Is MetaMask Safe? Everything You Need To Know!

This article is about the topic ‘Is Metamask safe or not?‘. MetaMask is a well-known cryptocurrency wallet known for its easy use, compatibility with both mobiles and PCs, and collection of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) across multiple blockchains. Metamask is famous for its interface and convenience for people new to the world of cryptocurrency.

The main question is- Is Metamask Secure? To simply answer this would be a bit ambiguous. On the positive side-yes, metamask is a safer crypto wallet than many others in the current market. It is easy to use and speedy in transactions. However, new users are at a higher risk of losing as they lose their secret phrases or tell them to other spam sites or scams. Delve deeper into this article to find out more.  


Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity now more than ever. People are finding it easier to convert their assets and cash to a digital mode of property. Meanwhile, many platforms have come up and claim to be the safest for storing cryptocurrency and conducting quantum ai trading. Still, It is, thus, essential to sift through the scams and find a secure wallet. Whether it is metamask or not, read more to check it out.

Is Metamask Trustworthy?

Cryptocurrency users have always been skeptical about using a wallet and losing their digital assets due to online dangers like hacks, theft, scams, and other unfortunate events. Many come up asking – Is Metamask safe for cryptocurrency? metamask logoOne of the main reasons people lose their crypto assets is simple. It is not because of hacks but the social engineering of schemes. To know more about the credibility of Metamask, you must know its features first. 

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What Metamask Comes With?

A very convenient and great feature of metamask is that it enables the transfer of tokens anonymously in a safe and secure setting. Before using the digital wallet, Metamask users do not need to provide personal identification information like address, name, or social security number

metamask wallet

Metamask is also a type of wallet that does not store data in a single central database, nor does the company collect any information about the user’s wallet use.  After you make the wallet, it is accessible only through a password that you can only select or restorable using a 12-word seed phrase. A seed phrase or recovery phrase is a group of words randomly generated by the metamask wallet that enables you to access the stored cryptocurrency

Metamask uses BIP39 to generate the seed phrase for your wallet that will cover each address, transaction, and token generated by your wallet. It is similar to your master backup key, which ensures you have access to your assets. 

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Is Metamask Safe?

Initially, the approach of Metamask digital wallet, in many ways, is through anonymity over other security actions taken by other crypto wallets. As mentioned, a password is made upon setup and restored using the seed phrase. As it is non-custodial software, so they do not store user data.

Remember that no technical support can retrieve your passwords, so the seed phrase is crucial, and you should never disclose it to any other organization or crypto wallets if asked. 

metamask interface

On the other hand, since there is only one way to recover this wallet across many devices, Metamask is prone to malware like social engineering attacks, hacks, banker trojans (malware that tries to steal your financial credentials or gain them immorally), and other scams. You can also see how to invest in crypto trade royalties here.

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Anonymity And Confidentiality

Metamask takes privacy very seriously. To answer the question – is metamask safe? You, as a user, can have full autonomy over your collected cryptocurrency and transactions. However, Metamask also warns that the blockchain networks are not truly anonymous but claim to be ‘pseudonymous.’  

metamask safe

Firstly, the id of the wallet acts as an alias, as the transactions are logged on the blockchain publicly. Secondly, Your true identity can be compromised if you link your wallet’s identity by making an NFT your Twitter profile picture.  

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Dangers Associated With It

Earlier in 2022, metamask was caught with a vulnerability of privacy regarding IP leaks of users. A hacker can gain your IP address if you send an NFT to the mobile Metamask wallet. This risk is dangerous because your location, places you often visit, and other sensitive information can be disclosed, leading to further crimes. As of now, Metamask has not suggested any solution to this issue yet.

Another danger of Metamask is that it is a browser wallet. Your browser extensions can collect information about the method and time you use your Metamask wallet. This is a serious privacy breach and should concern a cryptocurrency user. Another question that can worry a cryptocurrency user is- is metamask safe from dangers like viruses? 


One of the most commonly occurring attacks upon Metamask is viruses being made to target the wallet, disclosing the seed phrase to another party. Other ways include installing a fake extension that allows hackers to access your Metamask wallet

As a crypto wallet user, we will advise you never to share your seed phrase with any person, party, or site you are unsure of. Instead, you should instantly contact the Metamask support system. Now that you know all the dangers concerned with metamask, you can easily answer- is metamask safe or not

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What is the point of cryptocurrency?

Through the peer-to-peer system, anyone and anywhere can transfer money. Though cryptocurrencies are not a medium of exchange, they are valued as digital entries to a database for specific transactions. Cryptocurrencies are getting popular daily because they are cheaper and faster in transactions and rarely ever fail in completing a transaction.

How do cryptocurrencies work?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that acts as an alternative to paying using encryption methods. With this encryption technology, cryptocurrencies act as virtual accounting systems. To use these cryptocurrencies, you need a crypto wallet to store them. They are powered by blockchain networks. A blockchain plays the same role as a traditional ledger, storing data across innumerable computers.

What does bitcoin look like?

A Bitcoin is like a line of binary numbers of ones and zeros on the computer screen. It does not have any tangible form and is entirely a digital product with no existence outside the digital world. Keep in mind that the images you usually see for bitcoin online are pictorial depictions, not the real identity of bitcoin.

How long does it take to mine 1 Bitcoin?

It usually takes approximately ten minutes to mine one bitcoin only. However, only those who own the suitable hardware and software that can mine that fast have this facility. On a major and common scale, it takes around 30 days to mine one bitcoin.

How hard is Bitcoin mining?

Mining a bitcoin is not like what you will imagine in real life. Cryptocurrency mining takes a lot of patience, is costly, and is irregularly rewarding. To mine bitcoin, you need to have some sophisticated hardware and software that can solve complex computational maths problems. And this equipment comes at a high price as well.


The simplicity of Metamask and its use across many devices, and supporting thousands of tokens through blockchains are some of the reasons it is so popular as a crypto wallet.

Is Metamask safe? While it is a great option for crypto wallet users. But it is not the best for this world and is a niche for extreme beginners. Apparently, those who are unaware of the red flags can potentially lose their assets because malware can harm Metamask. Also, since there is no way to reset your password other than the seed phrase, you can easily lose your wallet access. 

Lastly, As a new user, you should thoroughly research the usage of cryptocurrency and crypto wallets before using Metamask or other alternatives as well. Hopefully, this review helps you. Happy Crypto investing!

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