5 Best Linux Android Emulators to Use in 2022

Even though Linux is not as well-known as other operating systems, it is a force to be reckoned with. While Windows and Mac OSX are robust systems, they have one significant disadvantage compared to Linux: They cannot execute native Android apps. This is a considerable drawback for individuals who wish to utilize their computers or PCs as Android devices. Let’s talk about Linux android emulators and why you should switch.

Many people are considering switching from Windows or Mac OSX, but numerous challenges come with this decision. One of which is finding a good emulator. One that allows you to run your favorite games and other apps on your computer smoothly.

linux os desktop
Linux OS Desktop

Good for you, this article is here to help you find the perfect emulator. In the following text, we’re going to show you five of the best Linux-based Android emulators that will allow you to play all your favorite mobile games on your PC or laptop easily!

Android Emulator And Its Benefits

An Android emulator is a program that allows you to run your favorite games and apps on your computer. This is one of many benefits of an emulator. It gives the ability to install applications from the Google Play store, which is not possible with Windows or Mac OSX.

Some of these emulators also offer improved Linux performance on some devices and custom keyboard mapping for those who need it.

The 5 Best Linux Android Emulators For 2022

So let’s get started with the list!


Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/5

Summary: The most famous Android emulator on the market also offers excellent compatibility with pretty much every game out there, as well as great performance both at home and in streaming environments.

bluestacks emulator
BlueStacks Emulator

It is entirely free to download for everyone, which makes it a really good deal if you are looking for an emulator that works without any hassle.

Caligo 2022

Price: Free – Open Source

Rating: 4/5

Summary: This is the one if you are looking for an Android emulator that provides decent speeds. It works on all Linux distributions and has some support for more modern devices. However, it does not emulate high-end models well and has some incompatibilities with newer Linux systems.

Vixen 2022

Price: Free – Open Source

Rating: 4/5

Summary: This emulator is fast and can emulate newer devices. It works on multiple distributions and provides excellent support for the keyboard and mouse. However, it does not work with all resolutions and has no support for controllers.

Koplayer 2022

Price: Free – $10

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Koplayer 2022 is a great emulator that provides good compatibility and good performance for games.

koplayer android emulator
KoPlayer Android Emulator

It also has the benefit of being completely free with some optional paid features such as controller support which cannot be found amongst other options on this list.


Price: Free – Open Source

Rating: 5/5

Summary: This emulator is an excellent choice for those who want a product that works on most modern computers and devices with little to no hassle.

android -x86 emulator
Android -x86 Emulator

Compatibility is tested regularly to be sure it will always work, which is why we have chosen this as number one.

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Why You Should Switch To Linux From Windows or Mac OSX

The benefits of using Linux over Windows or Mac OSX are well documented. However, one of the biggest benefits for gamers looking to use Linux as their primary platform is that many games on Steam and other online stores have a native version available for download. This means that all you need to do to play them is install Steam and login with your account details. Furthermore, each game will have a Linux version listed next to it which saves you from figuring out which distribution would be best for running your favorite PC titles!

For more Android emulators for Linux OS, click here.

Easy Transition Methods

A common misconception about Linux is that it is hard to use and can be very confusing. Fortunately, this is not true! Most Linux distributions will work similarly to Windows or Mac OSX, making the transition a lot smoother. We have outlined some of the best ways to make the transition from Windows/Mac OSX easier

Install Steam

Installing Steam on your current operating system helps. You can download all future games directly onto your computer rather than having to buy them elsewhere.

install steam
Install Steam

This also saves you money because many games are much cheaper on Steam compared to other stores! If possible, try using WINE while installing Steam to ensure compatibility with games that cannot run natively under Linux distributions.

Check Compatibility

If you are using the Steam version of the game, then check whether there is a native Linux version available or not. If it is not available, do some research online to find out the best distribution for running that particular title instead. Alternatively, if you have already installed an emulator on your PC, then it would probably be best to install your favorite games within that emulator, so they work under Linux too! 

Find Alternative App Stores

Although Google Play Store works with most Linux distributions, there may still be problems with specific titles, making them incompatible. Doing some additional research about this can help avoid frustration down the line. It might also be worth looking at other alternatives such as F-Droid to find games compatible with Linux.

Invest Time In Learning Certain Keystrokes

Switching from a mouse to a touchpad might take some time, but it is worth it as you no longer have to drag your cursor around. Instead, you can swipe or tap on the touch screen! To make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.


I heard that Linux is only for nerds. Will I be able to use it?

Most things about using Linux are similar to Windows or Mac OSX, which means that the transition is easier than people think! If you stick with it and invest time in learning how it works, your experience should improve over time!

My game keeps crashing on startup. What should I do?

That can happen because some games cannot run natively under Linux distributions, but you can always install an emulator like Wine to help solve this problem. We have a guide about installing Steam on Wine here that might also help you get your favorite titles running smoothly as well.

What if my laptop doesn’t have a touch screen?

In that case, you can always use Synergy to share your mouse and keyboard with another computer. It will work on any operating system, so it is compatible regardless of what you are currently using! You can find more information here to get started.

I heard Linux isn’t as secure as Windows/Mac OSX. Is this true?

This used to be the case, but modern Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and Linux Mint come with many features that make them very secure too!


Linux has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It’s now one of the most secure operating systems on the market. Linux is also more efficient than Windows or Mac OSX. It means that your computer should boot up faster and require fewer resources for running tasks. Suppose you’re looking for an alternative to these popular operating systems. In that case, we recommend checking out our list of the 5 best Linux Android emulators and why switching over might make sense in some cases. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to reach out below!

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