guides.

This article will provide you with every detail you need to determine whether Course Hero is legit as we thoroughly examine what “Course Hero” is, what it does, and whether it is legitimate. You will have all the information you need after reading this post.

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How Does It Work?

Get help from Course Hero. Signing up is the first step for their free platform.

what is course hero

After signing up, it can help students in four ways which are as follows:


Course Materials for Study More than 40 million study resources, including study aids, lecture notes, essays, infographics, and tutoring questions and answers, are available at your fingertips with Hero.

homework help

In as little as 15 minutes after posting a question, you can receive a thorough, step-by-step response from a Course Hero subject matter expert. The program automatically pairs you with a tutor for n subjects like biology, engineering, history, physics, psychology, and writing. Other subjects include accounting and arithmetic. It solves the question, is course hero legit?

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The service is distinctive in that you can obtain documents tailored to the classes you are currently enrolled in. Find your required study resources by selecting your school, department, and course. You can easily delete them whenever you feel like it, but for that, you should know “how to delete course hero documents?


Additionally, you may browse literary infographics that visually deconstruct story points, characters, and themes and search for study aids for literature by title and author. The subject study guides, or mini-courses, that Course Hero also offers span topics including business and accounting, humanities, social sciences, and STEM.

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For subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, math, accounting, psychology, statistics, and probability, one can easily find over 1,000 well-liked college textbooks’ educator-verified, step-by-step solutions.

textbook solutions

In contrast to some programs that only supply the solutions, Course Hero lets you make an initial effort at problem-solving. Do you now know if Course Hero is legit? You can review your responses, get pointers, and watch videos if you get stuck. Press the “display the answer” button for a comprehensive explanation.


The practice questions on Course Hero, which are still in beta, can help you prepare for tests and quizzes. Questions are taken from actual, course-specific study materials, closely resembling what you’ll see on examinations.practise issues

Multiple-choice practice questions for biology, accounting, microeconomics, and macroeconomics are available on Course Hero.

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Course Hero provides 24/7 on-demand student homework assistance, unlike conventional online instructors. It implies that there are chances to make money every day of the week, at any time.

tutor on course hero

On Course Hero, tutors frequently receive $3 for each question they answer. Tutors for Course Hero can expect to make between $12 and $20 per hour or $300 per week on average.

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Is Course Hero Trustworthy?

Is course hero legit or not? Most consumers are still determining whether Course Hero’s dependability or using this platform would benefit them. Course Hero is dependable, at least. However, before you can utilize the platform’s services, you must first register as a user by entering personal information about yourself, such as your name and the college or school you are presently enrolled in.student

According to the award’s advertising, full-time undergraduate students can get a $5,000 scholarship each year if they successfully finish one or more courses on the Course Hero platform. So, is the Course Hero scholarship legitimate if Course Hero is trustworthy? Yes, the course hero scholarship is real, but read the details.

You must follow the requirements listed on their website if you want to be eligible for their scholarship. After giving them details about yourself and your academic background, you must submit your application by emailing them a link to an essay outlining your case for why you should be awarded the scholarship. If you win, you must pay your tuition through Course Hero. 

People want to know if a website is safe before they visit it or enter their personal information because of how unpredictable the internet has become. 

Now, we have briefly discussed whether Course Hero is legit. The Course Hero website provides adequate resources as a teaching aid for students and even teachers. It is a safe and secure website. It has been utilized by thousands of students thus far without any security worries. 

There are also reviews left by the users of course hero, which proves that this is a legitimate platform that is safe to use. 

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What categories of tutor questions exist?

You can ask the online tutors at Course Hero for help whenever you need it by using the tutor questions option. And you will get two free tutor questions after creating an account with Course Hero, valid for 30 days. You can also pay $3 for tutor questions. In addition, depending on the membership plan chosen, each Premier Membership comes with a specific amount of tutor questions. You cannot exchange new tutor questions for cash; they expire with the expiration or termination of any prior subscription.

Is course hero legit?

Well, to answer, is course hero legit? You can submit and access documents anonymously while having your money and personal information protected on Course Hero.


Even though Course Hero does not provide a free trial period during which you can fully explore the platform, there are several ways to unlock (unlock) it and use it for nothing. You can get free access to them when you publish your original study materials and documents—and you'll be able to teach others.

What does it entail to unlock a file, solution, and justification in a textbook?

After unlocking a document or textbook solution and explanation, you can thoroughly review it. For the duration of your Course Hero subscription, visit your account page to view any papers, Textbook Solutions, and Explanations you have already unlocked.


In the end, trusting the website is up to the user. They can also find various alternatives if they want to trust the website. But the question that still perks in the mind of users is whether Course Hero is legit. Yes, Course Hero is an honest company that complies with federal law and the Honor Code, establishing business rules. Additionally, they are constantly available, and if you want to understand more about the types of study tools they provide, you can explore their website before registering. Do you know the answer? Course Hero is legit or not?

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