In this article, we talk about the Lunacy review. Lunacy is the Vector Design software available for free without a limit. It is powered by AI tools that enhance your experience of creation. You get the freedom to create icons, illustrations, and photos. This article is about Lunacy review so that you know its worth.

It provides you with online and offline functionality, so you need not wait and find the internet to do your creativity. With its online functionality, you can access your documents from anywhere. It is initially based on a sketch format which you can use, make changes, and save. To accomplish this, you don’t need any license.

lunacy review

The latest version of Lunacy is 8.5. Being free of cost still provides a lot of tools to experiment with. A nice catch is it offers dark mode. It also gives you 99% rendering accuracy for any .sketch file you open, irrespective of its format.

The research and Lunacy reviews assure you that this software is worth grabbing. Its star rating is above 4.5 on average. That means creators are happy with this software and recommend it to other creators as well. The AI tools save you a lot of time. 

The other best part of Lunacy is that it is not limited to Windows. macOS and Linux users can use it as well. While gathering reviews, it was noted that creators found this software an alternative for Sketch. That means if you have experience with Sketch or any other advanced software, Lunacy will be handy for you.

Now you got the hang of it and might want to try it before you do; let us understand Lunacy deeply.

What is Vector Graphic

Vector Graphics is the art of creating images by following a sequence of commands. It makes lines and shapes in two dimensions or three dimensions. Illustrators, graphics artists, and designers use vector graphics. 

For creating images, vector graphics work on the mechanism of the Cartesian plane. It is a form of a geometric shape that has lines, curves, points, and polygons. It is seen as connected dots creating the whole image. Vector softwares help to achieve that perfect image. Lunacy reviews state that people could do a lot with software.

vector graphics

Vector Graphic is the alternate or advanced technology of raster graphics. Raster Graphic uses a bitmap where it maps bits directly to create an image. Raster Graphics are made of a fixed number of pixels, which is less scalable and expandable. On expansion, the picture becomes pixelated and doesn’t retain the original quality.

Vector Graphics came up with enhanced qualities that Raster Graphics was lacking. Vector graphics images are more scalable and expandable. If you zoom in to the image, it will retain its original quality without pixelating. Lunacy reviews over different platforms guarantee that you receive all this free in one software.

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Advantages of Vector Graphics

These are some of the advantages of vector graphics:

  1. Vector Graphics also helps with the app and web development. It works best for the different devices and screen types.
  2. Changing colors, lines, or modifying the image is easy as it stores a small number of points and takes less memory.advantages of vector graphics
  3. Due to its small size, it is also easy to load and port the images. That means the file will load fast on different devices or programs.
  4. As the pictures are precise, copying the image or its features to another image is easy.

Why do Creators Like Or Dislike Lunacy Software

 We do see product reviews while purchasing online. It is important to know people’s thoughts to make decisions. Let us go through some genuine Lunacy reviews.


  1. Its UX prototyping tool is better though the software is free.
  2. Navigation and interface are easy.
  3. Drawing complex images and exporting files is a simple game.
  4. It comes with built-in UI kits and wireframing tool.advantages of lunacy software
  5. The team keeps updating the software promptly.
  6. It is responsive and good with speed.
  7. It takes less space in your device.
  8. In forums, the team addresses people’s reviews and works.advantages of lunacy software 2
  9. HTML preview is amazing in this software.
  10. It also comes with a tutorial to use and learn about its features.


  1. The font may disappear; the font title will show the correct one, but it will be stock sans serif.
  2. Plugins and adding tools feature is missing.
  3. Opening large files may crash the app.file crash
  4. It doesn’t have the option to export in a different format.
  5. There is no cutting tool in the software.

These are some good and bad Lunacy reviews. Everything has pros and cons. The best part of the software is that the team takes people’s thoughts and works on them to improve the app. 

Next, we’ll understand the features Lunacy provides and will help you know if you should try this software. Even if it has some cons, still it’s free of cost. And you are getting a good amount of features for which you might have to pay on other softwares.

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Features of Lunacy

After discussing Lunacy reviews, let us now understand the features it offers.

  1. It allows you to export CSS and XAML code and assets in PNG and SVG format.
  2. It comes with a basic typography tool.
  3. You can arrange pages and artboards in your document.features of lunacy
  4. It publishes assets directly to a CDN.
  5. Automatically downloads missing Google Fonts.
  6. It can read .sketch files of all versions. It was tested 13 months before the launch.
  7. You can collaborate with your team through Sketch Cloud.features of lunacy 1
  8. The export format supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, WEBP, SVG, and PDF.
  9. The import format supports PNG. JPG. JPEG, WEBP, BPM, ICO, GIF, and SVG.
  10.  Lunacy takes less memory and runs fast.
  11.  It is the only Windows app that can open and save .sketch files.
  12. You can draw and align vector images.features of lunacy 2

These features make it worth trying the app. Lunacy reviews and features will tell you a lot about the software. However, it is always the personal experience that matters the most. 

With all these descriptions, you will only get an idea. Using the software will give you the real experience to decide whether to continue using it or not. Getting so many features for free is itself convincing to use and bring your creativity to life.

There might be softwares out there that offers many features and charge for some of them. However, softwares that lets you use all features for free is worth using. It adds more value to your work if you find it compatible enough for your work.


Creativity needs the correct tools and direction. And if you are getting these tools for free, that’s the best you can give to your art. Lunacy reviews and features are pretty convincing to use it. You get a whole lot of packages in a small space. Also, check out this article on 12 drawing apps on Chromebook.

The article taught us about Lunacy reviews, their features, how you can use it for editing and vector graphics. If you want a career in vector graphics or have experience, you should use this software. You can also add your review stating what experiences you had and what features you would like in the software.

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