LG unveiled the successor of its widely popular G3 mobile phone on the 28th of April 2015 and was released to the global market in June 2015. The LG G4 packs the Android OS, a storage of 32 GB, and a battery life of 3000 mAh.

Completely turn off the LG G4. After that, to restart the smartphone, press the power on/off button. Hold the volume quieter button when the screen turns on and displays the LG start logo. As soon as the sim-pin is queried, keep pressing it.lg g4


The defect a large sector of LG consumers faced while using this device was termed “Bootloops.” Bootloop is a technical terminology that defines a continuous loop of rebooting the device, rendering it useless. This defect or misfortune occurs when the phone’s inner components lose contact. Hence, we illuminate the five ways you can execute if your LG G4 keeps restarting.

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5 Ways to Fix LG G4 Keeps Restarting

Wipeout cache

From the name of this solution, one can derive that your phone will wipe out entirely, at least the cache sector of your memory. Executing this fix involves shutting down the phone completely, accessing the recovery mode to wipe the cache partition, and rebooting the device.

The user must first shut down the device to access the recovery mode options. After that, they must hold down the volume and the power key until the LG logo lights the screen up.

As soon as you get a visible indication of the emblem, quickly for a second, release the head-down buttons and then press them again for one last time.

It will allow you to access the options in recovery mode. Using the volume rockers, the user can navigate the opportunity and select to wipe the cache partitions. After the cache has been wiped out, reboot the phone. If the issue boot loop is gone, the solution worked correctly; if not, move to the next fix.

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Safeties on

This solution involves the troubled user booting the device into safe mode. Safe mode allows the user to find out if any third-party applications are the troublemakers of this issue. This is because safe mode turns off all third-party applications.

This mode also allows you to see if it’s a hardware problem. The problem will only be classified as a hardware issue if the phone in safety mode goes into a boot loop. To access the safety mode, the user must ensure the phone is completely off and execute the exact steps to reach recovery mode.

safeties on

This is because the option to go to safety is present in that array of choices. Navigate to the safe mode option using the volume rocker keys after reaching recovery mode. After selecting the secure way, the phone will go into a reboot state.

You are making the device reboot into safe mode. At this point, you will need to turn off all other apps. Hence allowing you to trace if any of them are the causes of this issue or if the problem lies in the hardware. I hope it solves the LG G4 keeps restarting issue.

Patch up

Software updates are how developers remove bugs or issues they haven’t encountered during testing. It is also a way of assuring customers that their device is also on the minds of developers.

Another way a boot loop can occur is due to outdated system software running the device. The only way to update old system files is to search for a system update.

patch up option

You can do this quickly by accessing your phone’s settings and selecting the software update. Under this section, you will have a choice to search for new updates. If the search pops up with a software update, download and install it immediately.

This might or might not fix your problem, as the presence of a software update is questionable. If the problem still resides even after a software update, the following solution might solve your problem: LG G4 keeps restarting.

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Clean house

This solution, aptly named “Clean house,” involves the user executing a factory reset. A factory reset should be the last and only last option on your mind. This will affect not only the cache partition but also everything that your phone has.

Apart from drivers and the OS, you will render your phone a brand-new one, at least from the inside. Hence, the derivation of the name “factory reset.”

To execute a factory reset, the user must follow the steps to get into recovery mode. After that, they must navigate to the factory reset option using the volume rockers and confirm it.

This will make your device go into a reboot. This act is irreversible (if you haven’t backed your storage up) and will wipe out all of your data, rendering the software side of the phone brand new.

After the phone boots up and the problem persists, you can only try the last one. This will fix LG G4, which keeps restarting most probably.

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Help me; I am all out.

Yes, this is the final straw. If the problem still resides even after executing the above solutions, then there is only one thing you can do. That single last solution is to go to an official LG service center.

help me; I am all out

The very reason that none of the above resolutions worked is that it’s a hardware issue, and only LG can fix them.

This is an even better option if you have an active warranty, as your chances of getting a fresh piece are higher. Irrespective of getting a clean bit, they will fix the issue within a period. I hope in the end, you can find a solution for LG G4’s restarting error.

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Is a software issue causing my LG G4 to restart?

A software issue can cause your LG G4 to restart unexpectedly. It could be due to a conflicting app, corrupted system files, or a software update problem. Try clearing the app cache, uninstalling problematic apps, or performing a software update to resolve any software-related issues.

Can a faulty battery cause my LG G4 to restart?

A faulty or deteriorating battery can cause your LG G4 to restart. If the battery is not holding a charge properly or is damaged, it may lead to unexpected restarts. Consider replacing the battery with a new one to see if it resolves the restarting issue.

Why does my LG G4 get overheated and restart?

Overheating can trigger automatic restarts on the LG G4. It may occur due to heavy usage, running resource-intensive apps, or a malfunctioning component like the processor. Ensure that your device is not exposed to extreme temperatures, close unnecessary apps, or seek professional assistance if the overheating issue persists.

Can a hardware problem cause my LG G4 to keep restarting?

A hardware problem can cause your LG G4 to restart. Issues like a faulty power button, damaged motherboard, or loose connections can result in frequent restarts. Consider visiting an authorized service center to diagnose and repair any hardware-related issues with your device.

What should I do if my LG G4 continues to restart even after troubleshooting?

If your LG G4 continues to restart even after troubleshooting steps, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Contact LG customer support or visit an authorized service center to have your device examined by trained technicians who can diagnose and resolve the underlying problem.

Will a factory reset fix the restarting issue on my LG G4?

A factory reset can fix the restarting issue on your LG G4 if software glitches or conflicts cause it. However, it is essential to note that a factory reset erases all data on your device, so ensure you have a backup of your important files before proceeding with a factory reset.

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