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Want to watch a live stream, a TV Show or your favorite movie but got no TV set. Get rid of it with the Kodi Add-ons. Now use Kodi Add-ons for Live TV on a media player free of cost. With a vast reserve of contents, you can enjoy anything and everything live. Firstly, you should get Best Kodi boxes available as per today. As the software is open source and the Add-ons, third-party software, some copyright and geo-restrictions might occur. In such cases, a VPN is required.

With loads of Add-on in the market, there are very few trustworthy which we use for Live TV. Working late in your work space and missing your favorite sports, TV show, or anything then Kodi Add-ons comes handy.

Top 10 Working Kodi Add-ons for Live TV:

Good Fellas 2.0

Kodi Add-ons for Live TV
Kodi Add-ons for Live TV – Good Fellas 2.0

The best available Add-on for live TV till date. It is constantly updated and becomes better after each update. Good Fellas 2.0 is the most popular Add-on in the Kodi community. It fulfills all the Live TV needs.

The Add-on is also popular for web streaming across the earth and beyond (International Space Station). The Add-on sometimes goes gown, but the stream quality is very fine. Try it.

USTV Now Plus

USTV Now Plus is another Add-on which allows its users to view a maximum of 29 channels. Most of the channels are US cable networks and need a subscription.

To access the Add-on, you must sign up for free. Upon free sign, up you will have a limit of 7 channels. With USTV Now, you need not worry about illegal streaming. Enjoy Channels like CNN, History, Fox News, etc.

Falcon Project

Another addition to the list is Falcon. This Add-on has a huge number of live TV streams. The Live TV streams are fast opening. The Add-on challenges multiple Add-ons by its list of streams and its speed.

Falcon Sports Add-on is also available which lists the Sports Add-on in Falcon.

iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW Add-on allows streaming of all the BBC’s Live TV. The stream quality is very good and has high-quality content. The user interface is very straightforward and simplistic. There is no issue of buffering. Moreover, the servers are seldom down.

The only back draw is that it is available for UK citizens that too with a license. Others can use a VPN to access the Add-on.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a great Add-on. With a vast library of channels, you will never run out of options. Most of the available channels of US or UK but do not get disappointed, quite a few international channels are also available.

The Add-on is easy to use. The stream quality is good, but due to server problems, the quality decorates sometimes.

Rising Tides

This Add-on is quite new and is yet not popular among the masses. The Add-on is quite well designed. The contents are well distributed and easy to find.

The contents of the Add-on are quite diverse. Besides being well organized, the Add-on is quite reliable. The streams in the Add-on load quite quick.

FilmOn Single

FilmOn Single is quite a unique Add-on. This Kodi Add-on has streams of many regions. It contains Asian, African as well as European streams. The list goes in.

The Add-on contains some of the most special types of channels which are not available elsewhere. The user can also search for streams depending on the genre of the stream.

Oblivian Streams

This Add-on can be found in the Quantum Add-on. Quantum Add-on is the host of multiple Add-ons. Though Oblivian Streams do not work alone, Quantum provides an array of services to facilitate the streaming. The streaming is nice, and the streams available are from many regions and countries.

Sports Devil

SportsDevil is primarily a sports Add-on, but you can find a LIVE TV section. There you would be able to find multiple channels of your choice. But among them, Shadownet.ro is preferable to use.


Kodi users can use Flash-enabled streams, and Veetle is one such Add-on which facilitates it. This add-on can be used to stream many movies, shows, etc. on any preferred genre. Various types of movies like documentaries and animations can be found in this Add-on.


The above list is prepared after a lot of research. But choice may vary from person to person. Some Copyright issues might occur. There are much more Add-ons available in the web. Feel free to use any of the Kodi Add-ons for Live TV. Get rid of your cable TV and enjoy Kodi Add-ons. Feel free to add better Add-ons to the list. With the emergence of newer technology and devices, websites, and services, we cannot forget the importance of TV in our lives. Enjoy Kodi Add-ons for Live TV.


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