Do you have a bad time finding software to manage your day to day or professional video and audio cutting and editing? Well, indeed it is a question of importance given the fact that there are plenty of video editing tools available on the internet, with each software having almost the same superficial features and each making a pompous display of their effectiveness. Due to these false claims, most of the times the users fall into the trap of fake or inefficient software programs which are not as helpful as they claimed to be. Thus, you must know about JoyoShare Media Cutter.

There are several things that affect the choice of the users while selecting a particular software from a list of software programs catering to the same functionalities. Cutting to the main heading of this article which is to help you guide towards choosing a good and reliable media cutting tool amongst the others of its race. JoyoShare Media Cutter is indeed the right answer to be given to a user who is looking for any video/audio cutting tool.

There are a lot of reasons which makes the software gain a positive point as opposed to others which we will discuss in details in a few minutes. But the very visible and pertinent reasons which make JoyoShare Media Cutter shine above others is because of its Easy and Convenient Material Design, Totally Ads free experience, Reliability, Safe and Secure platform, and many more. Hence, before discussing the reasons and other details regarding JoyoShare let’s get a brief overview of what basically is JoyoShare?

JoyoShare Media Cutter in Brief

JoyoShare is a media cutting tool which allows the user to cut video and audio files from a long stream of video or audio. Besides cutting video/audio JoyoShare also allows the feature of merging the already cut fragments into a single fragment which can be used for other purposes as per the requirements of the user.

JoyoShare Media Cutter Interface
JoyoShare Media Cutter Interface

The fact that makes these cuttings and segregation a bonus point is that the output quality of the media is of the same nature as that of the original media itself with no attenuation or appending of the noise of any kind. Furthermore, the software supports a wide range of input file formats to make the user convert a huge range of files.

Features in Brief

  • Supports a wide range of input files
  • High-Quality Output
  • Export to any file format.
  • Adjust the time span over a continuous region.
  • Ad-free experience.
  • Very fast Conversion.
  • Merge the segments

Key features of JoyoShare Media Cutter

No Quality Loss

Most of the times in majority of the video/audio cutting tools the final video after the cutting is of a lower quality than the input video. This happens because the software is not able to retain the resolution of the original film or audio and therefore assigns it a default predefined value which is responsible for the loss in the quality of the media content.

No Quality Loss
No Quality Loss

JoyoShare Media Cutter, on the other hand, allows the user to encode the output video as high or low quality as per his/her choice. There is no loss of quality as the software has a predefined enhancement tool programmed in which keeps the quality of the media content intact.

Supports a wide range of file format

JoyoShare Media Cutter software has a wide range of file formats in its lot to allow to user to cut and convert any file of their choice. Some of the file formats which are accepted by the software are MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, 3GP, AAC, OGG, MP3, WAV, etc.

Output Formats
Output Formats

Hence, with such a predefined variety of input files, you are bound to keep JoyoShare Media cutter as your pet media editing tool.

Extract Audio from the video file

Besides extracting a particular segment of the video from the long video, you can also extract audio from the video files and use it for other purposes.

This is a useful feature in cases where the concerned user is a dubbing professional and would like to extract that particular audio from the video and include his/her audio.

Merge Segments of Audios and Videos

JoyoShare Media cutting is a powerful tool and can also be used to merge Video and audio files. The User can also merge audio and video files into a single file.

JoyoShare Media Cutter for Windows
JoyoShare Media Cutter for Windows

The user can select the high-speed mode and set the encoding to a high quality to get fast as well high-quality output. There are also a lot of file formats available to be selected for the output file.

Clean Interface

The User interface of JoyoShare is clean without much-complicated buttons being fabricated on the front screen to make the user open the manual before operating the software.

Joyoshare Media Cutter on Mac
Joyoshare Media Cutter on Mac

The User interface is quite easy to use, and even a layman with not much knowledge on how to convert a file can easily do so.

User Reviews

Let’s have a look at some of the user feedback after using the popular media cutting tool.

JoyShare Reviews
JoyShare Reviews

The range of the Product

There are two versions of this product: a free version and a paid version and is available for both Windows and Mac. The paid version costs around $30-$40.

Hence, if you think you would need to use the software quite extensively then buying the paid version would be indeed a good investment.

Final Verdict

JoyoShare is indeed a remarkable software when compared to other products of its category. Its reliable, safe, competent and gives good quality output.

It successfully passes all the tests which are needed for a software to be effective. Hence JoyoShare is indeed a recommended product and can be bought with eyes closed.

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