Top 14 Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android & iOS

It is no crime to have fun. There are many different ways to have fun, and one of them is through singing. Improvising your vocal arts may help you shine brighter and bring out the star in you. Thus, you must know about the best Karaoke apps out there.

Presenting the topmost applications for Android and iOS to let you work with your singing and make it a whole lot better.

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Cool Karaoke Apps to Have On Your Device

Without further ado let’s dive into the details of our handpicked 10 best karaoke apps.

Sing! Karaoke By Smule

Sing! Karaoke By Smule is one of the most famous and amazing Karaoke Apps most widely used all over the world. This app is completely free to use. There are lots of advantages served with this app.


The app lets you sing as per your choice. It has all the songs of the world to choose from; it is obvious to have interest and is much better when your interests are fulfilled. Another option that it provides is to sing in a duet.

Choose your song, choose your artist, and you are good to go with Smule!

Download for Android: Smule

Download for ios: Smule


When you have the talent why not put it on display? You are a star, and you know it, but you gotta make sure that everybody knows. There is always a way to make things work in your favor and StarMaker is the finest you have got.


The whole bunch of new features comes along with editing your videos, sharing them with your friends and family. If you love to sing, make sure to get the app and turn out to be the amazing shining star that you are.

Download for Android: StarMaker

Download for ios: StarMaker

Karaoke Anywhere

Isn’t the name saying it all? The karaoke community is too big, and it requires the constant support of the entire communities. Karaoke Anywhere is one of the Karaoke Apps that lets you share a huge variety of songs that can be accessed from your phone’s music library.

karaoke anywhere
karaoke anywhere

The app is loved and appreciated a lot more by aspiring singers all over the world. They have a huge collection accounting for 50,000 and more songs.

Download for Android: Karaoke Anywhere

Musixmatch Lyrics and Music

Another super class app that offers options to listen to your music and sing along. With the help of Musixmatch lyrics and music, you can first listen to the music you wish to choose to sing and then record your song for the same.


A great option to practice and to work with your singing too.

Download for Android: Musixmatch Lyrics and Music

Download for ios: Musixmatch Lyrics and Music


First things first, to mention the advantage of Yokee, you can have a look after you look into the application for once. There are different categories for different songs, and it gets really easy to put your preference accordingly. At the start, you are provided with only 20 credits as a result of which you can only sing one song.


More credits can be earned by watching a video or by subscribing monthly. The amount to be paid is very minimal, and you don’t need to worry about it because Yokee is worth your penny.

Download for Android: Yokee

Download for ios: Yokee

SingPlay Karaoke Your Mp3

Download the Karaoke Apps and also the song you wish to play with the app; the phone takes the effort to convert it into a karaoke track. The also hidden facility that SingPlay Karaoke Your MP3 provides is to secretly dedicate a song for your lover and send it to them; there are no worries as they are completely secret.


It also provides a hardback facility to adjust the tempo and the vocals. No internet connection is needed and is free to use.

Download for Android: SingPlay Karaoke Your Mp3

The Voice

Yes, the name comes from the famous reality show “The Voice,” the only difference is that of a real stage, but nonetheless, it is a true copy of The Voice.

Being a singer everyone wishes to be a star and the app right here helps you to step ahead with your talent. There are options to audio record or video record your songs and share it on social media and share the feeling of being a star.

the voice karaoke
the voice karaoke

Social media has the power to turn things upside down, and that is how you get to be the next voice on the stage. One of its privileges is to provide offers for new songs.

Download for Android: The Voice

Download for ios: The Voice


Karaoke comes with a handy feature as it gives a chance to download songs from Safari or an email application. You have to convey your files through iTunes. To sing there are two options further, sing with the microphone off or with the microphone on.


Plenty of editing options to choose from as well as connecting to social media and sharing your talents with everyone who knows you for the outstanding singer you are.

Download for Android: Karaoke

Download for ios: Karaoke

Baby  Karaoke

Baby Karaoke is a children’s karaoke app with a huge library of songs. From nursery rhymes to Disney princess songs, It’s got everything. It is simple to use and has wonderful graphics with background music.

baby karaoke
baby karaoke

There is also an option to record. Your children will be able to learn and have fun at the same time. 

Download for Android: Baby  Karaoke

Download for ios: Baby  Karaoke


In Voloco, you may conveniently record your singing and upload it on social media straight away.


Pick from a large choice of tunes with a wonderful collection of songs. The app has a ton of auto-tuning capabilities and vocal effects that will astound you. Choose your desired music with your favorite beats, and have your voice auto-tuned to the music. You can make it funky, somber, or rock. All with Voloco’s music edits. Although the app is free, subscriptions can be purchased later.

Download for Android: Voloco

Download for ios: Voloco

K-pop Karaoke

This is an Android app that is solely dedicated to Korean karaoke. K-pop Karaoke is the perfect app for you if you love K-pop and want to sing along to it. The app has romanization and English lyrics to sing along to. Learn what the lyrics mean as you sing.

kpop karaoke
kpop karaoke

Dance along to the choreography with the official music video display. It offers a lot more than just karaoke. Fans can access official music videos, merchandise items, tour dates, and more.

Download for Android: K-pop Karaoke

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With over 45,000+ tracks, there’s a strong chance you’ll find all of your Korean pop favorites and OSTs here! It also works with Chromecast. If you sign up with a free account you can get 35000 songs offline.


There is a demo version online and in the applications that delivers abbreviated versions of songs, but users must upgrade to a membership to access all songs in their entirety. However, if you only need K-pop songs for a single karaoke event, the incredibly inexpensive “Party Pass” will give you access to the whole collection for two days. Use KaraFun’s “queue” option to modify the order of the tunes you want to sing, just like a setlist. Simply add a song to the queue to take full control of your K-pop show.

Download for Android: KaraFun

Download for ios: KaraFun


Many social engagements have been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. But who said you cant still have a good time from afar. You may sing popular songs with your pals while video calling them with Houseparty.


Houseparty is, after all, mostly a social media tool for connecting with your pals. However, its new in-app karaoke option is a fun way to pass the time while also bonding with friends. Simply hit the microphone icon to begin singing karaoke with your pals. The app has over 10,000 songs available, but there’s a high possibility it’ll keep growing.

Download for Android: HouseParty

Download for ios: HouseParty

We sing 

The social butterfly of karaoke apps. We sing has over 6 million songs. You can sing alone or with friends, There are also opportunities to sing with celebrities. T


he best part is that We sing has live streaming options. You can record your Karaoke videos and share them on social media with We sing. Best app for sing-along parties online.

Download for Android: WeSing

Download for ios: WeSing


We hope you like these apps. Karaoke is a fun activity to do with friends or even by yourself. So warm up those vocal cords and let’s start singing.

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