How to Locate Spyware on Android? | Best Ways to Remove Spyware

The current generation of mobiles is capable of performing complex tasks and handle large applications. Leading Android device manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Real Me, etc., are providing hi-tech phones. Hence, users now have a better option to carry a miniature computer in their pocket. There is no doubt in the fact that we are storing important data on our Android mobiles. Any spyware can prove to be a threat for the same and lead to data loss and manipulation. Thus, you should know about data security first of all and then the various methods about how to locate spyware on Android. 

locate spyware on android

Moreover, we have the most common and effective ways that will help to remove, locate spyware on your android. Make sure to read the blog till the end and learn various procedures accordingly.

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What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of malicious file that can pirate personal information without its consent. Further, hackers can use it to extract critical data from the system and exploit it accordingly. It can also lead to various software issues, especially in Android phones without security applications. The data present in the hard drive is not safe as spyware could easily access it. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them from the system to stop harming the device.

Ways to Locate Spyware on Android

Several users are not aware of spyware and how to locate spyware on Android devices and remain prone to data theft. Hence, you must know some methods that will confirm whether malicious files are present or not.

spyware on android
Spyware on Android

It will not only create unusual changes in the mobile but also lead to major issues. Hence, it would help if you tried to rid yourself of them as soon as possible and protect your privacy from hackers. Some of the common ways to locate spyware on Android mobiles are,

Quick Battery Drain

If your phone has spyware, it will highly affect the overall condition of its battery. This is also an indicator to locate spyware on Android. Every user has a rough idea about how much the phone will run after a single charge. However, in case you feel that the battery is draining faster than normal, something is fishy. For instance, your battery is dying instantly after coming down to 10%. It might be a spyware situation. As mentioned earlier, spyware tracks your activity across various applications, and it consumes energy.

Random Messages

Another way to locate spyware on Android can be when the user receives random texts from unknown sources. When someone is trying to hack into your phone, the firewall will prompt for an OTP. If you are receiving a similar text in the inbox, it is a clear indication that your phone is being hacked. Moreover, getting MMS and unauthorized emails could mean the same. Thus, you must keep a check on these messages and even block them using in-built applications.

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Abrupt Shut Down

Do you ever feel that your Android phone is turning off even at a high battery percentage? Well, some users claim that their mobile is shutting down without any prior notification. It could take several minutes before you can start it again. If this happens regularly, some spyware is trying to block your access from the device. It is better that you uninstall any third-party applications as they might hinder data present in the storage.


Next, overheating issues could be common in old Android phones as they cannot process complex apps. However, new phones getting heated up quickly could also be a way to locate spyware on android because spyware is trying to attack your device.

phone overheating
Phone overheating

This is because spyware is consuming a lot of processing power of RAM. Hence, several programs will run simultaneously, which will lead to overheating of the battery. Further, the mobile might end up having internal short-circuits and other irreparable damages.

Pop-Up Ads

Ads can be quite annoying when you are in the middle of something important as they block your screen. Legitimate applications will ask for permissions before showing any pop-ups, and you can remove them with a single click. If this doesn’t happen, you can be sure to locate spyware on Android device of your own.

popup ads android
Popup Ads Android

However, spyware will prevent you from doing this on several occasions. We come across multiple malicious apps that are built to spam ads on your Android phone. Therefore, you must remove them at once to have a seamless experience.

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How to Remove Spyware on Android?

Locate spyware on Android? Check! Now the question arises, “What steps do you need to perform for removing spyware from Android mobiles?” There is no rocket science as users, even from non-technical backgrounds, can have a safe environment. You can remove spyware on Android by,

Downloading Anti-Spyware Tools

You can find several anti-spyware tools or applications that can reliably remove malicious files from the storage. Moreover, you can scan your entire mobile to find additional viruses and corrupted files. Apps like AVG Antivirus are available on Google Play Store and are quite effective in such situations.

avg antivirus
AVG Antivirus

Hence, get yourself a trusted tool that will resolve all issues related to spyware.

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Uninstall Questionable Apps

Nobody wants to download and install applications from unknown sources, especially on personal devices. These third-party applications could be lethal as they might contain spyware files. If you have any suspicious apps on your phone, it is better to remove them at once because if you look at them closely, you might be able to locate spyware on Android devices otherwise. Otherwise, it could create issues, and you won’t be able to control the damage.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we will recommend taking precautions while dealing with spyware on your phone. Once you locate spyware on Android devices, carefully remove them, followed by a full-storage scan. Also, don’t forget to scan and update your mobile regularly to have the latest configurations. It will reduce the chances of getting spyware and other malicious viruses.

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