The most common among the levels of background checks type is a level 3 background check. In some instances, unlike other types of background checks, level 3 types of background checks also come with drug testing before employment. Order a level 3 check to ensure your potential hire won’t bring problems to the workplace that could have been anticipated. 

background checkSo what is a level 3 background check? It includes reference checks, employment, and education history, and criminal history screening. The standard period covered by a level 3 background check is seven years back, and this check can report information going up to ten years back in some states.

Reliable databases used to carry out this check have information from federal and state sources regarding disciplinary action, debarment, sanction, and exclusions of and against individuals. Organizations in the medical field are under an obligation to thoroughly verify their providers’ backgrounds and credentials, whereby screening accuracy is of paramount importance. keep reading this article to know about this. 

The Extent of a Level 3 Background Check 

Essentially, your level 3 check needs to go beyond what a single provider can detect or what you can find on your own searching Google. These checks give access to publicly available information, driving records, and phone records (private and public phone directories). You also get a social media account summary, court records, criminal records, and a general online lookup.

background check extentReliable background check services know that the Federal Trade Commission oversees compliance with the FCRA. An official Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), does your background check, for you to be able to use the findings legally. But if you wish to background check yourself, or find information on your roommates, neighbors, or a potential partner, then you can use a lookup tool like, which provides the same information compiled from public records.

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Level 3 National and State Criminal Searches 

The criminal search starts with a national search of electronic databases. Each state database is checked for offenses, including ones sexual in nature. State police, county courthouses, state corrections departments, attorney general offices, and multiple law enforcement departments are combed for information. The searches also identify municipal-level misdemeanors and county-level felonies. Background check companies perform a Social Security Number (SSN) search too.

FCRA Section 607 must ensure the accuracy of all information provided. A compliant service provider will enforce procedures to ensure maximum data reliability. When selecting a provider, make sure you take this into account. Even big names like HireRight have proven susceptible to fallacies.

criminal searchesState searches are a crucial component of any level 3 criminal background check. These can be a bit tricky because the procedure is different in each state. What the background check company will do in California will differ from what they’ll do in Mississippi.

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Specialized Searches 

FACIS (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) searches on level 3 cover state Medicaid exclusions, HEAT force news, state contractor debarment, and disqualification lists, Attorney General news, Medicaid/Medicare opt-out lists more.


It’s critical to search national exclusion lists because many medical care organizations get federal funding. Paying entities on an exclusion list involves high fines and legal fees. The risk of loss of reputation and that of patients is genuine.

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What information is included in a Level 3 background check?

A Level 3 background check can include criminal records, employment verification, education verification, credit history, professional licenses, references, and other relevant information based on the requirements of the position or organization.

Who performs Level 3 background checks?

Level 3 background checks are often conducted by specialized background check companies or third-party providers with access to comprehensive databases and resources necessary to gather the required information.

How long does a Level 3 background check take?

The duration of a Level 3 background check can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the investigation, availability of records, and the efficiency of the background check provider. It can range from a few days to several weeks.

Can a Level 3 background check uncover seal or expunge records?

In most cases, seal or expunge records should not appear in a Level 3 background check. However, laws regarding the disclosure of sealed or expunged records can vary, so it is essential to consult local regulations and legal experts for accurate information.

Can a Level 3 background check include international records?

A Level 3 background check can include international records if the position or organization requires it. International records can be obtained through international databases, local authorities, or third-party verification services.

Can an individual dispute or challenge the results of a Level 3 background check?

Yes, individuals have the right to dispute or challenge the results of a Level 3 background check if they believe inaccuracies or errors exist. The process for disputing background check results may vary, but it typically involves contacting the background check provider and providing supporting evidence.


A level 3 background check includes a physical search within the job candidate‘s jurisdiction and Social Security Number locations. These two searches will report many potential hits will report. Sometimes, the screening company will send an employee down to the courthouse in person to check records. This is a best practice because electronic searches are not 100% reliable and accurate.

Reporting sealed or expunged criminal records is not appropriate. On every background check level, we must take care to avoid the misidentification of a search target.

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