LG unveiled the successor of its widely popular G3 mobile phone on the 28th of April 2015 and was released to the global market in the June of 2015. Flying under the name of LG G4, it packs the Android OS, a storage of 32 GB and a battery life of 3000 mAh. The phone was received positively with a flow of reviews praising its 5.5-inch display, the quality of its 16 mp camera and its overall performance.

The device provided its loyal users and its patrons for the next two years a good to fair user-friendly experience. After which the mobile became an article of criticism due to the manufacturing defects which came through the careless mass production of the product. The defects grew in number amongst various users and soon a class action lawsuit was filed in the March of 2017.


The defect which a large sector of LG consumers faced while using this device was termed as “Bootloops.” Bootloop is a technical terminology which is used to define as a continuous loop of rebooting the device, which rendered it useless. This defect or misfortune occurs when the inner components of the phone have a loose contact.

Due to the recurring nature of this problem amongst new and old consumers, LG was forced to research the issue. They soon found out that the problem arose from a loose connection between the power supply and the phone memory, which in turn didn’t allow the phone to boot up properly. It made the system to go into a bootloop.

A bootloop could also occur due to the absence of system stability, the inability to access crucial memory or even a loose connection to components such as the fingerprint scanner.

Due to the multiple nature of the reasons for a single problem, many tech gurus came together in an attempt to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Hence, today we are here to shed light on the 5 ways you can execute if your LG G4 keeps restarting.

5 Ways to Fix LG G4 Keeps Restarting

Wipeout cache

From the name of this solution, one can derive the fact that your phone is going to wipe out entirely, at least the cache sector of your memory. Executing this fix involves shutting down the phone completely, accessing the recovery mode to wipe the cache partition and then rebooting the device.

To access the recovery mode options, the user must firstly shutdown the device. After which he/she must hold down the volume down and the power key, until the LG logo lights the screen up. As soon as you get a visible indication of the logo, quickly for a second, release the head down buttons and then press them again for one last time.

It will allow you to access the options in recovery mode. Using the volume rockers, the user can navigate the option and in turn, selects to wipe the cache partitions. After the cache has been wiped out, reboot the phone. If the issue of the bootloop is gone, then the solution worked correctly, if not move to the next fix.

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Safeties on

This solution involves the troubled user to boot the device into safe mode. Safe mode allows the user to find out if any third-party applications are the troublemakers of this issue. It is because safe mode disables all third-party applications.

This mode also allows you to see if it’s a hardware problem too. The problem will only get classified as a hardware issue only after if the phone in safety mode goes into a bootloop. To access the safety mode, the user must assure that the phone is completely off and must execute the exact steps to reach the recovery mode.

This is because the option to go to safety is present in that array of choices. Using the volume rocker keys, navigate to the safe mode option after reaching recovery mode. After selecting secure mode, the phone will go into a state of reboot. Making the device to reboot into safe mode. At this point you will need to disable all other apps. Hence allowing you to trace if any of them are the causes of this issue or if the problem lies in the hardware. Hope it solves the LG G4 keeps restarting issue.

Patch up

Software updates are the way developers remove bugs or issue which they haven’t encountered during testing. It is also a way assuring customers that their device is also on the minds of developers.

Another way a bootloop can occur is also due to outdated system software’s running the device. The only way to update old system files is to search for a system update.

You can do this quickly by accessing the settings of your phone and selecting the software update. Under this section, you will have a choice to search for new updates. If the search pops up with a software update, download it and install it immediately.

This might or might not fix your problem as the presence of a software update is questionable. If the problem still resides even after a software update, the next solution might be the answer to your problem LG G4 keeps restarting.

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Clean house

This solution aptly named as “Clean house,” involves the user executing a factory reset. A factory reset should be the last and only last option on your mind. This will not only erase cache partition but also, everything that your phone has.

Apart from drivers and the OS itself, you will render your phone as a brand-new phone at least from the inside. Hence the derivation of the name “factory reset.” To execute a factory reset, the user must follow the steps to get into recovery mode. After which he/she must navigate to the factory reset option using the volume rockers and finally confirm it.

This will make your device go into a reboot. This act is irreversible (if you haven’t backed your storage up) and will wipe out all of your data, rendering the software side of the phone brand new. After the phone boots up and the problem persists, then you can only try the last one. This will fix LG G4 keeps restarting most probably.

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Help me; I am all out

Yes, this is the final straw. If the problem still resides even after executing the above solutions, then there is only one thing you can do. That single last solution is to go to an official LG service center. The very reason that none of the above solutions worked is that it’s a hardware issue and only LG can fix them.

This is also even a better option if you have an active warranty on as your chances of getting a fresh piece is more. Irrespective of getting a clean piece or not they will fix the issue under a span of time. Hope at end, you’re able to find solution for LG G4 keeps restarting error.

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