How To Use Laravel With React Js? Complete Guide

Laravel is an excellent open-source PHP receptacle that is easy to infer because it follows a model-view-controller pattern in its design. With its unique features, it speeds up web development.  If the web application is based on Laravel, it becomes more secure and includes namespaces which help in better organization. It has a robust ecosystem, which makes it more widespread. It can be used as a front and backend according to the need.

E.g., It is configured with Vue for the former, whereas with React.js, it acts as a backend. Backend in Laravel PHP framework and frontend in React js framework. It is observed that many users were facing hardships in this regard. This article will help you learn how to use Laravel with React js. You can also, read about The Top 10 Best Face Morphing App In 2022 You Should Know.

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What is Laravel?

It’s a web application framework providing abundant high-quality learning resources. It is based on Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP), making it more viable, competent, and famous in today’s web world.lavarel

One can even create, delete, retrieve, and update posts. It has come a long way and paved the way for building modern web applications.

What is React Js?

It’s a javascript open-source front-end library for building user interfaces based on UI components. It can be used as a base for developing mobile applications. React.js development is becoming one of the best javascript frameworks among web developers.react Js

It shows distinct traits like Virtual DOM, extensions, performance, JSX(Javascript Syntax Extension), one-way data binding, components, simplicity, etc. React.js development services build full-scale web applications that work fast and meet client’s expectations.

As we know, Veu.js is the preferred framework for the Laravel community. But all those users who prefer using react instead, entertain throughout this manuscript.

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Basic Knowledge Before Using Larvel With React js

The extensive use of Laravel with React js, here’s the explanation.


A brief knowledge about the following is needed for linking Laravel with React js :

  1. The essential insight of PHP and Laravel.
  2. Basic understanding of javascript and React.
  3. PHP installed on your PC.Prerequisites
  4. Laravel induction performs into your system.
  5. Composer and SQ lite on your PC.
  6. Users can set up URL exchanges for frontend and backend users, respectively.

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Planning The Application

There are mainly two types of task management apps: Tasks and Projects, respectively.

  1. TASKS – That’s something which gets done by users. It indicates if they’re still not done. It’s correlating with projects with similar content. Planning The Application
  2. PROJECT – It consists of similar tasks summing up together as a whole, also indicating if it’s terminating.

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How To Use Laravel With react.js?

Here’s the steps to help you start with the process of how to use Laravel with react.js.

  1. The very first step is to create a new Laravel application.
  2. With the help of the preset command, which is present in Laravel 5.5, users can specify their type of framework according to them. So the default Vue.js switches to React.
  3. Now we need to specify the tasks and project.Let's get started with the process of how to use Laravel with react.js:
  4. Next, you need to create app models and migrations.
  5. Start by creating a new Laravel project on your PC using any bootstrapping methods. E.g. Laravel installer. After opening this in your text reader, package.json is seen in the Laravel project.
  6. Packages including Axios, Postcss, laravel mix, and Lodash, start installing. After installing that, it must be verified.

This was all about Laravel, now introducing React to see the process of using Laravel with React js. Users first need to install React and React-dom as two new Javascript. This installation will help you find all the files in one javascript to attach them to blade templates.

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Create a counter component using the state hook

Here’s the steps to help you create a counter component using the state hook.

  1. Users need to create a file resources/js/counter.js and proceed accordingly.
  2. Users then need to open resources/js/app js.
  3. Now, instead of going for the npm run dev command, users should go for the npm run watch order, which aids in automatically compiling your files.Create a counter component using the state hook
  4. Users should then open the resources/view/welcome.blade.php file.
  5. You can even go for class components writing if desired.
  6. This component plays a vital role in linking Laravel with React js.

Communicate Via Laravel Back-end

Here’s the steps to help you communicate via Laravel Back-end.

  1. After working on the front-end, you can even go to the back-end for communication.
  2. You need to open the routes/web.php file and go for an upgrade.
  3. Database and such stuff would complicate it. The prevention of this becomes necessary.
  4. Thus it receives a string called ‘message’ from the front-end and reverts.Communicate Via Laravel Back-end
  5. A Post request to the endpoint follows this.
  6. After this, recompilation gets execution. Press the increment or decrement icon in the network tab of your browser.
  7. The server responding to the request follows next. In introducing Laravel with React js, both backend and frontend play a vital role.
  8. Users can also go for API routes, which will be a little complicated.

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Vendor Extraction

Here we would like to share a drawback to binding up React libraries together with the application-centric Javascript code that makes long-term catching quite tricky.

Even a slight code change can make the browser react forcefully. One of the solutions to this is to drag vendor library code into a separate file. That’s done by opening the webpack.mix.js file and updating the code.

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Which is the best js for Laravel?

As per endorsed data, Vue.js is the one that gets the best affinity with Laravel. Vue.js is the advanced javascript intended to design UI and single-page applications. Its usage for similar to a regular HTML tag inside the blade file. The blade file renders users pass props to the element from the generated output. Users can also switch to react framework, which links Laravel with react js.

How do we create react components in Laravel?

The very first step is to download Laravel. Next, we need to install the Laravel UI to install react in that now we need to view the file to render our react component. This creates a route. routes/web.php. To create a react component, use resources/js/components/Example.js. Finally, you must create a blade file to render our react components.

Is Laravel faster than PHP?

PHP scripts are much faster in situations where codes are very transparent and accurate due to their simple structure. Laravel has a layered format, so it'll delay the code lines.

List some peculiar features of Laravel.

For users and web developers, these traits play a very keen role: modularity, routing, configuration methodology, testability, template engine, email, authentication, etc. These even make the association of Laravel with react js more authentic.


The above information about Laravel, Javascript, PHP, and React is very evident to all users. We hope we have sorted out all your queries regarding the same. If there is any trouble, you are free to browse and learn.

Laravel is designed as a more structured and trusted web application. It also briefs us about the usage of Laravel with React js.

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