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Do social media need any introduction in today’s world? With no doubt, the answer is NO! The social networking sites have been tracking millions and millions of users every single day and the figures are just growing gradually to billions. These sites offer the registered users to get in touch with their dear ones along with which they also get the opportunity to explore and come across a new community of people from all around the globe. Thus, you must know about the best Kik Spy Software out there.

Social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram has helped in promoting the new ideas, inventions, innovations, creativity, business, etc. of the users and it is evidently performing well till date. In the contemporary world of online where people get to know new people, stay connected; there come some anonymous users too. Now, there arise the questions: Who are they? What does such user do? Are they any threat to other users?

Problems with Social Media

Well, in simple words they are the people with some fake id! They register themselves to the sites using some random or fake username and then log in with that username, keeping their real identity hidden from the community. They might be a stalker, a person who is not willing to share his/her details or photographs on social media or someone who tends to prank on others just for fun purpose. In very few cases only those users are a threat to others because their identity can only be kept hidden but their activities on the internet cannot be and hence they can be caught very quickly within a concise amount of time.

Usually, the people on social media are very conscious and are sensible enough to detect a fake id. In case they encounter any such fake id, they can only block that person or they can go to the profile of that person and report it so that the website itself will look after the user and take action accordingly. If the user is found fake, the company stops that user from further accessing to the same id any further. There is a need of Kik Spy Software in today’s world.

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Prevention from the Disadvantages of Social Media

Being a mature person, one will do the steps mentioned above but what about the ones who are always curious to explore something new without knowing the consequences; the minors, the teens, and the adolescence? Since, youths from all over the world are the frequent users of the social networking sites, therefore it is the due responsibility of the parents to look after their wards and to know whom their kids are talking to, what they are talking about, whom and what they are sharing, and to what they getting exposed.

As per reports, kids or the minors under the age group of 20, generally gets exposed to the nasty strangers with some very cheap intentions to harass them, which results in involving themselves in some unwanted or criminal offence. Some even become a victim or prey for the stranger and engage themselves in some unwanted sexual activities leading to death and if spared by the person, they even commit suicide in most of the cases when they are not able to deal with the situations. Kik Spy Software helps us a lot here.

Kik Spy Software

Being a parent, one always wants to track and have records of every activity their child do online and on their smartphones or other devices. After all, no parents want their child to be in trouble or danger. Keeping this in mind; the developers have developed some cool and safety applications that keep records and details of every action you perform online or on your devices, known as Kik Tracking Apps.

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In simple words, these kinds of spy app merely spy on your devices, keeping records and details of your messages, emails, contacts, videos, photos, documents, etc. without getting detected by any other devices. A list of such apps has been made for the users so that they can choose the right application according to their necessity:

Top 8 Kik Spy Software to Use Now!

Here are top 5 Kik Spy Software for you to use in 2019.


The app is compatible with both Android and iOS users. It is simple to download and install the app to access the data from the monitored device online merely by login to the Copy9 account. It is an optimal Kik Spy Software.


Here are some features of the app:

  • Tracks the real time of your position using GPS technology.
  • Tracks all types of calls and texts. It can also record calls and auto answer (if required).
  • Can access your phone’s calendar, contacts, media like pictures and videos and check for and unwanted content.
  • Periodically checks and monitors the social messaging apps like facebook messenger, WhatsApp messenger, etc.
  • Checks the web browsing on the internet and the history too.
  • The device that keeps monitoring on other devices cannot be detected, provides backup and in case there is any sensitive data, it deletes it.

Visit: Copy9

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Web Watcher

An application that stands out of the box as it works with the same efficiency on Android, iOS, Windows as well as Mac platform making it a nice Kik Spy Software.

webwatcher kik spy software

For the phone version:

  • Requires no rooting or jailbreak for the Android and the iOS users respectively.
  • Any additional file is not needed for installing the application.
  • Uses the GPS technology of your phone to keep track of your calls, web browsing, SMS, emails, etc.
  • Keeps a record of the files, documents, and media of your phone.
  • The monitoring device is kept hidden.

For the Desktop or Laptop version:

  • Remotely monitors the E-mails, Instant Messaging apps, the pressing of any input key or a keypress on the keyboard, etc.
  • No external hardware is required to support the application.
  • Easy and straightforward to install.

Visit: WebWatcher

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The TruthSpy

  • Runs well both on Android and iOS with more than 25 new and innovative features.
    The application through ambient listening can secretly call the end user and listen to the phone’s surrounding
  • It can manage your calls, spy on the logs and contacts can also record your calls and messages making it a decent Kik Spy Software
  • Allows GPS tracking
  • Keep records of the internet browsing history and monitors your online activities
  • Supports Auto-answer to any call
  • Monitors on all type of media files including notes in your device
  • Notifies the user every time it deletes any content from your device
  • The company ensures the monitoring devices to be 100% undetectable

Visit: TheTruthSPY


The application itself is a magazine loaded with a lot of dominant features in it.

  • Monitors on your phonebook, call logs, messages, and emails
  • You can see all your contact details from anywhere using the internet
  • Gives you alerts and notifications instantly
  • Supports ambient listening
  • Monitors your internet usage
  • Track real-time location using GPS
  • Track your device’s storage to get access to the media files
  • The monitoring device is kept hidden

Visit: iSpyoo


This one of the Kik Spy Software is being claimed to be the world’s most potent app till date. This app can be used by any individual or by any organization to keep tracking their employees. This app is compatible with phones, PCs, and Macs.

  • Monitors all types of digital and audio transmissions
  • Most efficient app for spying on the IMs
  • Tracks and records all kind of calls and messages
  • Offer ‘Tap Into the Room’ feature for listening to the surroundings
  • Records video calls made on Spyke, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc
  • Tracks location using GPS
  • Keeps the monitoring device invisible

Visit: Flexispy


An IT team from London built this app with the intention of protecting children from online harm. mSpy has been active since the year 2010.

  • This app requires an internet connection to work efficiently.
  • It runs smoothly on Android with versions four and above.
  • With mSpy, you can observe the target person’s Kik account and as well as monitor one’s ventures on the phone. This app has over a million users.
  • Some admirable features of mSpy are that it allows you to read texts on Kik messenger and also see pictures and videos in the chat.
  • Moreover, this software grants you access to web browser history as well. This way, you can keep track that your child is not involved in any inappropriate online activity. With their timestamp feature, you can even find the timing of texts sent and received.
  • Their contacts option also allows you to view one’s contact list on Kik.
  • Moreover, the praiseworthy feature of mSpy is that it also allows you to read through deleted messages on your phone.
  • You can even access the target phone from a distance, and also, in case of theft or loss of the target’s phone, you can delete the data on the phone.

However, know that you will need the phone to install the app manually. In case the person uninstalls the app, you will be notified.

Visit: mSpy


Are you seeking a Kik monitoring device for Android? Then SpyHuman is the best choice you can make. However, the only con of this tool is that it doesn’t work on iOS devices.

  • The remarkable properties of the app include viewing chat conversations on Kik Messenger as well as view media involved in the chat.
  • You also track location and do a live recording with this one spy app.
  • However, keep in mind, you cannot access all social media accounts with this app.

And also, you will need physical access to the phone you want to connect, to install the application. However, we suggest taking the seven days test period before opting for this software.

Visit: SpyHuman


This is one of the best spying softwares. It is a good option for concerned parents and suspicious partners.

  • Not just Kik, you can spy on any messenger apps.
  • Furthermore, these apps also feature GPS tracking and show records of SMS. Contacts and browsing activity can also be observed.

However, if you are opting for a basic plan, you won’t be able to monitor social media accounts. This is the best digital solution if you have at least android four and above versions.

Visit: OgyMogy


This is the best Kik spying software if you have any iOS (6.x or higher) or Android (2.3 or higher versions) devices. Spapp Monitoring software made its debut in the year 2012. It was introduced by Monapp Calabs Limited company.

spapp kik spy software
  • With this software on your device, you can not just monitor someone’s Kik account but also their social media and other messenger activities.
  • Spapp also had an inbuilt GPS tracking option as well as several other device monitoring features.
  • The price for one month varies from 10$ to 20$ depending on whether you opt for the recording feature or not. However, the annual plan cost only 40$.

Visit: Spapp

Monitor Kik

Monitor Kik is one of the most widespread messaging applications among youngsters. Here you can get your child’s text messages directly to your mobile phones. You can look through all the text messages both sent and received by your kid.

monitor kik
Monitor Kik

It is a potent Parental Control Tool. This software runs on your kid’s cellphone to follow all activities, which include call history, GPS location, text messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, web history, etc. It might as well be a perfect Kik Spy Software.

  • Manages calls
  • Tracks Text Messages
  • Reads Text Messages of WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Tinder, Viber, Instagram, and many more social media applications
  • Has Geo-Fencing

Visit: Monitor Kik 


Kik spy is an app that monitors the Kik account of your children or workers. iKeyMonitor spy app permits you to spy kik messages by keystrokes entered and apprehending screenshots of Kik activities. This app is helpful if your children are cyberbullied on Kik. If they are in communication with the wrong or suspicious people. iKeyMonitor even helps you monitor if your employees are doing something illegal.
ikeymonitor kik spy software
iKeyMonitor spy app aids you find out the truth behind Kik instant messenger, which not only keeps tabs on Kik activities but also monitors mobile activities in detail. It is one of the best Kik Spy Software.
  • Comprehensive Tracking Features
  • Tracks text messages of WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Tinder, Viber, Instagram, and many more social media applications
  • Provides complete Phone Control
  • Supports all types of Multimedia
  • Perfect Remote Control

Visit: iKeyMonitor

XNSPY Kik Spyware

Kik Messenger’s Open and Direct access to children can be a threat. XNSPY Kik spyware, you can get admittance to all Kik conversations your child might be having. It is easy-to-use and very minimalist spyware for your needs.

xnspy kik spy software

XNSPY Kik spyware’s website claimes that using XNSPY is even easier than playing SimCity. Well, this comparison might as well just clear your ambiguity of XNSPY Kik spyware very easy to use. It requires just a single sign-in, and you will have complete access to your kid’s mobile phone activity. It is a great Kik Spy Software.

  • View Call Logs
  • Access Text Messages
  • You can have a Watchlist of the Contacts
  • Access Instant Messenger Chats and Multimedia
  • Track GPS Location
  • Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities
  • Record Phone Calls and Surroundings

Visit: XNSPY Kik Spyware


So, these were some cool and safety Kik Spy Software for you to use so that you can keep tracking your near and dear ones for the sake of their security.

One thing I just want to conclude from this list of Kik Spy tool is that everything has some pros and cons. Therefore, keeping the cons aside, the online community is very much useful and full of opportunities to the right things but one should know how to use them properly following the norms and guidelines of it. If you follow them, you are safe, and if you don’t then May God Bless You!

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