8 Easy Ways To Fix The Mac Freezing On Startup Issue

In October, the new OS for Mac devices Monterey was launched officially. Of course, many users are impatient to try the new system by renewing their current OS. You can download the official version from the Apple website and install the new operating system without problems. But it’s impossible to say exactly if the new OS will work fine on your device or with some freezing problems. If you doubt whether it’s worth installing a new version of Mac OS Monterey and how to solve the mac freezing on startup issues, our article will help you avoid many problems successfully. Read this guide carefully and follow the hints to fix Monterey freezing on the Mac. We also provide some other problems you may experience on your device.

mac freezing on start up
mac freezing on start up

And before you start doing anything, make sure you have made a backup of the current system: it will help you downgrade back if something gets wrong. Or probably won’t like the new version, so the created backup will be quite useful to recover your computer without wasting time. 

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How To Fix Mac Freezing On Startup?

If you have just installed the new OS on your computer, it may work slower than you expected, which may happen due to various things. Read our helpful tips below to solve the issue with freezing and keep your device good performance.

View Background Apps

When your Mac is getting slower, check out the apps in the background: sometimes, there is a pile of them, so all your computer resources are taken by these unnecessary programs. Use the Activity Monitor to see all the applications that work on your Mac currently and stop unnecessary programs. When you close those apps, your computer will start working much faster.

uninstall apps
uninstall apps

Keep this thing in memory, and do not forget to check background apps whenever your device slows down.

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Restore the SMC

Does your OS work slowly? Do not panic, and reset the SMC – this is a system management controller that can work improperly. Do this if you have noticed any of the issues in the list below:

● The Mac is slow even if you haven’t launched many applications

● Your computer’s battery has some problems

● The Mac doesn’t start working after you have pressed the “Power” button

● Your computer works with a low performance

● Video and external displays on your Mac are not working properly

reset smc
reset smc

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Remove Huge Programs from the Mac

Does your Mac work slow for no reason? The reason can be in great apps that eat up its memory and decrease the device’s performance. It’s essential to make sure you don’t have any vast apps on your device. If yes, you need to remove them fully. It’s possible to do in the Applications folder – open Utilities, and then use Activity Monitor to check out your applications.

remove hufge programs
remove hufge programs

You can stop any of those programs and make your Mac work much faster and better. The best option is to remove all the unused software from the Mac.

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Enter the Energy Saver Mode on the Computer

This mode allows you to stop all the programs which eat up your device’s resources. AS you see, it’s not so difficult to make your Mac work fast again!

energy saver mode
energy saver mode

Find the Energy Saver in the System Preferences of the device to activate this mode without problems. This will most likely fix the mac freezing on startup issue.

Clean the Computer’s Fan

Do you remember when you cleaned your device for the last time? If not, it’s time to clean it up from the dust because it may slow down due to it.

clean computer fan
clean computer fan

Some people are in shock to see the dust hidden in their Macs for many years. And yes, in most cases, their computers have started to lag and slow down because Mac’s fans were running too slow, so the whole computer wasn’t cool properly. Of course, the result is a slow computer that doesn’t work with its full performance.

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Check Your Mac For Viruses

Many users who have Macs think their computers and other devices are fully protected from any computer viruses. But this is not true, and Mac users should care for their computers and properly protect them from malware and other viruses. Computer viruses can cause your device to work slower than usual without any possible reason.

uninstall malware to stop mac freezing on startup
uninstall malware to stop mac freezing on startup

Do not be lazy to download and install the antivirus software from reliable sources and check your computer for viruses if this happens. The program will scan the Mac automatically and mark all the suspicious and infected files, suggesting deleting them. Apart from this, good software will help you find and remove unused apps clogging your device. 

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Downgrade To The Previous Version

If nothing works out to solve the problem with freezing, you have an option to downgrade to the previous OS you have used on your device. It may happen that your computer is too old and it doesn’t support Monterey properly. Remember, you should use the saved backup of your system to recover. Do not worry.

back up data
back up data

If you have created a backup correctly, all the files and programs on your Mac will be saved properly, and you can continue your work without problems.

Ask Experts for Help

Sometimes, you may have a complex problem when the hardware of your Mac gets damaged. If this is about your case, it is better to contact experts and ask them for professional help. Find the nearest Apple service in your town and ask them to fix the issue. You can also ask questions to the Apple support team to inform them about your problem.

apple support
apple support

Be patient, and the mac freezing on startup issue will be solved earlier or later. We wish you good luck with it!   

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How do you fix a Mac that won’t boot?

Restart your Mac if necessary. Press and hold the following four keys at the same time: Option + Command + P + R. Keep the keys pressed for at least 20 seconds. You may hear a startup sound twice or see the Apple logo appear and disappear twice on some Macs.

How do you un Freeze your Mac?

At the same moment, press Command-Esc-Option on your keyboard, then release them.
Force Quit the frozen application by selecting its name from the menu’s list.

What’s the deal with my Mac not responding?

In most cases, you won’t need to reboot. Restart. If Force Quit doesn’t work, try restarting your computer. If a frozen Mac prohibits you from selecting Restart from the Apple menu, press and hold the power button for several seconds, or press and hold the Control+Command keys, then press and hold the power button.

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